“Love All Play” Ending: Episode 16 Recap

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Love All Play” has wrapped up its run last night, here is a recap of the drama’s ending.

Note: the below recap isn’t word to word but a summary of the most important happenings in “Love All Play” episode 16.

“Love All Play” episode 16 recap

The episode picks up with Taeyang talking to Taejoon’s mother asking for her forgiveness. The mother says no and even when Taeyang asks what she can do that even if some time pass, she might still have it in her heart to forgive her, but the mother flat out refuses.

Meanwhile, Taejoon’s knees aren’t well and he might rupture them if he keeps this up. He decides to push ahead with the finale competition regardless.

At night, he meets Taeyang who had lied about meeting her father when she was actually talking to his mother. Taejoon hugs her and tells her after tomorrow’s match, he’ll confess to her and never let go ever again. They share a hug.

The day of the match

Jung Hwan notices how sickly Taejoon looks and he tries to stop him from it but Taejoon snaps a little and says he’s not going to stop. Taeyang overhears them and decides to go to the hospital to see his doctor who reluctantly confirms he’s injured so bad it could actually end his career.

When she comes back to the location of the match, Taeyang tells Taejoon she’s forfeiting. They argue a little as he tries to convince her he wants to do one last match regardless of the consequences. Then as he was trying to grab her arms and she pushed him back near the stairs, she ended up falling and hurting her ankle slightly. She’s taken to the hospital and the match is over. Jung Hwan and Yoo Min win by default.

At night when Jung Hwan and Yoo Min are walking with their medals, he tells her about how both were injured. Then he gives her a necklace but makes a mistake by mentioning how he’s regretted not getting his ex a necklace. Yoo Min storms away angry and gives it back to him. He follows her and apologizes profusely.

At the hospital

The doctor tells Taejoon’s parents that his tear is partial and in five to six months, he’ll be able to get back on track. She also adds that Taeyang basically saved his life. The mother hears this and is a bit upset.

The next day, Young Sim meets Seung Woo and tells him she’s going to live with Hana from now on. She explains he’s going to Japan and she’ll take care of Hana for now, when he returns, they shall discuss it again. She’s over the moon. He’s happy for her and to find out she’s not getting back to her ex. They begin planning where to rent and what colors to paint Hana’s room.

The entire squad goes to visit Taejoon and sees Joon Young, when they both call her mother, they find out they were actually siblings. He runs away from them and goes to Taeyang.

Joon Young talks to the mother later and basically tries to soften her heart to Taeyang. Its working.

A month later

Taejoon is taking physical therapy. Jung Hwan also goes to coach Lee to tell him the national team’s coach is getting fired because of a hit and run in a DUI. He’s up for the position now.

Later, Taejoon goes to visit Taeyang’s father to get his approval of their relationship. He gets on his knees despite his injury. The father tries to turn him down and talks about how much he wants his daughter to be loved despite the fact she was born to someone like him, he tells him she’s lovable in whatever she does.

He calls coach Lee and they have drinks, despite complaining about Taejoon and Jung Hwan, they begin to get competitive and argue about who is better. They even summon Taejoon and Jung Hwan. The father’s heart has also softened and when they take him home, he tells them to go eat something together. Taejoon declines but tells Taeyang he’s now 80% in.

The next day, Taejoon mother calls Taeyang and tells her to come eat at their home one day, she asks if its okay to come on Sunday and the mother says ok. Taeyang calls Taejoon excitingly. They end up meeting and hugging each other while Taejoon tells her they should start over.

One year later

Taeyang and Taejoon congratulate coach Lee on his new position as a national team coach while wishing him a happy birthday. The couple is trying for the national team and want to join him soon.

Jung Hwan is in Switzerland and is loved there a lot. He ends up returning to South Korea for his girlfriend Yoo Min who was complaining about how unreachable he is. They hug.

What happens in the end of “Love All Play”?

“Love All Play” ends with a scene at the 2023 Korea badminton grand finale. Taeyang and Taejoon are competing against Jung Hwan and Yoo Min. Their families are there to cheer them on and they begin the match.

The end.

Have you seen “Love All Play” finale? what did you think of the ending?

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