Disney+ “The Impossible Heir” Ending Explained

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Disney+ has unveiled the final two episodes of “The Impossible Heir” earlier today, let us discuss the drama’s finale and its ending!

“The Impossible Heir” episode 12 recap

Tae Oh visits his mother’s resting place, he’s a mess after her passing. Hye-Won consoles him and gives him a letter she’d written.

Once he reads the letter, he cries. His mother tells him to forget the past, to let go and to stop hurting so much and seeking revenge. He follows her advice and stops what he was doing.

Geum-Seok, who is in jail, is not happy about the emergency meeting for Kangoh group, she urges her son to do something. He yells at her and bursts into tears saying he’s never once been happy and he’s tired, he wants to stop. They both hold hands crying.

Meanwhile, In Ha prepares to take his place as the next CEO. While CEO Park meets with his daughter who exposes more truths about what had happened to her. he apologizes and says he’ll set it right.

As In Ha is taking the elevator, police greets him and arrest him for murdering his brother and Mo Gi-Jun. Tae Oh is there to see through it.

CEO park then meets with Tae Oh and he strikes a deal that saves the group.

This happens as In Ha is being interrogated and he lashes at the prosecutor for arresting him. He then presents him Mo Gi-Jun, who had not died, he turned on him once he almost died because In Ha wanted him dead. Tae Oh had met with Mo Gi-Jun and convinced him to turn on him considering how he wanted him dead.

He grabs In Ha by the collar and asks if he’s ever considered him a friend or just a dog. In Ha says if he’s a dog, he should’ve remained a loyal one till the end. In Ha is screwed.

Hui-Ju asks Tae Oh to come and he sees Kang Joong-Mo, who had awaken, and was well enough to meet Tae Oh. He offers him another chance to lead Kangoh as its CEO.

At his trial, In Ha is silent and refuses to issue a statement, he looks at Tae Oh and Hye-Won who both attended his trial. In the end, he’s given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. In Ha is also stripped from his family name Kang and back in to Baek.

Tae Oh meets with In Ha after his trial ends, he asks why he’d done to him what he did. In Ha answers that he honestly does not recall why he’d begun doing it. He also does not ask for forgiveness either, and Tae Oh says he’d never forgive him anyways.

Tae Oh leaves him a photo of the three of them together. In Ha hesitates as if he wanted to say something to Tae Oh but he ends up not saying anything.

Meanwhil,e Hui-Ju leaves for an extended vacation with no return date. Tae Oh asks Hye-Won for a drink. They talk a bit and talk about how neither changed while pursuing their dreams.

In-Ha then takes his own life at prison with the photo of them three wrinkled next to him.

3 years later

Kang Joong-Mo’s dream has come true with Tae Oh in the leadership position. not only that, but Seong-Ju also holds an important role for another branch of the company and is responsible for a good portion of the overall growth.

Hye-Won is now working with the president and is doing well at her job. Hui-Ju still sends Tae Oh picks of her vacation which she seems to be enjoying.

Tae Oh visits In Ha’s resting place but he does not say a word.

Tae Oh stands on top of the world right now leading Kangoh’s group looking proudly at what he accomplished.

the end.

“The Impossible Heir” ending explained- FAQ

“The Impossible Heir” ending- final thoughts

So… that’s a wrap. I was legitimately surprised by the responses to the drama across the board. I mean I expected people to share their thoughts but not to this degree, I often see people defend more than this. They were sometimes merciless, but still, with good cause, there was plenty to criticize with this project.

I wanna say this is my least favorite Jae Wook project but “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” exists so Imma stop here.

A lot of things went wrong with this drama, this might as well be one of the worst Disney+ original kdramas made to this date. I mean some of their past projects weren’t exactly stellar but not to this degree.  

The drama struggles with many issues including the bad script writing, which I had touched on in my premiere episodes review. I am sad to say that everything I predicted turned out to be true, it is difficult to go from writing movie scripts to a 12-hour drama script. Added to this, this idea does not, and I mean DOES NOT, need to be this long.

Additionally, Hong Su-Zu received a lot of flack for her performance, but in her defense, her character was sort of set up from the get-go. I said this before in my review, the writing for her character is bad. and the actress’s performance didn’t make it better. Let us hope for her next project we see some improvement.

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