“Doctor Slump” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap

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JTBC’s “Doctor Slump” has aired its finale earlier today, let us go over its 16th episode and explain the ending!

“Doctor Slump” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Ha-Neul’s aunts going on about how she’s unemployed only for her mother to show up looking fancy as hell to rub it in their faces.

Ba-Da finally learned to make milmyeon and served it to his family who all tear up at his improvement, when Jeong-Woo tries it, he says its slightly bland and gets kicked out. Later, Ha Neul explains to him what happened and he understands why, he then asks her why she hasn’t answered him yet, she explains things got in the way of answering his proposal, they get interrupted again.

Ba Da is given his first paycheck by his uncle, he then goes to treat his sister for dinner, he pays for it and asks her to photograph him paying for it. she’s proud of him.

The next day, Ha Neul calls Jeong-Woo, she wants to meet for dinner, they do so and he believes she’ll say yes to his marriage proposal but she tells him she’s thinking of leaving overseas for a project the hospital had.

he tries to act as if he’s fine but he’s very upset and sad she’ll go but he does tell her she needs to go and pursue her dreams.

Nurse Do hands in her resignation and reveals she did what she did to move things between him and dr. Hong-Ran. He lets her go. He talks to Jeong-Woo about it and Jeong-Woo comes to the realization that he should also let Ha Neul go to achieve her dream.

He sees her for dinner and reiterates he wants her to go and do this, he says he’ll be sad but will come visit her. The next day, the doctor responsible for Ha Neul takes back the offer, Ha Neul gives him a piece of her mind over snubbing her.

Ha Neul didn’t tell Jeong-Woo yet that she’s not going anymore so he sees her and is trying his best to spend their time the best he can. he goes overboard and even has the family hold a goodbye party.

They hold the party but Ha Neul is about to say she’s not leaving when Jeong-Woo sees the message she got and realizes she’s not going so he pretends to ruin this for her, but eventually, Ha Neul tells him she’ll tell her family.

Ha Neul goes to see her psychiatrist and retakes the exam, the doctor concludes she’s now all better and sees her off.

Ba Da tries to buy his mom a very expensive pursue but she refuses and settles for something else instead. she’s just happy he’s doing better and taking responsibility for his life.

Dae-Yeong and Hong-Ran are out on a picnic with her son, he talks to her about letting Jeong-Woo go and how he knew he’d never be able to bring it up himself, she hugs him and says she’s so happy he’s so kindhearted.

Jeong-Woo re-opens a clinic, a smaller one and is re-building, Ha Neul comes by to say hi, she’s proud of him.

Ha Neul’s uncle also reunites with his first love again after a long time. Jeong woo reaches out to Dr. Kang Jin-Seok, whom recorded him in the operation room, to offer him a job.


Ha neul and Jeong Woo go to see sunrise, again, he asks her to answer his question about marriage even when their wedding photo shoot is next week. She’s embarrassed to say it so she doesn’t and runs away.

In the epilogue, it shows the wedding photos of Ha neul and Jeong Woo, the two had gotten married.

“Doctor Slump” ending explained- FAQ

did you like “Doctor Slump” ending?

“Doctor Slump” ending review

that was a sweet ending that would make anyone who tuned in to the drama happy, me included.

“Doctor Slump” has been fine, it’s a fine drama with some standout moments here and there, it faltered between boring and intriguing eventually unable to keep its balance, but I personally liked it.

I wouldn’t say this drama was particularly memorable in the long run, but it was sweet enough. Any person who loves the actors involved in this project will probably love this drama, not unless they don’t like slower dramas.

Thank you to the staff and cast of “Doctor Slump” for your hard work.

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