“Love Alarm 2” Ending Explained- Who Does Jojo end up with?

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Love Alarm 2” has been officially released on Netflix, let us discuss the finale and explain the ending.

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“Love Alarm 2” episode 6 recap [bullet points]


“Love Alarm 2” ends on a happy note with Kim Jo Jo learning to let go of her dark past and accept the future, she learns that she should stop running away from her issues and face them head-on instead. That’s a noticeable improvement from the 18-year-old Kim Jo Jo who ran away whenever she could.

Kim Jo Jo also admits to being the writer behind The Ringing World and explains that her illustrations are not about sending vague messages to those struggling with the love alarm app but its about herself.

Hye Young also gets an explanation about why Jo Jo lied to him about having a shield from Dok Gu himself.

Kim Jo Jo also decides to go on a marathon in Jeju and get over her fears. At the finishing line, Hye Young awaits her.

Before leaving to Jeju, Kim Jo Jo meets Sun Oh and they exchange what would become their last encounter. They discuss the shield again and how despite the regret she felt about it, she would probably still do the same thing had she gone back to the past. After apologizing, Sun Oh tells her she shouldn’t apologize for liking someone. They part ways after establishing that liking Hye Young was her own choice.


Dok Gu tells his brother [who’s been cosplaying as the developer] to give up Love Alarm 2.0 and if he does, he can claim to be the developer forever.

One month passes

Gul Mi arrives at the hot meeting spot for the love alarm club, she meets Dok Gu and finds out she’s the inspiration behind the app, she is harsh when finding out, but later becomes happy when the news of her being the muse makes to the internet. She capitalizes on that.


Sun Oh and Hye Young meet up once again, and despite their rocky relationship, you can still see that Hye Young deeply cares for Sun Oh. They agree to meet at their favorite spot if things become too difficult for Sun Oh.

Sun Oh also seems to have had a change of heart, he misses his former girlfriend Yuk Jo while she was away for a month fixing something he’s caused. He still can’t ring her alarm but he says he’ll continue to try his best until he can ring it.

Hye Young tells Kim Jo Jo he loves her. They kiss.


On another day, Kim Jo Jo meets Dok Gu who talks about restarting again, he gives her a cassette of the times she rang Hye Young’s alarm. She tries to listen to it via a radio Hye Young tried to fix, but it doesn’t work. They leave to get lunch.

The cassette plays on its own showing all the moments she rang his love alarm and there were many.

“Love Alarm 2” ending explained- FAQ


“Love Alarm 2” ending review


If I take a look at the credits, some websites say Song Kang is the first male lead while others say he’s the second male lead. To me, it always felt like he was the first male lead not the second considering his screen time, so I’ll go with the assumption that he’s the first lead, if you know verified info that says otherwise, please let me know. So this means this is one of the few times a female lead ended up with the second lead.

Now onto the backlash and why I disagree with the hate “Love Alarm 2” ending has received.

I am kinda upset by the amount of backlash “Love Alarm 2” ending has gotten because it’s a sign that there is something wrong with the way many girls around the world view romance, and what they classify as romantic versus obsessive.

Under normal circumstances, Sun Oh would’ve been a mere villain in another story. Sun Oh, as a character, is extremely obnoxious, obsessive, possessive and a brat.

Of course, I am going to be discussing characters below, so don’t twist my words. This isn’t aimed at the actors.


It’s been a while since I’ve disliked a male lead this much. Sun Oh has no redeeming qualities about him aside from his handsome looks and background, none of those are things he earned himself. I felt kinda sad for him at the end of episode 6 but it’s because Song Kang does a good job making me feel sorry for him even when I know I shouldn’t. Sympathizing with a character is one thing but going out of your way to classify obvious terrible actions by Sun Oh ‘good’ is whats worrisome.

I binge watched the first season two months back and I was astonished by how terrible he was. I didn’t like any of the main leads in the story but he was by a landslide, the worst among them.

[Discussing season 1] Even if we assume Kim Jo Jo had fallen out of love with her highschool boyfriend at the time, it struck me as odd that he’d kiss someone who’s taken in the first episode of the first season. That also means Kim Jo Jo was in the wrong for following him to the ally, I wished there had been more discussion about how bad this point was instead of the screenwriter using it as a ‘shocking’ start point for the series.

Then, even when he knows well that his childhood friend, the one who has always put him first and been there for him, likes someone, he goes out of his way and eventually dates her despite knowing well how Hye Young feels about her.

Even if Hye Young didn’t say it, if you’ve been his friend since childhood, shouldn’t there be a better way to tackle this? lets say its a teenage ignorance and immaturity. Forget how shady he was in the first season.

In the second season, Sun Oh still feels like a child in an adult’s body, a man-child who can’t take no for an answer. Even when Kim Jo Jo is dating Hye Young, he kisses her again when finding out she’s been using a shield.


Even if you can’t get over someone, that doesn’t mean the same for them. A no, is a no. why can’t he take a no for an answer and has to be rejected in the most humiliating way possible for him to take a look at the mirror? What would it take for him to realize that those who care about the feelings of others might win before those who only care about themselves?

Not at even one point does he attempts to see things from her perspective as she did with him, this is not to say Jo Jo isn’t frustrating as a character or that she handled their breakup well because I think she didn’t. BUT not at any point in the second season that Sun Oh does anything good or nice towards Jo Jo, he follows her around and causes a ruckus and inconveniences wherever he goes.

An example would be when he followed her to the class and in front of everyone made a scene, he knows he’s famous, and that he’s publicly dating an influencer, yet, instead of picking a quiet place to talk it out like adults, he goes out in the public as if Jo Jo has EVER responded well to such settings before.

I am shocked that so many girls, teenagers and even women consider a character like Sun Oh cool or that he should’ve ended up with the lead as if he’s done anything to deserve it and some go out of their way to defend his obvious flawed actions.

What I worry about is how some young impressionable girls might grow up and think a man-child like Sun Oh is a cool man, that would be a travesty.

Had Sun Oh been played by an average-looking Korean actor or someone that is unknown but doesn’t look half as good as Song Kang, no one would’ve sided with him. Being handsome doesn’t equal manners. Sun Oh has a long long road ahead of him to learn how to be an actual adult.

Such a man-child who can’t take no for an answer and gets aggressive and pushy isn’t ‘cool,’ it’s very scary. I hope that whoever is watching realizes such actions shouldn’t warrant an okay reaction. If you meet a man like that in real life, run for the hills and file a restraining order.

To those who think I am overreacting, I am referring to those who are calling Sun Oh’s actions romantic when they’re not,

to those who call his obsessive behavior towards a taken-woman who happens to be dating his former childhood BFF hot,

to those who think a man who forces a kiss on a woman who is dating someone else romantic.

Even if he’s resolved a misunderstanding from 4 years ago, it doesn’t mean that people can’t change or start liking others besides him. He’s assuming she’s still hung up on him, why? who? what?

So many of his actions irk me and I do not find him a likeable character. Song Kang does well with the character and tries his best to make us sympathize for him, but to me, Sun Oh was always a terrible friend and boyfriend.

“Love Alarm 2” ending is in my opinion great, and not only great because Kim Jo Jo ended up with Hye Young but because Sun Oh got called out and rejected properly. I also like the message that suggests you can learn to try and appreciate a person who likes you.

Sun Oh will try his best to make things work with Yuk Jo knowing well how much she cares for him. He’s willing to put in the extra effort to not let go of the one person who put up with his shenanigans, that’s a smart decision. I like the message it conveys although I feel terribly sorry for Yuk Jo because I think she deserves better.

So what about you guys? what did you think of “Love Alarm 2” ending? were you Team Sun Oh Or Team Hye Young?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Thank you for this review! I loved the ending it was such a breath of fresh air to see Kim Jojo end up with Hye Yeong. I loved the overall message of coming to appreciate those who are there for you and who are also respectful of you.

    I totally agree with you, Sun Oh needs to to figure himself out and grow as a person. I love Song Kang but his character needed to move on and I’m so thankful the writers chose this path. As a writer, myself, this path felt natural because of the overall message of moving on that they where trying to convey. In my opinion I think if Kim Jojo ended up with Sun Oh it would have felt forced and also would detract from the message.

    1. I believe if Kim Jojo ended up with Sun Oh, it was far from forced. The whole drama depicted unfair treatment towards Sun Oh. You all forgot that he grew up without love, but he was able to show someone else. He waited for 4years even when his heart was broken and he didn’t even get a proper explanation. He might not have the best approach because his parents were definitely not the best examples to begin with, however his character was utterly toyed with by the so called female lead Kim Jojo.

  2. Season 1 it was more all about sunoh n jojo the chemistry bt in season 2 sunoh role was like a cameo he didn’t get a chance….if the end was Hye yeong thn it should hv made clear in season 1…I still think sunoh n jojo to be together in end bt it didnt ….even in the end he didn’t able to ring yuk-Jo’s love alarm bcz it was always jojo…from the begining I thnk in season 2 they hv made a story little different according to season 1 n how it supposed to be

    1. I completely agree with you. In Season 1 the entire message was you can help liking who you like, i.e., chemistry. He is a nice guy and a good friend to jojo. I understand why people wanted to root for ” the underdog” but I never saw him as that. He was a pushover, he never stood up.for himself. Sun Oh asked him several times if he liked Jojo in season 1 and he always said no… he never fought for her and in the end he win by default because he was her bff. I never felt the chemistry between them because the writers made it seem that there wasn’t any real passion. I get it. O married my bff but I also always wanted to jump his bones too. That’s the difference.
      PS I also disagree with the original review depicting Sun Oh as a bad guy to Jojo. I thought Sun Oh was very nice to Jojo in season1 he stuck up for her many times, tried to take care of her needs (makung sure her work shift was covered so she could have a night off, paying for a lunch pass, coming to her rescue over and over). of course that is romantic! She was the weird one having PDA all over town with him but not at school and that hurt his feelings. She was so messed up she sent mixed feelings. Also you gotta feel sorry for Sun Oh his mom tried to kill him for goodness sake of course he was going to try and hold on/ get back someone who had claimed to love him no one else but Hye ever did!

  3. Hi JazmineK. Bravo for this writing! Honestly, I’ve had some disagreements with some of your kdrama review before. However, this particular one, I find it really brilliant, on point and impressive. I was team SunOh simply because I find him handsome and having the charisma (with his voice, body language and all). When I watched Love Alarm S2 (from start till the end, completely and without skipping), I was torn in choosing between SunOh or HyeYeong. I find myself being okay with Jojo ending up with HyeYoung but also very sad for SunOh (as he only has Jojo in his heart). At first, I find the ending unacceptable, I was heartbroken. But when I read you discussions and reasons, I suddenly admit everything you said (especially the ones regarding SunOh’s shortfall/lacks/faults) and agree that Jojo should end up with HyeYoung. Thank you for making me feel better now. Ps: Sometimes, these kdrama affect you for real!

    1. Same feelings here. I just can’t sleep last night because im so devastated with the ending, more so when I read comments from team Sun Oh.

      I”m glad I found this review site. I admit Im kinda immature myself thinking and feeling that Sun oh actions are romantic. Thank you for pointing his flaws. His immaturity and his inability to move on and consider others’s feelings. I should remind myself that that is not romantic at all. I can say Jojo doesnt deserve him.

      Now I can move on to next drama lol

  4. What do you expect for Sun oh to do anyway? She humiliated him in front of many proving she doesnt ring his alarm anymore but only because of the shield. He had to move on yet he still rings Jojos alarm after u4 yrs.
    Only difference is hye yong was always there for jojo. Sun oh is basically in a relationship and u cant expect him to be chasing jo jo all the time meanwhile hye yong is the available one. Thats why its an upsetting ending because sun oh and jojo were in love until she used the shield

  5. Sun oh fell in love with her even if he did it in an gentleman way and she fell in love with him too
    and her relationship with hey young started with a lie so she was the toxic one and we still didn’t get an explanation about why she turned on the shield in session 1

    1. we got an explanation in the 1st season, its cause she knew being with him will eventually cause him issues with his family so she backed off, also, didn’t she think she wasn’t worthy of him?

      1. I also think you have to look at the overarching theme of matching with someone within your own class~ I don’t agree with this but is often commonly portrayed in K-dramas & in Korean culture itself. JoJo was burdened & felt small around Sun Ho as their relationship grew and she felt his ‘love’ & their relationship overwhelmed her inner self. The biggest issue for me is that JoJo & Sun Ho’s characters really started caring for one another despite their seemingly different backgrounds & the bond felt so much stronger than that of Hye Yong & JoJo for the entire 1st season & tbh even in the 2nd (and not to mention all the chemistry /b/ them!!) I don’t disagree that Son Ho is immature etc. & in fact narcissistic was the word that came to mind when I first started watching…but the two really got to know one another & what seemed like they had nothing in common, they in fact both were ashamed & were traumatized by their parents. JoJo’s deciding to kill themselves & her guilt for surviving; while Son Ho’s life is not his & he is merely a nuisance & never got the love, security a child should & let’s not forget they both have trauma from abandonment issues & his mom who literally tried to kill him.
        Yes, Hye Yong is the better, more mature, caring, loving man to wind up with & I’m glad JoJo dealt with her trauma/demons & chose the ‘right’ guy. But the writers shouldn’t have built up Jojo/Sun Ho’s bond in the 1st season & provided more ‘signs’ along the way of Hye Yong being the 1st lead so fans were not so dumbfounded??
        I also agree that JoJo is as frustrating as watching paint dry & she shouldn’t be excused for breaking up a life long friendship /b/ Son Ho & Hye Yong. And let’s not forget, Hye Yong is the only person in Son Ho’s life who protected him, who actually cared about him. Yes, why did he childishly go for Jojo when he knew his bff was into her? Jealousy, fear of losing Hye Yong…think these are valid feelings which Song Kang really finessed as an actor.
        I’m at the last 3 episodes of season 2 & got frustrated & found this site & article. Not saying the ending isn’t justified or a better reflection of JoJo choosing a balanced love & someone she feels comfortable with (this reminds me of my Korean mother & yes it’s a Korean saying of sorts), that you need to find in a partner, a matching ‘shoe’ metaphorically of course, where you feel like you’re wearing nothing b/c it’s so comfortable, & you reach for the shoe over and over. Rather than that expensive, shiny, beautiful one that stands out but after having it on for a while you’re in pain, it feels unnatural & it hurts you…this is how I see JoJo with Son Ho & how she is with Hye Yong. She keeps reaching & going back to that plain but comfy shoe that effortlessly fits.
        I like this drama for not being the typical rich, hot chaebol guy winding up with the Cinderella who needs rescuing & happily ever after…(and this definitely doesn’t happen in Korean society by the way except for celebs & even then they still look at class/family background). Nice to see the characters developed & JoJo dealing with her trauma & choosing to love someone good for her rather than ‘falling’ for someone who isn’t.

  6. I didn’t liked it because
    1) they made sun oh suffer alot. Which was btw unnecessary.
    2) Jojo kinda humiliated him infront of people
    I hated the way it ended. I’m not going to recommend this series to anyone. Different people have different opinions, so this is mine. Don’t get offended or start arguments. You’ve got your pov I’ve got mine. 😉

    1. exactly there is no fault of sun oh that she left her suddenly without a proper reason and she said she wants sun oh to smile always…but did he? no right he just suffered for the past years and don’t even showed the smile once that jojo want him too….she just suddenly put the shield without telling sun oh and not even giving an explanation….ik hye young also made efforts to win jojo but she was in love with his best friend and he knows that both of them like each other….so he should let her go and in the whole season the way jojo smile at sun oh she never smiled that beautifully at hye young…..i could have consider the ending good if sun oh did something wrong and hye young help her out from the trouble he created but he never did anything she just broke his heart without a proper reason and he just suffered and in the end also he can not be with his first love

      1. This!!!!!!!! I might accept the ending if Sun Oh had done something wrong, but he never did. He just suffered until the last episode without any real explanation. And I cannot forget Hye Young for going after his “best friend’s” ex. He treaded Sun Oh really badly.

        If you are gonna make the female lead end up with the second lead, at least make it right.

        1. Why does Sun Oh have to do something wrong for Jojo to realize they are not a good fit for each other? He made her feel insecure, that’s it. And she realized, so long as she would be with him, she would feel that way. It doesn’t mean she loved him any less. She just thought leaving him then would result in less heartbreak. Of course, heartbreak inevitably followed, but still, they were not a good match. And are you forreal with never forgiving Hye Yeong for going after Jojo just because she was now Sun Oh’s ex? ARE WE ALL JUST GON IGNORE THE FACT that Sun Oh went after her to BEGIN WITH while she was actively IN a relationship and he also KNEW Hye Yeong had a huge crush on her… the double standards jumping out…

          1. ok i agree that hye yeong had a crush on jojo before sun oh…but jojo and sun oh had love at first sight and if she want to have anything with hye yeong she could have way before than going out with sun oh…..and its not the fault of sun oh he loved jojo and nor hye yeong….but sher never even told sun oh that she felt unsecured and what’s the reason for their break up….you are just ignoring the fact that sun oh got hurt a lot because of jojo….. if they wanted to end jojo with hye yeong they atleast have done anything so that we can say sun oh is not right for him and if they don’t but atleast they can make sun oh move on instead of suffering… I know that some people are just not for each other but just tell me if she knows that hye yeong is good enough for her why didn’t she go to him sooner why did she make other person suffer…look if you can love someone for many years without being with him and realising the fact that you have another person by your side also but you didn’t showed love for that person before but you are showing it when the person you loved earlier came back…when sun oh and jojo are together they have a beautiful smile on their face like kids have….but with hye yeong she can’t even let her be freely with him and she said that whe don’t want sun oh to suffer and want him to have a smile on his face that’s why she left him…but is that true that he had a smile on his face and that he did not suffer….my point is only that if they want jojo to end up with the second lead then they just shouldn’t let sun oh suffer

          2. and yaa when sun oh kissed jojo….that time jojo had a different feeling and the chances that jojo will love hye yeong got removed than why did they even end up together

  7. It was really refreshing to see the FL end up with the second lead for once. Often the male lead is the disrespectful type- rude, grabbing, arrogant, stalking etc. but the writing makes us empathise with them because they ‘really love’ the FL. Often the second lead is hard-working, respectful, kind etc. and miss out. I thought it was great to see a really decent person get the girl and she made a good choice too. Great to see kdrama moving more towards some FL making good choices and respecting themselves 🙂

    1. BUt she broke suh ohs heart when he didnt even do anything this drama sucks and the person that wrote it has a shit mind shit heart and needs to get a life i hate u movie writer

  8. The ending was not great for a lot reasons and this not because of any favoritism towards Sun-oh/Sang Kang.
    The second season kind of capitalises that Hye-yeong had always loved Jojo but the fact is that he never took any action except stalking her (worked in the same place for 4 years and had the same classes yet he didn’t speak to her) which made her see him as someone who is “always there” for her.
    Sun-oh on the other hand actually showed he cared for Jojo straight away and I’m not kidding they were so in love whilst they were dating. Jojo in my opinion is the one that is toxic, she is insecure and decided to go for the ‘available’ guy that was lesser because she believed she was not good enough for the person she actually liked.
    Also I thought they would explain what happened during the time they skipped after the accident because it felt like that was what cause the change in Jojo to pick hye-yeong. Until there is further clarification I definitely think Sun-oh should have been chosen by Jojo. It just felt like she just wanted him to suffer for leaving her alone after the accident. Either way like the other comments I wont recommend the second season because it was boring, focusing only on irrelevant things plus they decided to pick a Hye-yeong whom Jojo didn’t even like from the start. Felt like their relationship was fake.

  9. Hate your review!! When you say sunho acted stupid the whole time. Yes it was wrong of both sides to start the relationship in season 1 while she was dating another dude! But he asked” can I kiss you? She could run away, she had a chance but guess what? She didn’t. She liked him. She didn’t like her bf. So it started because they were both attracted and liked each other. And since then sun ho gave it all. He was kind, he tried his best to make her happy. But then she wanted be free from what other people don’t talk about her. She listened to people than her own heart. She made the decision to break up in her convenience. Not that Sun ho wanted it. He did absolutely nothing wrong to hurt her. It’s Kim Jo Jos fault that she complicated things and made both guys unhappy. She knew Sun Ho still loves her and wants her even after 4 years Bcz he still rings her alarm and he isn’t happy.. . Yet she started to date his friend. It’s not sun ho’s fault it’s jojo who messed up all. She doesn’t deserves to with both.

  10. Disclaimer: this is just my personal view :
    So, the series deliberately wanted to create debates and controversy around the things Love Alarm 2 talks about and they definitely succeeded seeing how many people comment on it. It’s like, to have a negative advertising is better than not to have any ))
    As far as I am concerned – you need to have a physical attraction, a chemistry to start relationship especially when you are young )). Being in a couple with somebody because you have a “volition” to do so, or because you know that that person has qualities does not work. Kim Jo Jo never had a crush on Hye Young in school, she did not let Hye Young kiss her (but she let Sun Oh do it . I also do not believe that you can “slowly work things out” as Hye Young was saying, for me – either you like the guy, physically, or you don’t. Even if he is so superficial like Sun Oh. What happened to the good old “heart wants what the heart wants”? So, I do not believe Kim Jo Jo and therefore the drama seems unrealistic to me from the human behaviour point of view. Also, it was interesting what Sun Oh mom said. She said: “if you pretend long enough, it might just happen” when she was asked how long she is going to pretend to be in a happy marriage. Is this drama trying to tell me that it is ok to be with someone and not be in love? Is it where we are at right now in the society? This surely maybe true, when you are married for, I don’t know – 10, 15, 20 years, not I hope not when you are 23, otherwise it is just super sad.

  11. This series is lacking in so many ways. The story is underdeveloped and left a lot of questions unanswered. It has been frustrating to watch it, I was hoping the ending would have had a redeeming factor but it was very disappointing. I agree that Sun Oh wasn’t the nicest guy to be with Jojo yet I also felt like Hye Yeong wasn’t the right bloke either. The storyline was just lacking, it tries to be deep yet lacks that narrative and emotional connection for you to agree on how they decided to end the story. I don’t think I will be recommending this series to my friends.

  12. Let’s be honest…the writer portrayed Sun Oh as a do nothing, care about nothing guy in Love Alarm 2 and Hye Yeong as the greatest thing on earth. How lopsided is that? Now I know why Netflix waited so long to show LA2. They knew the JoJo/Sun Oh chemistry was the catalyst that dominated La1 and knowing the end game they were hoping the fans might forget why they loved the first series so much….WRONG!

    I waited and waited with anticipation that our star crossed lovers would find each other again but what I got was all Hye Yeong doing and saying all the right things to make JoJo feel loved. Sun Oh never had a chance.

    Sorry but I still saw zero chemistry with him and JoJo just friendly vibes. Whenever JoJo was with Sun Oh there it was! No matter if they were arguing or just staring at each other…you can’t fake that….the undeniable chemistry that JoJo and Hye Yeong just don’t have.

    I don’t recommend Love Alarm 2. It’s a disappointment because the writer made everything so unfair and everyone ends up with the leftovers.

    1. I agree. She had absolutely no chemistry with Hye Young, but there were fireworks everytime she was with Sun Oh.

      We waited two years and this is what we get? Nothing made sense. I just feel like the writers in season 2 were completely different to the ones in season 1.

    2. I literally watched episodes 4-6 season 2 on 1.5x speed b/c I couldn’t stand it as it really doesn’t ring true…and you’re right, the whole grow to love the other person doesn’t make sense in the theme as the app is supposed to be reflective of exactly how you feel & not the conscious choices we may make? but JoJo’s feelings started changing around Hye-Yong in season 2 and that’s how they explained this? And JoJo and Hye Yong had zero chemistry…kind of more brother/sister thing.
      I take back my earlier review/comment except for the beginning aspects, I do think Sun Ho deserved an explanation way earlier if she didn’t love him or grew out of love with him…it seems like they glossed over all this in season 2 & now I just feel like the feeling when you have sand in the bottom of your bathing suit, soggy annoying feeling…wasn’t the whole purpose of the app that it reflects your true feelings but then Duk-Gu explains it away by saying it’s JoJo using her choice/volition to choose Hye Yong?? Then we all have a choice of who we love which defeats the whole love alarm theory and what all the characters were saying throughout the whole darn drama that we can’t be blamed for who we love?? Ughhh…this is so conflicting…I retract and go back to…we don’t get to choose…the heart wants what it wants.
      And now I’m team Sun Ho b/c he really loved JoJo even if she didn’t deserve it…& it’s unfair he’s made out to be a one-dimensional bad guy when JoJo was as bad or worse. This was one of the most polarizing K-dramas I’ve watched. I’m glad I didn’t watch this over 4 yrs or I would be upset too b/c season 2 is disappointing in comparison to the 1st.

  13. I am very unhappy with the ending aswell,
    I dont really like how the story developed, in the first season you kinda felt with them and had your own relationship with them. the thrilling part was aswell having that love triangle, but in second season the whole love triangle was gone, it was just a straight line from the start from Jojo to Hye Yeong.
    Because this story was just written badly. it is true, the way Sun Oh acted was childish and not how a man is supposed to behave and Hye Hyeong was mature and caring.
    But I think that is the unfair part: Sun Oh never had a chance
    I even thought that i wouldnt chose him, even tho i dont like hye Hyeong that much
    It would have been much better if there was the drama, but there wasnt any, it was just watching a relationship for 6 episodes.
    I still feel sorry for Son Oh because Jojo might have still loved him, but the writers just decided that his time is over. You can also see that like: Hye Hyeong has a nice atmosphere around him and his eyes shine.
    Sun Ohs eyes always have dark circles, his face looks thin and unhealthy pale.
    There never was a real challenge to try to get her, which would have made the triangle, which was the main reason for us all to watch I guess.
    Even if Sun Oh had the role of Hye Hyeong, we would be unhappy because there was no drama.

    His behavior was honestly annoying and I overlooked it in season 1 at times cuz he is obviously hella attractive but season 2 i prayed Jojo would see the light. None of the things Sun Oh did were romantic as much as they were just obsessive and creepy.

  15. Just finished s2. Frankly out of the 3 of them, i was most annoyed with JoJo and by ep 3 or 4 i didn’t think she deserved either sun oh or hye yeong. she did sun oh wrong imo and hye yeong is too good for her tbh. i get they couldn’t end with everyone ditching the main female lead but i wouldn’t have been upset if they did. The whole ending of her ringing his alarm several times and we just didn’t know it helps justify the ending and make us feel better and dukgu’s explanation somewhat helps although i feel like she did hyeyeong wrong for using that spear. i was open to having s2 convince me jojo and hye yeong is better than jojo and sun oh from s1 but i think it kinda just convinced me that jojo doesn’t deserve either guys lol.

  16. I really dislike the season 2 ending.

    When I began binging this whole series, I empathized with Jojo and my feelings stayed the same throughout a majority of the show, but I grew to kind of dislike her character. The lying and not speaking up and manipulation annoyed me a lot. I understand she was suffering with trauma from her past and was having a hard time at home for some time but your past trauma is no excuse to keep hurting others. You need to step back, get help and heal. So all of that made me go from wanting her and Sun oh to work out in the 2nd season to wanting her to be with someone new (Not Hye Yeong), to finally wanting her to be with no one. I feel like JoJo needed therapy or to talk to someone about what she was feeling and she needed to focus on herself before trying to be in a relationship with anyone (way before her big epiphany moment at the end with her child self).

    And to be honest all three of them, JoJo, Sun Oh and Hye Yeong were all flawed and shady. Jo jo was shady to her first boyfriend, to Sun Oh, Hye Yeong, and even to her friends being secretive and lying.

    Sun Oh was wrong for going after JoJo knowing that his friend had a crush on her and knowing that she had a boyfriend. However, he could tell Jo Jo didnt like her boyfriend and you also can’t control how you feel. He knew and admitted his feelings immediately to her and she did like/love him back, while Hye Yeong said he only really understood how he felt when he didnt see her for 4 years. Also Jo Jo barely even noticed Hye Yeong at first. She didn’t even know who he was until she got with Sun Oh and she literally was working at the same job as Hye Yeong everyday closely before Sun Oh moved back from America, which is why I disagreed when Duk-Gu said, Hye Yeong is who she liked all along.

    As for Hye Yeong, he was just like, I don’t care if she
    broke your heart in highschool and four years later you still barely smile because of it Sun Oh, I am going to make her mine. That is another okay cool, you can’t control how you feel. But then he told JoJo, I don’t care how long it takes, you can stand me up and basically treat me like shit, but be honest about treating me badly, and I’ll still be here until you like me. Lol. What? They’re ALL toxic! 

    As for Sun Oh and his new girlfriend Yuk-Jo, I see it as he tried to move on because Jo Jo pushed him away. However, because he still loved her, was humiiliated because of her and was never given an explanation, he had no closure and it was hard for him to open up his heart completely to someone else. He was already dealing with the fact that he also felt like his parents didn’t want him and now the person he was in love with, was treating him the same. And it seems that he also kept trying for Yuk-Jo but without that closure with Jo Jo and still feeling like she loved him, he wasn’t happy. JoJo also not giving Sun Oh any explanation after he kept repeatedly asking for honesty, avoiding him, and then starting a relationship with Hye Yeong was wrong too lol.

    I do think both Sun Oh and Hye Yeong treated JoJo well when they were dating her. They were always there for her when they could be, cared for her, and stood up for her when people tried to hurt or harm her. So I feel they were both good boyfriends to her for different points in her life.

    The only thing about the ending that I was happy about was Sun Oh and Hye Yeong kind of patching up their friendship,  Duk-gu not being dead and standing up for himself to Gul-Mi and his brother, and Jo Jo finally facing her past and the trauma she held on to. But I dont think JoJo shouldve ended up with anyone at that point. Also i feel like Sun Oh was forced to try with Yuk Jo at the end because Jo Jo still “chose” to not be with him which is also still confusing to me. I kind of understand all perspectives of the characters (the main 3 as well as Yuk- Jo) because of relationships I’ve been in and that may also be a part of the reason why Im not satisfied with this ending.

    But if there is a season 3, I’ll give it a try. 

  17. Hello, unnie I agreed with you and I am satisfied with the ending of the ‘love alarm seaso2’ although Im confused the flow of the drama but still I can see that hye hyeong was there for JoJo since season 1 before sun oh met JoJo hye yeong was the first one to know about her. And I think hye yeong deserve to be chosen because he can wait and still be waiting for JoJo to like him. I am not an anti-fan of sun oh but Im quite not impressed by his character, in season 1 I think sun oh knows that hye yeong like JoJo but still he push himself towards JoJo, you didnt notice that since season 1 JoJo has a boyfriend that was il-sek I think and sun oh knows about it also but still he kissed JoJo in the ally, same thing he did in season 2 he kissed JoJo even she had a boyfriend which hye yeong. That’s why his character was not very impressive but thanks to song kang that he portrayed his role very well, thats why his fans loves him because he was song kang, and I also did

  18. Hello, unnie I agreed with you and I am satisfied with the ending of the ‘love alarm seaso2’ although Im confused the flow of the drama but still I can see that hye hyeong was there for JoJo since season 1 before sun oh met JoJo hye yeong was the first one to know about her. And I think hye yeong deserve to be chosen because he can wait and still be waiting for JoJo to like him. I am not an anti-fan of sun oh but Im quite not impressed by his character, in season 1 I think sun oh knows that hye yeong like JoJo but still he push himself towards JoJo, you didnt notice that since season 1 JoJo has a boyfriend that was il-sek I think and sun oh knows about it also but still he kissed JoJo in the ally, same thing he did in season 2 he kissed JoJo even she had a boyfriend which hye yeong. That’s why his character was not very impressive but thanks to song kang that he portrayed his role very well, thats why his fans loves him because he was song kang, and I also did.

  19. Hate the ending. I disagree with you. Sun ho just re-affirms Jojo’s feelings and in the end he let her go. The obssesive one is hye hyeong and he does not care about jojo’s feelings and what she does as long she stay with him. In my opinion Jojo decide to stay with HH because she think she does not deserve SH and it is the only way she can get rid of SH. For me HH actions gives me irk and not likeable, He is just taking the advantage of the situation and the love alarm app. If there is no shield/ spear or love alarm I think the story would be different. It just show how destructive technology is. Its the social status that make jojo decide to stick with HH. In terms of character progression SH and Jojo should be the end game. HH case for me did not make sense, He is just an alibi. unless the writer add a different plot. it is just lacking and ended abruptly.

  20. I enjoyed ur review and perspective. thank you! Also enjoyed reading all the comments below. All fun to read. I think perhaps 80% of the us probably thought JJ n S would end up together. Even up until when S n H met after they find out about the shield and spear. It really could’ve gone both ways.

    I really love the ending, n all of it. The shooting, lighting, set style of Love Alarm is beautiful. It had a full on romantic glow throughout almost entirely. Truthfully it’s deep and very dark.. story revolves around 3 broken people, trapped in so much pain. All kind, sweet, loving characters. There’s no right or wrong to what they’ve done or chose. I think it’s all in the characters. I think we’ve all pbbly in one way or another ended relationships because of miscommunication, and when you have the courage to speak up… life moves on. 4 years is a long time. People change. The unexpected S2 of JJ getting together with H is much more realistic. It’s sad to see S, his GF, and mother go thru their intense feelings. but that’s all part of real life package under a glow of light so you see and feel less pain watching it. This isn’t just any other romance kdrama I’ve seen (honestly I haven’t seen that many, but I’m amazed how great this is) the director and writer could’ve very easy give the viewers what they wanted to see, an expected ending of JJ and S together and all these other characters fading away. But they lead the viewers into all the characters lives with so much pain.

    My favorite part is actually the moment when truth is out. S find out about JJ’s parents.. the tear, knowing the reason perhaps is much greater than what he could’ve handle at that high school age. How much she was going thru was soooo much greater than the pain she put on him.. JJ was a deeply broken soul, she wasn’t the bad, she was broken and had her reasons. So sometimes understanding the other person’s perspective is the answer. It might mean you still don’t get what you want, but if you understand the reasons perhaps then you can start to let go.

    My confusing part (and maybe it’s because of word translation) the scene when S walks over to his mom in the dining room and takes her drug and drops it in the vase… and saids “they say this makes them live longer” which way is this going ?! Drug can make this painful life easier?! Or mom, don’t take it anymore ?!

    It’s really good, much better than expected. This isn’t about all about romance, this is very intensely dark. You can’t control life, you can only learn to understand and live with it.

  21. This is my own opinion btw..I don’t want anyone to argue with so if you disagree…leave it at that. thanks. I personally hated the ending because everyone was still left suffering in the end, even if they didn’t show it.

    I felt that Jojo was wrong for not giving Sunho the closure that he needed. I get that she felt she wasn’t worthy enough for him, but she could have at least told him that and not have ended things like that. Also, the writers made her seem very toxic because she was so insecure. I don’t know why she decided it was a good idea to end a relationship bc she has no self confidence just to get into another one. She hurt not only herself and SO but also Hye-yeong. I felt like she shouldn’t have been with either in the end anyways. She should also take some time to figure out what she wants and gain some confidence before getting into another relationship. But atp, if she’s gonna keep that shit up, then she shouldn’t be getting in relationships.

    For Hye-yeong, he kinda came off to me as obsessive and a little creepy bc he knew her and liked her for so long and never took initiative, which was what SO did before him. Dok-gu said that Jojo liked HY all long but it didn’t make sense bc in LA1 she never showed any interest in him at all, and he barely had any screen time lol. HY was taking advantage of her being hurt at the time that when SO and Jojo had broken up to portray an image that he has always been there for her, which was weird bc he was only mentally, not physically there for her bc he used to creep around in the shadows.

    As for Sunho, I don’t like how the writers turned him into a SL in a matter of seconds. This poor baby was heart broken when Jojo did what she did, I would have been too tbh. I think that Sunho deserves to get that closure that he needs from Jojo, bc all she did was apologize for liking HY, which is weird bc she didn’t like him at the time they broke up and she didn’t even know he existed until she was dating SO. I’m glad that Sunho is trying to move on and find new love though. He just needs to heal and find himself after all those years of pain from his relationship with his parents and others making him feel like he’s just a pawn in their game that they use and toss to the side.

    Honestly, they all just need time to heal bc they all played a part in this and they all got hurt. I doubt it but if there is a Season 3, I might watch it bc maybe it would explain this more, but until then I wouldn’t recommend this show to anyone.

    Again this is my personal feelings and thoughts abt the show, so don’t start anything.
    SO is Sunho and HY is Hye-yeong btw.

  22. Hello!! Thank you for the detailed review of the series. However there are some points that you mentioned that I want to disagree on..

    “Sun Oh, as a character, is extremely obnoxious, obsessive, possessive and a brat..”
    On what grounds were you able to say this about Sun-oh’s character? Because of his behavior throughout the series? Because he always does what he wants? In my opinion, his behavior is nothing more than that of a child. A spoiled brat who cries and throws tantrums when he can’t get what he wants. And there is nothing wrong with that. He came from a well-off family, most kids are raised like that.
    However, we need to consider that deep inside, Sun-oh is still just a kid longing for love from his parents. Jojo and Sun-oh as a matter of fact, shared the same dark past. Jojo’s parents tried to commit family suicide while Sun-oh’s mother tried to give him something (I don’t know what that was) but Sun-oh perceived it as poison. Jojo runs away and hides from her past, Sun-oh faces it heads on while hiding behind his obnoxious personality.

    “..it struck me odd that he’d kiss someone who’s taken..”

    I’m not saying this is cool. A man kissing a woman who is already in a relationship is never cool! However, even Jojo said it at the start of 2nd ep, “just how thunder comes before lightning, the urge to kiss came before love”. That was why Jojo said if they had Love Alarm on on, it would remain silent. I mean let’s be honest, who would say no to a handsome boy like Sun-oh? LoL. Entirely, this should not reflect poorly on Sun-oh.

    “Even when he knows well that his childhood friend likes someone, he goes out of his way and dates the girl..”

    He asked Hye-yeong many times during the 1st episode if Hye-yeong likes Jojo. The former kept denying it. Both guys agreed to let Love Alarm decide at that time. And Jojo chose Sun-oh. It’s not really a sin for friends to like the same person. More so, if that friend is not even in a relationship with the girl. It just so happen that Hye-yeong had a crush on her first. I mean, Jojo did not even know Hye-yeong existed.

    “Why can’t he take a no for answer and has to be rejected in the most humiliating way..”
    Do we give up someone we love that easily? If our girlfriend/boyfriend all of a sudden tells us to break up without any reason or justification, do we accept it as it is? No I don’t think so. The part where Sun-oh asked Jojo “to love him again” was very heartbreaking that he did not mind the humiliation.

    “Not at even one point does he attempts too see things from her perspective..”

    During the course of their relationship, Sun-oh was at the disadvantage. Because no matter how much they love each other, Jojo could still not share her deepest secrets with Sun-oh. That was something that held them back together. Even so, Sun-oh patiently waited for her to share with him her secrets.
    At one point, it was Jojo who did not attempt to see things in Sun-oh’s perspective. Jojo said she would try her best for Hye-yeong, Sun-oh asked her if she can’t do that for him. It was Sun-oh who deserved that more from her, considering she was the one who did not do her best in their relationship.

    “I am shocked that so many girls, teenagers and even women consider a character like Sun-oh cool.. as if he’s done anything to deserve the female lead..flawed actions…”

    I am actually shocked as how you tackled Sun-oh’s character. Yes, he’s flawed. Just like all the characters in the series. But more than his physical features (well that credit belongs to Song Kang), he very much deserved the female lead in my opinion. Throughout the season 1, he was in constant dilemma on how to make Jojo happy without hurting her. His first instinct was to help Jojo i.e paying for her lunch food. But everyone took it the wrong way and accused Jojo of using Sun-oh’s wealth. That did not cross Sun-oh’s mind when she helped her, and the first thing he said to Jojo was “Please don’t leave me”, Jojo responded that he was a sweet boy. Even when they were to go to Jeju for their school trip, Sun-oh decided to stay with Jojo if she wasn’t ready to go back there.
    Even his actions with Yuk-jo were very sweet. It was not entirely his fault he can’t get over a girl a can’t ring someone else’s love alarm right? Still, he tried to console Yuk-jo by suggesting to delete the love alarm. How many kdramas have we seen wherein a person cannot get over his first love even if he is with someone else? I believe that it also happens in real life especially when there was never a closure.

    “Love Alarm 2” ending is great.

    This I agree on. I am Team Sun-oh all the way. But a great ending for a viewer does not always mean that the shipped pairing gets the happy ending. For me a great ending is when the lead gets his/her happiness at the end. Whether it was Sun-oh or Hye-yeong, in the end Jojo was happy.

    1. Your comment is spot on!

      HY is also obsessed with JJ even though he knows that she has no feeling for him.
      “I’m going to keep liking you, but you don’t have to. You don’t have to feel pressured.”—Hye-young

      JJ loves SO. There is no chemistry between her and HY. It’s more like a brother/sister or good friend relationship. Seems like JJ feels sorry for HY and give him a chance to be with her.

      “I used to like you. And I don’t know if I’ll ever like anyone as much as I loved you. But not anymore. I’m the one who ruined our relationship. I’m the one who broke your trust. So how could I possibly like you?”—Jo-jo

      SO did not do anything wrong. He was always there for JJ in the first season. Even though he tried to move on in the second season, his heart still belongs to JJ.

  23. Why are u focusing on sun oh bad side.. how about jojos doings that lead sun oh to feel and act this way? After breaking up with no clear reason.. (seems shes scared bec she love sun oh so much., so she assume before sun oh hurt her ..she acted first(act of cowardice and selfishness)(doesnt make sense at all) do u think its also fair to try her best to fall in love with his ex’s best friend.. what did she do for sun oh?? all she did was to try hard to run away from sun oh but why..when we all know that she love him so much??? Everyone knows it doest make sense!!!

  24. Why not focus when they are already a couple. Sun ho was always good to jojo. .hes always at her side…thats why he got an accident helping her…he is always there ..then what happened next…. she break up with him for no reason…no explanation no closure how can u move on.. shes the villain here..and on season 2 instead of apologizing what did she do in return??? Meeting the two knowing that sin oh still loves her…Jojo give hyeyoung full chaNce and full time that he need to help her.. to be with her side to fall for him until they become a couple…what about sun ho ..All she did to sun oh was to run away with him ..not explaining..walking out on the middle of convo..not giving any chance..she push his limits .. then u call sun oh a possessive brat? Seriously writer? Be fair also

  25. I totally agree with you, I thought Sun-Oh is boarder line abuser and is always harassing Jojo, this man claims to love her, but yet does not put her feelings into consideration, he is no better than the taekwondo guy, that likes her but does not do anything for her. He forces himself on to her by kissing her, that is sexually harassment! Stuff like that is not ok and should not be glorified.
    then we have hye yeoung, that loves her, but suddenly put his feelings aside because his so called best friend says he likes her.
    I am very happy with the ending of this as they did become a couple in the book.

  26. Is hye young that physically unattractive that people think team sunoh is just about looks? The biggest thing I learned from the ending is that if you hang around a person long enough, they will one day like you in return. You know how many people have wasted their time chasing after unrequited love? Hye young did and yukjo is now waiting. That’s a good message for young girls to embrace?

    I’m actually okay if jo jo dumps sunoh because of something other than her insecurity. She could think he’s clingy and obsessive like you do and dumps him. But she didn’t. She dumps him because of her insecurities and then chooses hye young cuz she says he’s a kind person. I know a lot of women who do that and you know what that’s called? Settling.

    Had they started season 2 with hye young and jo jo having the time of their lives together, I would be on board. Maybe show us how hye young is awesome other than the fact that he’s been waiting patiently beside jo jo. It’s so two dimensional that he’s boring. Even with all the cheesiest lines and white lighting, it lacked any appeal that neither the audience or jo jo would want to kiss him. I get that the message is true love is patient but that’s actually not what was shown. In True Beauty, had she picked the second lead I think is a way better example of this.

  27. THANK YOU for writing this. You put everything I have been thinking into words. To everyone telling the writer to be fair… I’m sorry, what? Sun Oh wasn’t acting this way all of a sudden because of her actions, he’s been a punk since the beginning. JUST as the author wrote here, this dude’s selfish. He literally went out of his way to kiss and date a girl who was ALREADY IN a relationship, and also a girl HE KNEW his best friend liked, REGARDLESS of Hye Yeong’s denial of it. From the beginning, we were shown — this guy acts ENTIRELY on selfish impulse. So yes, perhaps his actions in season 2 were DRIVEN by his anger and lack of closure with Jojo, but at the core, his person remains the same. You can be angry with someone, but it does not justify yelling at them in public, forcing yourself on them when they tell you they are not into you, or constantly causing a scene in hopes of getting your way. What season 2 taught me, really, was that Sun Oh really shouldn’t be dating anyone LOL like man needs to work on himself. And don’t “be fair” bs me, it’s not just that at his core he’s selfish and needs to work on himself before giving himself to a relationship, it’s also the fact that he does not make Jojo feel secure! Hye Yeong makes Jojo feel safe. Whenever she was with Sun Oh, yeah she liked him, loved him, whatever, but being with him made her insecure to the point she installed the shield. It’s really telling that Hye Yeong makes her feel safe to the point that she wants to remove it for him. Sometimes what you need isn’t the fiery passion of a first love, but a steady, reliable, pure love — which is what Hye Yeong offers. Likewise, with Sun Oh, though I think he needs to work more on himself… what he needs also is a steady, reliable, pure love. Which is what his new girlfriend offers. Jojo made him insecure too. Sure, they were sweet, but ultimately, they were not a good match. And that’s the thing about first loves. They’re not ideal, fairytale, perfect. Most help you realize what you need. And Jojo realized she needed someone like Hye Yeong. But also, ultimately, in the end, part of the reason I’ve been rooting for Hye Yeong all this time is, yeah… Sun Oh is just really selfish lol. Man literally asks Hye Yeong how they ended up the way they did in ep. 3 of season 2 and I was like… you??? Literally called him a bastard for FINALLY going after a girl he’s long loved just because she broke your heart. How is that fair when YOU went after her initially because you were attracted to her, completely disregarding Hye Yeong, YOUR LITERAL CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND’s feelings, and also the fact that she was in a relationship AT THE TIME? Like this dude doesn’t think of anyone but himself! So in the end, you can argue circles around me about how they were already established as a couple blah blah, but you cannot justify Sun Oh’s actions to me. He’s a punk lmao and if you don’t see it, you’re blinded by idealism and his looks. And I’m saying this as someone who loves Song Kang. I literally started this show FOR him. I wanted to root for him. But Hye Yeong won me over. His love is pure. Unselfish. Forgiving. Understanding. And also? Sun Oh? Honestly, it’s better he ends up with someone he didn’t start a relationship with through causing her to cheat on her ex and him breaking bro code lmao. Though tbh even tho I love his new girlfriend I feel like she’s getting the short end of the stick. She’s been so sweet and understanding and loving and he’s like? Like why is he even dating her, toying with her emotions when he’s clearly still hung up on Jojo? THAT is the real unfairness in this show. So don’t “be fair, author”, please take the time to examine the show beyond your superficial attempts to cling to a fairytale ending between a girl and a guy who are clearly not a good match for one another. Imagine restarting a relationship on the basis on Sun Oh ending his x years long relationship with his new girlfriend just because Jojo and Sun Oh are still attracted to each other. EVERY TIME then, the FOUNDATION of their relationship is the wreckage of others. It’s not stable. It’s concerning. Hye Yeong + Jojo was the perfect ending.

    1. I agree with you and the author with many points. I enjoyed season 2 and the ending for what it is. Then again, I like few others, were the minority for HyeYoung to be with Jojo. Although there were some points of S2 which felt thrown in (HY’s dad & the murderer), I had a good time watching it and getting some closure.

      Below is more of a rant from S1.

      My impression of Sun Oh in the early episodes of S1 left a bad taste in my mouth. The reason Jojo was in his radar to begin with was because SO followed HY (who also creepily followed JJ ngl) from their workplace to the bus stop and realized HY is interested in her. So right off the bat he can see his childhood friend has feelings for JJ else why would he choose to ignore his phone call and follow a coworker. His first day of school he grabs the attention of all the girls and rings their alarms (with the exception of JJ) and becomes more interested as to why the girl HY is interested in isn’t ringing his alarm or falling head over heels like the others. Which ultimately leads to following her, the kiss in the alley, and everyone in the school finding out and hating her which adds the emotional toll onto JJ. From that point SO offers his support to JJ as no one else would (I think HY broke his bike chain at the time, maybe it was foreshadowing that he lost his chance?)

      HY never really took the chance to pursure JJ until he grew more mature 4 years after and knew about her around because SOs driver saw her by chance. HY even mentions later on that he regrets not just leaving his LA on in the past.

      I’m quite surprised the majority of the viewers lean more with SO + JJ but I wonder why. I introduced LA to some friends before season 2 was coming out and without saying anything, they hated SO by the end of episode 1 and just overall disliked him throughout the series.

  28. To me it seems that jojo makes so many problems. She lies, so hard, to force her self to try to like the other guy HY? I just think season 2 is so unrealistic. It not rocket science to know if you love someone, its so point blank obvious. I think jojo is such a coward/idiot/has low self esteem, and because of it she causing so much harm. I don’t think its fair that HY and Si-Eun wait around for years for the chance the person they love will love them back. I dont think the person who wrote the season 2 has actually been in real love? lol. In the series they make it seem that that HY and Si-eun are so admirable for their dedication, but it shouldnt be happening. It is unfair for anyone to suffer in a one sided type of love, it should not be encouraged, both HY and SE should of moved on to someone who actually loves them, and had a better chance at actually finding the right person for them. But the great conclusion is that everyone is settling for something boring, fake, and tolerable. At the end of the second season, after a couple of years 4 damn years? my god so long, it turns out jojo falls in love with HY? -___- because her love grew for him? okay thats not real. She basically brain washed her self into it so its very fake/weak/easily breakable etc. this is bad for HY in the long run. If they actually ‘stay together forever’ he will just be the guy she will eventually walk over, because she doesnt really ACTUALLY LOVE HIM and she knows the chances of him leaving her are so small. The type of guy HY is: will stay with her because he is obsessed with her but its sad, or it ends it divorce like the majority of the world. She only choses HY because of her own insecurities with herself. And the whole idea of love growing, isnt real, they are just learning to endure something but its not really real love–it does not take that long to know if you really love someone -___-. I feel like they just gave up writing on this season. In season 1 it was obvious JJ and SO loved each other, then suddenly JJ just gives up so easily because of his family etc? Ay, this makes so sense the direction they were going. It wasnt even that hard for her to be with SO. The way they wrote JJ out is based a lot on her mental health issues, but I think they took it too far it seems so fake. but then again its just a drama soo i guess

  29. Yap,it was one of d worst writing i had ever encountered….WHAT DID SUN HO DO NOT TO DESERVE THE FL??? YES THEY MADE D 2nd lead VERY THOUGHTFUL,KIND,CONSIDERATE ETC BUT CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICAL ATTRACTION TRUMPS ALL OF THAT..BEC THE ML POSSESSES ALL THOSE TRAITS TOO..I GUESS THE MESSAGE THE WRITERS R TRYING TO CONVEY HERE IS TECHNOLOGY CAn’t BE COMPARED TO REAL FEELINGS,EMOTIONS HAPPENSTANCE ,CIRCUMSTANCES AND FATE…THEY MADE THE LATTER WON..THE FL APPEARED STUPID AND SELFISH her BACKSTORY DOESN’T make up for her stupidity…this series was a waste of my time…they try to reverse what happened to the start-up series…but the 2nd lead there had a lot of charisma and lotsa’ sex appeal..in addition to being so nice et.al.. IF THERE IS A SEASON 3…COUNT ME OUT!!!


  31. Hopless, Nonsense, Trash drama ever made and I’ve ever watched. No need to come up with its 3rd season. I’ll rate 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10. Waste of time and energy. I watched till 5am morning without sleeping and the ending really hurts me. Fuck you all, who wrote it. Quit u’r job and die.

  32. Did not like season 2. I so wanted SO to get back with JoJo. HH was nice boy but the love SO had for JoJo was real and the story never explained why she broke up with him. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time on this if I would have none you were breaking up SO and JoJo forever.

  33. i totally agree with the writer that Sun Oh is a terrible person.

    1. Sun Oh STEAL AND DATE HIS BESTFRIEND’S CRUSH when he doesn’t even knew her before. So if Hye Young didn’t admit that he was having crush on Jojo? Was it a valid reason for him to suddenly confess to his bestfriend’s crush? You all are jerks if you agree with his action. Imagine if it happens to you. Would you be fine though?

    2. Many of still didn’t know why Sun Oh gets dumped by Jojo and why she put the shield. Well it is pretty obvious for someone who put their shoes in Jojo’s situation than Sun Oh. Sun Oh was locked up by his father because of the news of he got into a motorbike accident with Jojo spread during his election days. Jojo tried to meet him but she can’t, and she knew it was her fault. I mean, if your boyfriend getting scold because of you, of course you would feel guilty right? That was what Jojo felt. I personally label this as different level of status that lead Jojo making a hard decision of turning off Sun Oh’s feeling when she herself still loves him. She doesn’t want to get involved with Sun Oh although she still loves her THAT IS WHY SHE PUT UP THE SHIELD.

    3. Having a new partner when you can’t even forget your past lover? That. is. not. a. good. attitude. because you are torturing others feelings trying to fix yours. Can’t you guys feel how Yuk Jo feels? She might smile and look optimistic but girl who don’t understand girls is i dont know what to say. You see how hurt Yuk Jo is when she knew Sun Oh still meeting Jojo when everyone thought they are together. Can’t you feel the embarrassment Sun Oh gave her when everyone thinks she is lucky for having Sun Oh as his boyfriend when he never ever rings her love alarm? Gosh its too heartbreaking to describe what Sun Oh has done.

    So that is all from me, who never like Sun Oh’s personality ever since he abandoned his bestfriend’s feelings in season 1 (and he has the guts to wonder why he and Hye Young grew distance with each other? jerk).

  34. Honestly the three characters were annoying and fun. Why love sun oh and his best friend and try using love alarm to straighten out your feelings.so she only loved sun oh because of the love alarm then she never really liked any of them. Sun oh was obnoxious I’m not supporting the character but we can agree he tried been a better person for her. Nevertheless kissing someone and thinking you love them due to an app is wrong. Great movie though made me laugh and feel sad but realistically speaking she shouldn’t have gone for any of them but oh well it’s a movie and it’s just my opinion.

  35. I would like to disagree with your view. I personally feels that Kim Jo Jo should not have been with either Hye Young or Sun Oh. She damaged an already damaged Sun Oh and as for Hye Young, I dunno he was just a bit bland and stalkerish?

  36. I really have much compassion for all the 3 main characters.
    All has their own struggle. And I like Jojo so much as she has to face so much a lone. Regards the love, I think she can’t deal with heavy emotions like the feeling of love that is why she always escape from Sun oh plus he is very dramatic and show off a lot which is not necessary bad but for her was too much so she preferred a type of friendship feeling. In my opinion I think there is still a different between a close friend and a lover. But jojo preferred this type because she got anxious fast and she is overwhelmed already

  37. Sun Oh was immature and childish, but he didn’t deserve that treatment from jojo. He was hurt and scarred by what happened between them. She never gave him answers, so how do you think it would be clear for him? He was immature, yes. But what I saw was more of someone who was hurt and still confused. Also, you say he wasn’t a good friend for still going after jojo in season 1 while knowing Hye yeong liked her? Realistically speaking, you can’t really control your feelings. That’s why they left the choice up to Jojo right? It’s not like Sun oh forced her to like him? Also in season 2, Hye yeong still went for Jojo knowing Sun oh still loves her and how she hurt him. How does that differ from Sun oh in season 1? You see, people can make these choices out of love, pain, anger, and all these emotions. It’s just that we only see the good for the ones we prefer. So I don’t think it’s right to label Sun oh as the bad guy or anything like that, and to say that you’re concerned about girls/people who look up to his character. Because we don’t look at things the way others do.

  38. Marriage is hard. The message was that even though Jojo loves Sun-oh and he loves her, it’s easier with Hye-Young. So what happens when they get married, have to juggle children, work, a house, bills, relatives, etc? Divorce? It seems more like taking the easy route.

    It means a lot for Jojo and Sun-oh to try to make Hye-Young and Yuk-jo happy, but it’s not the love Hye-Young and Yuk-jo want—they’re settling to be second because that’s all they can get and it’s better than nothing. But by appeasing Hye-Young and Yuk-jo, it’s unfair to everyone. Hye-Young and Yuk-jo don’t get to find the one who loves them back. Sun-oh and Jojo aren’t with the ones they truly love.

    Hye-young is incredible. Doesn’t he deserve a genuine love?

    Sun-oh was grating to start with. A narcissist. But he started to grow as he was with Jojo in Season 1. I had to rewatch it to remember how great they were together because I had forgotten by the end of Season 2. He protected her and listened to her. When she was in obvious distress, he thought of her (“Don’t even dream. Just get a good night’s sleep.” — I won’t even ask questions, if you need to run, let’s GTFO. — I’m sorry for embarrassing you. I just wanted you to be able to eat lunch.) He didn’t justify his actions when Il-sik got jealous, but accepted the consequences of his actions. Sun-oh’s love never waivered (when he walked up the library stairs and rings her alarm, it still makes my heart beat faster). The only problem, as he stated, was that he let Love Alarm make him anxious. It was just Jojo’s immaturity and fear that gets in their way.

    She really had one more sentence to say after telling him she installed the shield because of him. “I was afraid of losing you, so I installed it so that I would have chosen to lose you instead of losing you anyway.” Jojo, why didn’t you put yourself out there for Sun-oh instead?! He was always going 99.9% of the way and you could never meet him for the last 0.1%!

    I mean, I get it. It’s okay to move on, but it could easily have been Sun-oh and been just as dis-satisfying and satisfying at the same time. Probably more satisfying to see Sun-oh and Jojo together with his mother finally in support, and Hye-Young and Yuk-jo finding their own loves too.

  39. i, too, began to dread the camera pan, knowing that Hye-Young would be at the other end. always there for jo-jo. unrealistic. how did he even guess that she had gone to run the marathon? cuckoo.
    I appreciated the writing of the exploration jo-jo had with her “inner child,” and coming to terms with that traumatic aspect of her life; but, there was much more to everyone’s story that could have been developed. the writer (s) did not give sun-oh a chance to be there for jo-jo in season 2. i have an idea that netflix controlled the number of episodes, right? the other Kdramas normally have 16 episodes; this one had 6. Tells you much about netflix.
    so many great Kdramas out there; Navillera, being one of my favorites; hence, the reason i watched Love Alarm. ah well. it’s just a story, eh? stay safe.

  40. JoJo was toxic. Hye-Young was an obsessive stalker. Sun-Oh was hurting and in pain. He was let down by all the people who confessed to loving him. I’m over 50 and my dad advised me to choose the man who loved me and not the man I loved. He said, if you choose the one that loves you, he will always try to make you happy and you will eventually learn to love him. This crappy drama essentially said the same thing.

  41. I just finished watching Love Alarm and think this is an extremely unfair assessment of Sun-oh’s character. He really loved Jojo and did everything in his power to protect her and make her happy during their brief relationship.

    Even though he is seen acting irrationally at times, it is clear that he did everything he did because he was hurting. We should also remember Sun-0h’s background and personal struggles. He was already in a fragile state of mind because of his messed up family. .No one is saying that the things he did were romantic. Far from it. He was just heartbroken and desperately looking for an answer.

    All he ever asked her was for a reason. Why couldn’t she just give him that?

    Imagine someone declaring their love for you one day and going completely cold Turkey the very next day. It would drive anyone nuts, let alone a high schooler. In his heart, he believed she still loved him and was just hiding it for a reason (he probably blamed his parents).

    He wasn’t vindictive either. He never tries to hurt Jojo. All he ever did was try to get a reason because he just couldn’t understand it. And in the end, we do see him get some closure when Jojo tells him why she broke up with him. We see him trying to move on. She could have spared him four years of pain if she had just been honest in the first place.

  42. I just don’t understand why she seemed in doubt so much to say I love you at the end and to show affection to him some times in other scenes. On the other hand, when she spent time with Sun oh she seemed so happy and in love. Definitely a very interesting ending, I don’t think is a bad show at all, but I didn’t feel butterflies and emotion with this couple

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