“Her Private Life” Episode 16 Recap

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tvN “Her Private Life” aired its last episode on May 30 marking the ending of one of the sweetest romance kdramas of 2019. 

So what happened? And did everyone get the happy ending they deserved? 

Here is a recap of the last “Her Private Life” episode (episode 16) 

Deok Mi has a beautiful yet sad dream where she played with boys, she woke up from the dream and Ryan was drawing her while she was asleep. She tells him about the happy-sad dream which felt like a flashback from the past when she was younger. 

The exhibition is about to start and every staff member is busy preparing for the big day. After wrapping up preparations, the staff gathers in the meeting room.

Everybody is excited about the exhibition, Cindy is asked if she’s excited, she says she worked hard even though it was rough, she also admits she is extremely excited to see Shi An in person. 

The staff asks him how he came up with the exhibition name, he says that he came up with it after seeing someone else’s room that was filled with ‘fun, cheerful and happy things.’  

They hold the exhibition and as expected it’s a success. Shi An shows up and takes photos at the gallery and photos with the special project Cindy worked on. 

Deok Mi and Ryan both recall some events that led up to the formation of the key ideas that shaped the successful exhibition. Shi An mother shows up, he congratulates her on her first exhibition, her paintings are hung up in the exhibition. 

Deok Mi takes photos of Ryan, his mother, and Shi An. The four then head to the café owned by Sun Jo who gets to see Shi An up close she is overwhelmed by emotions and can hardly contain herself. Shi An hears the music playing in the background and asks Sun Jo who was the singer, she tells him that it’s Joo Hyuk’s voice who is working on an album and will release one soon. 

The next day, Deok Mi family, Ryan and his mother show up to pay respect for Deok Su at his burial site. Both mothers meet for the first time and exchange greetings, Shi An’s mother thanks Deok Mi mother for looking after Deok Su 

They all pay their respect with sad looks on their face and exchange conversations about what happened in the past. After its over, the two mothers sit down for a chat again, Deok Mi’s mother shows Ryan’s mother a photo of her child, she thanks her for taking care of him. 

Deok Mi’s mother explains that he was a good boy who had lots of fun with the kids and was well-behaved, she tells her that she was out of her mind after Deok Su died and when she went back for Yoon Jae a little too late because he was adopted by then. 

They exchange apologies, each one blames herself. Ryan mother says that she has another son named Shi An. She says, 

“After I lost my song Yoon Jae someone helped me look for him. That was Shi An’s father.” 

She adds that she made those choices so she could heal and move on with her life. She asks Deok Mi’s mother to forgive herself and not live in regret anymore. 

While waiting for the mothers in the garden of the temple, Deok Mi and Ryan finally find out why Deok Mi’s father collected rocks.

He’s holding a rock and Deok Mi asked him if he picked that rock from the garden to which he replies that he picked it up the day they brought Deok Su here, he says he saw the rock, picked it up and it was warm. It felt like Deok Su’s hands. 

Eun Gi and his mother are also waiting outside the temple, Eun Gi suggests he lives with his mom from now until she gets married.  

Another day comes, Ryan and Deok Mi are enjoying each other’s company. Ryan buys supplies to draw Deok Mi. Deok Mi then takes Ryan to a PC room where they buy tickets for Shi An’s concert. She fails to buy the tickets but Ryan luckily succeeds. 

During the night, she notices that Ryan is struggling while drawing, he doesn’t feel that his hands are doing well, so she goes online trying to figure out the trends and figure out how she can help him improve. She falls asleep while researching. 

The next day, Deok Mi and Seo Young meet up. Deok Mi finds out that she is going back to New York, she apologizes to them both and shakes Ryan’s hands.

She also meets up with Eun Gi for a drink, she tells him she’s leaving, they promise to keep in touch. 

Deok Mi and Ryan discuss the topic of his return to New York but he says that he doesn’t want to leave her and also doesn’t feel confident with his new work.  

The café part-timer is also working hard on his dream, Sun Jo and her husband show up to cheer him on before leaving to see their son at the Judo promotions test. Their son passes the test and both parents are super happy and proud of him.  

Meanwhile, at work, Deok Mi gets a request from Mono Art Gallery to curate Mr. Ahn’s exhibition. Deok Mi has decided to take on the project and convinces Ryan to come with her, she tells him that his drawing style is great and suitable for the trends in New York. He is convinced. 

The next day, both visit Deok Mi’s parents to announce their departure. Then they meet Ryan’s mom and Shi An to also say goodbye. The mother also tells them that she’s going overseas to volunteer to teach Korean to adopted kids overseas. Shi An is sad but accepts it. 

Deok Mi and Ryan tell the gallery staff who seem to be sad to hear she is going away, they also introduced the new woman in charge, its Eom So Hye again.  

Deok Mi and Ryan then both meet Sun Jo and Eun Gi to say goodbye. After having a conversation they leave and go back to Deok Mi’s place, where Ryan proposes. He tells her, 

“Sung Deokmishi, I want to be with you and share happiness with you more than anyone else in the world. Will you marry me?”

Deok Mi is shocked but says “YES.”  

A year later. 

Sun Jo’s son is all grown up and goes to the school now, his parents are happy they have free time now. Director Eom waits for her husband outside the prison and when he comes out she welcomes him excitingly.  

Director Eom then holds a meeting and announces that she’ll be busy now that her husband is out of prison and introduces the new Director….. Deok Mi. 

Deok Mi surprises her parents and they all sit down for dinner together and talk about Ryan’s busy schedule because of his first comeback in four years. They also talk about setting the wedding date. 

When Deok Mi goes back to her place she finds her bestie. Deok Mi rubs Sun Jo’s belly and says ‘Hi, I am your auntie.’ They fangirl over Shi An and the part-timer Joo Hyuk’s joint concert. They agree to attend it together. 

Deok Mi and Sun Jo also tease Eun Gi about a possible girlfriend? 

The girlfriend turns out to be none other than Cindy. The two are making videos together about judo.  

The last scene 

Deok Mi is looking around the gallery reminiscing things when she gets a call from Ryan. They both talk about how much they miss each other over the phone when suddenly Ryan surprises her with a back-hug, they talk a bit before kissing. 

The end. 

How did you feel about “Her Private Life”? Are you sad the drama ended?  

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