“Kokdu: Season Of Deity” Episode 16 Recap- Ending Explained

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MBC’s drama “Kokdu: Season of Deity” has ended today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

The 16th episode begins with Kok-Du struggling to do basic tasks, he finds out he won’t be able to hold on until the spring. He then decides to say goodbye to each one before he leaves, he talks to Ok Shin and Gak Shin, he says he hopes his family won’t forget him and tells them to keep living as they have been and to remember him.

At a church, he meets Gye-Jeol and they kiss goodbye, she’s crying and so is he, she ends up watching him leave and disappear into thin air.

Gye-Jeol does not take the death part well, she tries to do things to make him come back but it does not work. She falls into despair. Then, a young kid comes to her and hands her a flower pot, he says it’s a present by Kok Du. It appears he wants her to take care of the flowers, she does not handle it well and says she’s known for having always been a destroyer who kills anything she touches even a god. She throws it away angrily talking about how this is making her remember him and she’s pissed he’s doing that.

The next day the kid returns again. This time, she inquires about his name and he says he must deliver those flowers for the next five years.

At the courts, Tae Joong-Sik turns on Chairman Kim Pil-Soo and tells the world he’s the one who instructed him to do all those bad things. The prosecution requests the death penalty.

Gye-Jeol talks to her little brother Chul and she tells him Jung Won has been ignoring her phone calls, emails and texts. Gye-Jeol says she will try to make the relationship work between them if she tries her best, Chul is thankful for this and then he gets a text from Jung Won, she’s asking they eat together.

Jung Won talks to him while eating dinner and tells him who her father is, she says she feels horrible for what he’s done even if its not her fault. Chul says he doesn’t care about what her father did as he’s not a representation of her, he tries to hold onto her but she lets go, she tells him they’re over. She admits she likes him a lot and he does too, but they part ways.

Gye-Jeol seems to be getting better, she opens a house call clinic and promotes it to people in need spending the money left behind by Kok Du, she asks the people to pray for the farewell of Kok Du in exchange for even financing surgeries to people in need.

Five years later

Spring comes again and the kid who grew up delivers flowers to Gye-Jeol.

At the café, Gye-Jeol meets up with Gak Shin, she wanted to set them both up on blind dates but Gye-Jeol tells her no matter how much she tries to move on and date its not working. She shows her the contract she’s made with Kok Du, no matter how hard she tries to mess with the paper it does not work. We also find out that Ok Shin paid the dates a lot of money to ruin the date and he asks the café owner to always keep him post about any blind dates the girls plan on going to.

Meanwhile, Chul gets called by a drama producer to discuss things, it so happens that he meets Jung Won there, she gets all jealous as the woman who is interviewing them hits on him. After it ends, he tries to invite her for dinner or coffee, but she rejects him.

After that, she goes to her favorite place to get omelets, she finds out accidentally that Chul has been cooking and delivering those eggs to the woman and she sold them to her. Thus, she comes to his house and confronts him about it. She asks if he’s crazy and says he is and asks if they should live together so the hard work he’s put in for the last 5 years won’t go to waste, he also promises to keep trying as hard as he’s been doing, she agrees to it.

A while later, Chul and Jung Won get married, Gye-Jeol brings her the flowers that bloomed where she’s been planting them, this is the 1st time it happened, she wonders if he’s back but it seems he’s not.

The wedding goes on as planned and Gye-Jeol sees Yi Deun who is now all better, he’s come for the wedding, he’s been in the U.S.

After saying goodbye to her brother as he goes on his honeymoon with his wife, she goes back inside the church, she talks to Kok Du and says she’s happy, she’s been doing her best and is happy. Then, the door of the church opens and he walks inside. They kiss as they reunite. They go back to their house and are welcomed by Gak Shin and Ok Shin.

We find out that Kok Du returned because she gained a new family member and he needed to be introduced to them. As the promise of god was made a reality. He tells her he’s heard all those prayers. She says he’s finally become human, he lies to her and says yes, he is. She is afraid he will disappear and leave her again, he says she’s in trouble as he plans on staying by her side from now on.

Kok Du then meets Chul and Jung Won and blesses their marriage. Ok Shin also begins flirting with Gak Shin and they start dating.

However, one day, Gye-Jeol wakes up and finds he’s not by her side, then she sees him and he appears to be talking to himself again, he then disappears before her eyes.

We find out he’s not a human, he was checking on a certain criminal spending time in jail working with Chul. Gye-Jeol finds out and talks to him. She finds out her wish is still being fulfilled and he’s still a god. He didn’t tell her fearing she’d be disappointed after all she’s been through. However, Gye-Jeol maintains a positive attitude towards it and talks about how things do not need to always go the way she intends them to.

He then transports her to a place they’re familiar with and discusses Pinocchio, she corrects him because he’s not that familiar with the story. She then asks when he’s going to go back, he tells her when she goes back. In this lifetime, she managed to break free from that cycle she’s been trapped in. he will escort her as she passes on to the afterlife. Then, his mission would start again and then one day, when she’s reborn, he’ll return to this world and meet her again, and when that happens it will be a vacation not a punishment. When she asks how he knows whether it’ll be a punishment or not, he says God can’t just do whatever he wants and says he cannot find a better god of the afterlife than him.

The couple then goes to the beach, hold hands and look at the sea deep in thoughts, when they glance at each other, they smile.

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