“L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap And Review

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“L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” has ended its run and rather spectacularly well/terrible depending on who you ask.

I have a lot to say about “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning,” but first, let me recap “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” episode 12 before talking about the ending, and a possible season 2?

The quick recap


The below recap is a highlighted recap of the biggest takeaways from “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” episode 12.

Yi Son follows Gu Reum and Zi O. Gu Reum ends up running away with her child leaving behind an angry Zi O. Zi O is confronted by Yi Son, he asks him why he’s doing this, he says he doesn’t know why and it won’t end unless he dies. Zi O kills Yi Son. Zi O then asks the organization to track down Gu Reum

At the lab, Zi O and his mother have a confrontation as she rants about getting cut by the throat. She screws up by telling him she would’ve had his wife dead and his daughter sold overseas to get experimented on, he electrocute her in a fit of rage. [I don’t know if she dies or if he left her unconscious, but he definitely did some damage, she is never brought up again]

Gu Reum contacts her sunbae at work and asks him to look after the child as she looks for Kim Chul Soo, she also asks him to track down the phone number he used.

Meanwhile, the lab begins experimenting again and making dozens of babies artificially [using a lab-made womb].

Gu Reum investigates with her sunbae and eventually tracks down Kim Chul Soo. She follows him inside a building and catches him, she hand-cuffed him and begins asking why he killed her parents. He says it’s because they annoyed him like she’s doing now.

Zi O and the organization members are on the move after locating Gu Reum. She fights with some of them, but eventually drags Kim Chul Soo into a remote location to hand him in to her sunbae after recording his confession to killing her parents and more.

The sunbae detective comes with the baby to hand her to her mother. As they’re about to go their separate ways, the guys show up and begin beating up Gu Reum and the sunbae, her tells her to run away but she’s unable to do so after her car gets crashed, she runs away with the child.

While the sunbae detective attempts to stall them, he gets run over by another car, and probably dies as well.

She rushes to the top of the building, this is the same scene we started the drama with at episode one. Meanwhile, Kim Chul Soo takes out a rifle he got to shoot Gu Reum for insulting him and his pride. He takes a location far away and anticipates a time to shoot.

Eventually, Gu Reum is cornered, so she decides to throw her child knowing well she’ll probably land safely. Zi O then comes along and asks about the baby, but Gu Reum refuses to give the baby to him and instead lies saying she’s far away.

They have another altercation as both sides attempt to explain their point of view. Kim Chul Soo then prepares to shoot Zi O first since he needs his body for the exchange with overseas buyers.

Gu Reum notices there is a gun pointed at him, she protects Zi O by jumping in front of the fire and gets shot. Gu Reum begins bleeding and eventually passes away. Zi O attempts to resuscitate her but it appears to have not worked out.

Zi O then chases after Kim Chul Soo and kills him, he electrocute him and he falls off to his death. Zi O then carries the dead Gu Reum on his back to the cars that await him.

Almost 9 months later, the babies are nearly ready and born, meanwhile Zi O’s daughter is a bit grownup and adopted by parents who probably have no idea about her real identity.


Zi O ends the drama with ‘today, the holocene ended.’

The end

“L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” ending explained


As far as the drama shows, it is almost certain that Gu Reum has passed away.

Their child; which was found by construction workers; gets to live a seemingly normal life with a normal couple, but she’s already acting up and displaying her powers. It won’t take long in my opinion for the organization to find her eventually.

Zi O is grounded the official leader taking over his mother’s place and starting a new empire with the new babies who aren’t normal human beings. His father shared with him his plan of a population of 10,000 babies similar to the Vatican with him as the lead.

“L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” season 2?


I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this particular point, however, after reading through press releases and articles across the web, not at any moment did the production company mention a second season for “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning,” which leads me to my biggest question in all of this, to those who claim there is a second season, who told you there was ever such a thing? I am genuinely curious, did you just assume that due to the incomplete ending or is it based on something you’ve read?

Do I think “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” deserves or needs a second season?

Honestly, the answer is no, a no from me. I think the story should end here. The ending is heartbreaking but very realistic, if you’ve been following from the beginning and paying attention then you already knew this wasn’t likely going to end well.

I know many fans watch to get that happy ending, but in my book, a happy ending isn’t necessary. and honestly a happy ending for “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” would’ve felt very forced considering just how much Gu Reum and Zi O differ in their thinking.

Also, a second season would likely mean a bigger budget. “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” was a success in terms of ratings, but it wasn’t the biggest success or the most talked about drama, getting a second season would likely mean an increase in the budget and visualizing such a challenge would prove to be a very difficult task indeed.

Besides, not unless they get the right budget for it, I don’t know what could be done that hasn’t been already done and explored; the idea would morph and take on a very morbid shape.

“L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” episode 12 review


So…. as someone who has followed from the get-go, I wouldn’t say I hated the ending. I thought it was kinda expected to end on a terrible note.

I understand both sides, those who liked the ending and those who hated it. I personally feel on the fence about it but I still found the idea behind “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” to be very interesting.

It mostly remained interesting and thought provoking until the very end.

I understand why Zi O thinks the way he does and why Gu Reum would naturally go up against him. I don’t think her death was necessary, but I get why they did it.

Zi O’s approach is a bit harsh but understandable since his daughter will eventually lead a very difficult life not knowing who she is, it is inhumane to electrocute a new-born child but considering how the child isn’t normal, we could argue that doing it moderately would’ve yielded good results eventually.

Zi O teams up with the devil because it makes sense, even if he chooses to live in hiding for the rest of his life, he’ll either die trying to lead a normal difficult life or get captured eventually. Gu Reum will always be a fugitive and they will always struggle because this organization won’t stop searching after them.

Logically speaking, they don’t have the resources, money, power or anything to go up against them.

I would’ve loved to take a closer look at exactly what the organization was, because its kinda difficult to picture what this ‘organization’ really is, I think this is one of the script shortcomings.

To the people who disliked how Gu Reum evolved, let me tell you this, Gu Reum was basically fucked the moment she got pregnant. There was no way back since then. The moment the child was born, she, as a mother, would always be bound to her child and naturally would be inclined to protect her. This in turn makes her the most vulnerable she’s ever been. There will always be a limit to how far she could take it before eventually being forced to cave in.

While the organization is terrible, isn’t it the lesser miserable to have a mutual relationship where you use each other but at the same time lead a seemingly normal life?

Not only would they be cared for with the organization money, but they would also be shielded from whatever that will come their way as their daughter grows.

I understand Gu Reum’s reservations but she was shortsighted, Zi O’s approach was better thought but would also result in a lot of shit later on regardless.

The unique thing with “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” is that we’re used to seeing the good guys always end up on top, even when beaten or down, they strategize and get right back up to fight. In the case of Gu Reum, she was robbed of that grace period to analyze properly and then react accordingly, she was immediately labeled a killer on the run and that was the beginning of the end for her.

The second mistake was the child, is an obvious mistake that both shouldn’t have done, they might’ve been able to leave overseas or somewhere far away and live an okay life without a child, but as long as they had that child, they didn’t stand a chance not unless they decided to abandon the child.

Both leads didn’t have anything that could’ve remotely prepared them to fight properly, even if the organization was sloppy, they would’ve eventually been captured with that child.

I like the route “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” took, it’s not perfect but an interesting story. I don’t think I learned anything aside from the fact that we humans suck, but it was still lots of fun.

So what about you guys, what did you think of “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” ending? did you like it or not?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I think the ending is great, only if the imaginative writer/s (and producer/s) can create a plausible but yet unexpected continuation series (season 2). One direction would be where Zi-oh’s offspring – and some clones – turn out to be wonderful and humane, whilst some others turn on the human race. Some battles happen and the NIS develops countermeasures to contain the clone’s powers. Zi-Oh himself is torn between loyalties (to Gu Reum’s ideals one on hand, and to the vision by his scientist father on the other).

  2. I knew that this drama would get a sad ending at least one of them need to die, and knowing Zi-o is basically immortal so Gureum is the one. After seeing your review I kinda understand a bit know, that they actually pursue the bad guy to be the one who’s winning. I was actually confuse with Zi-o still siding with the bad guys after Gureum died, cause I think she wants Zi-o to change with her dying. Cause I think everybody should know that he is immortal so why hit a bullet for him right. And one thing, yh fact that Zi-o rarely use his power is kinda strange. Why he needs to fight pyshicaly, probably cgi fight is out of the budget. Either way it’s still a decent drama. I like the sad ending more than a happy force one (talking to you Alice, I still remember you)

  3. Well, it’s okay but I’m consign much more about there baby because she know nothing about her self and also she’s going to forget alot about her whenever she’s using her electric power, I think everyone is gonna understand what I’m trying to figure out!!!
    About the zi o, well I side him about the steeping he take because he didn’t want his child live and suffer like him, but his lady doesn’t think they way zi o think!!!
    I think LUCA must continue because we have to know the end of everything, they have created alot of powerful kids like him, and also his daughter have to know who is she!!!!! We must know maybe zi o is going to control the world or they are going to stop him, and what’s going to happen to his daughter

  4. Hated it. It was a lose, lose for everyone. The organization(s) were only interested in LUCA to create a super army. LUCA did the same thing but with the very people that murdered so many innocent people, no good could ever come from that. There are billions of humans in this world, and 10,000 electrically charged super beings won’t change anything. The story never explores who will control these super beings, they will just be created and then what? LUCA helped the very monsters that created him and in the end he betrayed the one person who truly loved him and he betrayed his daughter. I don’t believe they could not escape and hide. They did it once before and they could have done it again. They could have raised their daughter to learn to control her abilities. Horrible story.

  5. Aprendi com LUCA o que é Holoceno, e que a ciência é irrefreável. Não havia modo da detetive viver, ela estava ligada no modo instinto animal de sobrevivência e preservação da espécie, características humanas vulneráveis que não conseguiriam vencer a luta contra a ciência, que defendia seu ideal futurista, dedicada a evoluir a espécie humana, com o propósito de extinguir a vulnerabilidade humana. Gostei do final, doeu, mas foi coerente.
    Vilões sendo presos, e o casal vivendo com sua filhinha em paz e envoltos numa atmosfera de amor parece fora do contexto da série.

  6. In my own point of view, I felt Gu reum should have left the baby with Zi 0 and aat the laboratory …. Because they had a better way of taking care of the baby. Definitely Gu reum can’t take care of the child because she’s a normal human being as well as the couples who picked the baby up, they will only have hard times trying to raise the child and will one day throw the child or send the child away; when the problem becomes very unbearable… We can sense the baby sparkling during the photoshoot simply because she found everything strange.

    Now, the part of killing Gu reum sunbae is so un necessary …. I mean everyone circle around Gu reum’s life and that of Zi 0 died; but at least…. Well that’s too it’s up to the writers decision; because even if her sunbae wasn’t killed he will try protecting till he lost his breath

    Thirdly, I hate that they were not interference of the law into this, as myopia as it may seems … There were police officers inside this movie but actually they weren’t doing anything; if we have detectives like Gu reum up to 20 in that that metro politan police station the bad guy yoo chul could have been caught and everything will have been alright before it’s got worst, but the police there were just extras that doesn’t have lines

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