Disney+ “Soundtrack #2” Ending Explained- Did Suho And Hyeon-Seo Get Back Together?

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Disney+ “Soundtrack #2” wrapped up its run a couple of hours ago, let us go through its finale and explain its ending!

Disney+ “Soundtrack #2” episode 6 recap

The episode begins with a foreshadowing, Suho and Hyeon-Seo are both deleting couple photos from their laptops hinting that they broke up.

Suho is worried that K’s music is not hitting off as he expected it. Hyeon-Seo sees Suho paying for the bill at the fancy restaurant they’re meeting in, she feels small.

At home, she talks about Santiago and the souvenirs he got, he says he got them because he was afraid he’d forget they broke up. he then suggests they go camping, but she turns it down saying she needs to focus on her shop for now.

Hyeon-Seo and Suho both are working hard but Hyeon-Seo struggles with rent and expenses, she still works part-time jobs to support herself and is feeling the pressure.

Suho then sees the song K made is going viral, he’s happy and he calls his girlfriend about it. the four get together to celebrate it doing well. away from the two men, Hyeon-Seo and BFF Jin-Kyeong talk, she tells her to learn how to accept help. she says she must be used to being indebted to someone and to learn to lean on her family and friends, that’s ok. Hyeon-Seo says she cannot easily change who she is.

After the party ends, the two take the bus and discuss their relationship and how Suho used to feel bad he never got enough money to help her get back home safely and they had to use the overcrammed bus, but how she saw it in a different perspective.

On another day, the workers are renovating her place and she falls asleep to music. Once she gets up, Hyeon-Seo wires the rent amount to only discover that her boyfriend had paid for her entire year worth of rent.

She meets with him for dinner and he’s suggesting where they should go to this or that fancy restaurant. She talks about how he paid the rent, and he said he wanted it to be a surprise, when she pressures him a bit more, he says he knew she’d say no if he asked her. She’s agitated and says he should’ve still asked her if he could do this before doing it. She doesn’t want to fight so she exits the restaurant. he follows behind her and says they should communicate it properly.

Hyeon-Seo says she knows she’s the smaller person in this argument and the bad one for being unable to accept help from her boyfriend. She says he should try to understand how it would make her feel when he did this, he says he wanted to see her happy and lean on him. she asks if he still thinks the reason they broke up is money, she says she told him its because they were too different. She says his actions made her feel miserable and she needs time to think. he agrees and says he cannot be hurt again so they should think this through.

Hyeon-Seo goes to see her friend as she knows they’re breaking up, she admits she’s the problem and cannot seem to change. Suho also meets his friend and realizes that his ear issue is no longer one and he’s ‘okay.’

Both cry after breaking up.

Hyeon-Seo continues to do part-time jobs, she stumbles upon a family playing K’s song. she talks to him and he says he would’ve pursued music regardless of whether it was a success or not. He also talks about how Suho loved her so much and he knew no one could love her as much as him.

Hyeon-Seo reflects and says her relationship with Suho taught her how she didn’t know how to love herself. at night, she talks to a restaurant owner about struggling to find her toktokkie flavor, she says each one has to find their own.

The next day, she tunes out the voices and decides to stop the workers from completing her shop. she will stop for now and re-think her choices, she wants to find her own toktokkie flavor.

She writes an email to Suho talking about the shame she felt and how she struggled with herself. She is ashamed she’s lost and now decided to go and find herself. He sees the email, deletes it and also removes the Santiago souvenirs.

at the airport, she falls off because the luggage is too much, Suho turns up to help her. She thanks him for it. The two hold hands as they leave together. She says, ‘lets walk together until the end.’

in the epilogue

K is back in Seoul, he’s playing with Hyeon-Seo as some crowd is gathered on a rooftop. Suho’s friend tries to invite Hyeon-Seo’s friend on an outing and she declines first but then agrees to it later. he’s happy.

The drama ends with K and Hyeon-Seo playing. Hyeon-Seo and Suho have also gotten back together.

Disney+ “Soundtrack #2” ending explained- FAQ

Disney+ “Soundtrack #2” ending review

I have a lot to say about this drama overall and its ending which I liked until the very last scenes….

The issue is definitely with Hyeon-Seo, who does not know how to love herself or how to accept help. in a sense, I do feel for her because I also struggle with accepting help from people and had to be told off a couple of times because of it.

This is definitely the type of thing you need to work on, something I also needed to work on. but then you come at a crossroad, is your ‘pride’ or ‘character traits’ hurting you in the end? preventing you from ending up with someone you’d regret losing for the rest of your life?

If the answer is yes, then you do need to re-examine your entire character.

Saying this does not mean I believe Hyeon-Seo is a bad woman, but she is a bad lover.

Because Suho is a catch and truly, she’d never find someone who can love her like he does. He’s just so darn sweet until the very end. He did his best to communicate properly and she’s always the one being hurt for lagging behind.

I was definitely among those who did not want to see them end up together without Hyeon-Seo doing some serious reflection. This is why I hated the last scenes, this ‘discovery’ journey of hers should’ve happened alone without Suho. She should’ve gone there alone, figured herself out, did some soul searching and then come back, then its Suho’s turn, if he moved on or whatnot, its her loss.

This could’ve been a valuable lesson for her but instead, it was not. I don’t understand the angel the screenwriter was going for with those last scenes because Hyeon-Seo’s problems will persist while they travel together, didn’t she want to do this so she could love better and understand herself better?

They call them self-discovery journeys for a reason, don’t they? The screenwriter fumbled that last part.

Despite that, I am not mad about the ending, just slightly annoyed, but at the same time understand that Suho is the type of guy that would always take her back and that’s also an issue on his part, not knowing when to let go. Overall, I’d say this ending is even realistic although not to my liking.

I loved how deep the characters were and how Hyeon-Seo was written, specifically. From a writing perspective, she’s one of the better-written female characters of a 2023 Kdrama. Her contradictions and self-struggles are illustrated well, they make her character appear more human as opposed to the traditional Korean female lead who is always upbeat, resilient, and a good lover despite everything, this character makes much more sense within the conditions of her circumstances. this I appreciate this a lot.

Overall, I liked the drama a lot. Everyone did a wonderful job. This is how long romance kdramas this should be and how they generally should be written.

Did you guys like “Soundtrack #2” ending?

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