“Flex X Cop” Season 1 Ending Explained- Finale And Episode 16 Recap

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The hit SBS drama “Flex X Cop” came to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its 16th episode and its ending explained.

“Flex X Cop” episode 16 recap

the episode starts with the team trying to piece the puzzle of who killed both the chairman and Isoo’s mother. They cannot find any link whatsoever and have reached a block.

They hint to Isoo that his brother Seung-Ju might be the killer and he does not take it well, he says they just have to find the right person who did it.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyung-Jun remembers his mother’s case and how there were a child’s fingerprints they couldn’t identify. So he goes to the police station, and pulls out the old records and finds it, he sends it to forensics to confirm whom the prints belong to.

Isoo goes to see Jo Hee-Ja’s driver, he wants to know what happened that day, the driver says he was fired that day. He had driven her to his mom’s house but she didn’t stay, then she returned to her home and stayed there. He then saw her son come out and offered him a ride but he refused saying its somewhere near. He then got into a car accident. That’s why the driver was fired.

Isoo tells this to Gang-Hyun and says to ask about the records for the patients from the night Seung-Ju got into a car crash, they needed to find out where he got into it.

Meawhile, Seung-Ju gets inaugurated. Isoo attends and then asks him what he’d done on the day of his mother’s murder. He says he didn’t go there and didn’t see her. Mr. Choi overhears this and is angry.

Isoo goes to the police station and then sees the report confirming his brother was indeed at his mother’s house that day. He then takes a gun and asks his brother to come to his house.

Before that, Mr. Choi interrupts Seung-Ju and asks if he killed both of them, he tells him he’ll drag him down from his position, and he gets fired.

At the hospital, Seung-Ju’s mother is still shell-shocked but the helper tells her her son became the CEO, she then harms herself.

Isoo meets Seung-Ju at his old home and confronts him, he tells him he found his fingerprints. He asks if he killed his mom and points the gun at him. Seung-Ju then recalls what happened that night.


His mom was almost attempting suicide talking about pills you can take and die painlessly. he takes some of those pills and goes to Isoo’s mother’s house where he eats. he tells her they will get kicked out if she marries his father, she tells him he has nothing to worry about. But then, he sees her phone and messages and he panics.  

He slips the drugs into her drink, and she dies on him. He drags her body to the bathroom and stages a suicide.

After Seung-Ju admits to it, they get into a huge fight and hurt each other badly. Isoo then gets up and tells him he’ll make him pay, Seung-Ju points the gun at him but Isoo hits him with the truth, that father knew he wasn’t his son but kept him because he trusted him.

Seung-Ju collapses then, he finds out he killed two people for nothing, he tries to shoot himself but fails.

The team arrives at the scene and arrests Seung-Ju.

Seung-Ju gets life imprisonment while his mother and brother watch on, he seems to be very remorseful.


Isoo visits both his mom and father’s graves. A while later, he goes back to his place and stumbles on Gang-Hyun’s mother who offers him food, he sees the plate which resembles what his mother used to cook him. He eats it and cries, she’s there to comfort him.

Isoo hands in his resignation and leaves the force, he assumes the firm’s responsibility. The team misses him but try to move on.

Eventually, on the inauguration day, Gang-Hyun tells the guys to empty his desk. But he shows up, he decided to give the CEO position to Mr. Choi who deserved it and rejoined the force.

The team is officially back and together solving cases.

The end.

“Flex X Cop” Ending Explained- FAQ

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