“Dr. Romantic 3” Ending Explained- Will Season 4 Happen Soon?

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“Dr. Romantic 3” has ended its run earlier today, we’re here to recap its finale and explain its ending.

“Dr. Romantic 3” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with the entire hospital evacuating due to the alert. Yoon A-Reum is waiting for Park Eun-Tak who is helping out with evacuations. However, the team learns master Kim is no where to be found as they’re done with their evacuation.

Nurse Oh goes looking for him and then finds him in an operating room, he’s afraid the hospital will be burned to the ground and is looking back on what he’s done. Nurse Oh encourages him a lot.

As they’re about to leave, it starts to rain and the government lifts the alert into a warning. However, most of everyone has evacuated. Right then, assemblywoman Ko shows up with a couple of her friends and family injured deeply, she had to drive them to the hospital because of the forest fire.

The team gathers around and begins operating on them. Nurse Eun Tak sees how worried A-Reum was about him and apologizes for hurting her, he then asks her to keep dating and not break up. He also says he loves her and wants to try his best for her despite his previous shortcomings. They share a beautiful kiss.

When the assemblywoman wakes up, she learns that no one died and sees Kim Sabu out of the operating room, but instead of shoving it in her face, he says nothing. When she asks why he tells her whats the point of building cities and buildings if you take away schools and hospitals. She cries hearing his words as he scolds her for her ways and thinking thus far.

The next day

The hospital staff receives parcels and Eun-Jae gets the present for Woo-Jin. Then, Sun-Woong checks with everyone to make sure they’re coming for Dong-Hwa farewell party. The couple is forced to say yes knowing well May 5 is a special day.

As he’s done with his last day of work, Dong-Hwa goes to see Kim Sabu who tells him he found out who his older sister was from one of the staff. Dong-Hwa asks how he does it and is questioning if this is the right path for him. Kim Sabu tells him ‘you don’t need to live someone else’s life. Look for something you want to do. Something you really want to do because you like it.’ Dong-Hwa is encouraged by those words.

Sun-Woong checks with the nurses who find out everyone is coming and when Eun-Jae and Woo-Jin also gather in the main room, the nurses ask when is the home welcoming party. The couple is astonished everyone seems to know they’re living together so they just decide to hold a home welcoming party as well on the same day.

At night, A-Reum and Eun-Tak go to order takeout and A-Reum accidentally brings up the topic of children asking him what type of house he’d love to live in, despite backtracking and saying she’s not applying pressure, he understands and even agrees with her. The couple then goes to Eun-Jae and Woo-Jin home and the home welcoming party commences.

Then, Dong-Hwa says he decided not to leave and will stay and do four more months at this hospital, thus, the team is now celebrating Eun-Jae and Woo-Jin home welcoming party.

Dr. In-Soo gets a call and arrives near the hospital to see his wife and his daughter coming by, he hugs wife thanking her for arriving here.

After the party is over

Eun-Jae leaves Woo-Jin his watch gift by his bed, and then he goes to her room, and kisses her while putting on the ring, she freaks out and wakes up. She asks him what the ring is for and he says, ‘its what you think it is.’ She screams in happiness.

The next day

The provincial government will provide funding for doldam trauma center. Dr.  Min-Guk is happy with the news and tells Kim Sabu about it and they hug. Right then, a government employee comes by and ruins the fun talking about all the things they should be doing to make sure the trauma center runs well.

Woo-Jin talks to Dong-Ju and asks him what he wants to do with the trauma center, he says he wants it to be Level one serving all patients within a one hour radius from their hospital. And he says for that to happen, he needs someone like him on the team. Woo-Jin says his hand hasn’t healed yet but Dong-Ju assures him it’ll be ok and he still got his right hand.

Woo-Jin is encouraged by what he says and in voice over says his heart started beating again, expressing his excitement. He joins the trauma center.

Then, the hospital gets a call and a lot of patients are coming in due to a car accident. Everyone gather to do their jobs.

At night, a woman arrives by taxi, the camera zooms in on her suitecase and we see the name Yoon Seo-Jung, she came right from the airport to the hospital, she’s now back and possibly set to rejoin the team.

The end.

“Dr. Romantic 3” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Did Woo Jin choose to join the trauma center or not?

Yes, he did. He was encouraged by what Dong-Ju said about his plans for the trauma center, he now has a new dream and this ignited his passion again.

How does “Dr. Romantic 3” end?

The last scene of “Dr. Romantic 3” shows a woman arriving by taxi at night to the hospital, the camera zooms in on her suitcase and we see the name Yoon Seo-Jung [Seo Hyun-Jin], she came right from the airport to the hospital, she’s now back and possibly set to rejoin the team. She will likely work with her lover Dong-Ju.

Does “Dr. Romantic 3” have a happy ending?

Yes, it had a happy ending. The team was safe from the fire, and no one was hurt. Most of the people who had misunderstandings either resolved them or talked it out.

Did Woo Jin propose to Eun Jae?

Yes, he did and she accepted. He proposed to her on the morning before he left, when she him put the ring on her finger after giving her a kiss, she panics and asks what it is, he says its what she think it is. She’s happy. She screams in joy and hugs him

Did A Reum and Eun Tak reconcile? Are they back together?

Yes. After Eun Tak sees how paranoid and worried A Reum was about him after the fire warning, he apologizes and asks for her not to break up with him. he even says he loves her and they share a kiss. A Reum and Eun Tak eventually got back together and reconciled.

Did Doldam hospital get the government funding?

Yes, it did. It has more hurdles to go through but it got it.

Was Kim Sabu saved from the fire?

Yes. But the fire was put out by the rain luckily so no one was hurt.

Is Dr romantic coming back with a 4th season? When?

We don’t know yet but considering Dr. Romantic 3 ending, many believe this will be the case. SBS has not yet issued a comment on the possibility of season 4 but fans are optimistic considering how Dr. romantic 3 ended.   

Have you seen the finale of “Dr. Romantic 3”? what did you think of its ending?

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