Disney+ “Moving” Ending Explained- Is Kim Doo Sik Alive? Will There Be Season 2?

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Disney+ “Moving” released its3 final episodes earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

Disney+ “Moving” episode 20 recap

Nearly all the superheros are fighting the North Korean. Lim Jae-Seok, the man who can create severe sound waves with his hands, has one of them damaged, so he jumps into his death and in the process also crumbles one part of the school’s building.

Kwon Yong-Deuk sees him dying and cries a lot, Lim Jae-Seok tells him to go and live like a human being and stop fighting. He leaves.

Meanwhile, Lee Mi-Hyun and Jung Jun-Hwa are fighting, she’s hurt and can’t aim at him because he’s flying. Bong Seok arrives and tackles him. thus, she climbs to the highest building. There, she aims the gun at Kim Deok-Yoon.

In the same time, Jeon Gye-Do arrives with his bus as he senses something is deeply wrong. They have a bit of a standoff.

Kwon Yong-Deuk is crying and running away, he accidentally runs into Hui-Soo, who was in rush but takes time to comfort him and pat him telling him it’ll be ok.

Jeon Gye-Do summons his power and ends up zapping Jung Jun-Hwa’s hands as he’s about to shoot Lee Mi-Hyun. Kim Deok-Yoon tells him to leave, he then commits suicide.

He refuses to say where Do Shik is, he wants the entire ordeal to just end.

In a flashback, he talks to his supervisor the security department chief who insists sacrifices are necessary, he wants the files to see what the South has been doing so they can replicate it in the North. Kim Deok-Yoon is deeply hurt by how many of his comrades died and just wanted it to stop.

After the entire ordeal is over, Bong Seok takes his mother on his back and back to their place. Hui Soo also arrives and sees her father is ok.

At the graduation day

Sadly, Bong Seok did not attend the ceremony for some reason. The rest graduated as per normal.

Choi Il-Hwan hands Jang Ju-Won the kids files knowing they’d be safe with him.

Lee Gang-Hoon begins working for the same secret organization and asks the NIS’s Min Yong-Jun to spare his father’s records. Then, an unknown woman comes in and scolds him.

Jang Ju-Won had went back and located Principal Jo Rae-Hyuk who located him and the kids, he kills him.

In North Korea

Jung Jun-Hwa is the only survivor and he reports to the security department chief, he asks him to report everything that happened, before that, Jung Jun-Hwa asks him what did he want to do with the kids files. The chief says they will replicate what the South Did. He shoots him dead.

Then, he goes and retrieves Kim Doo Shik who has been locked up. He tells him they’ll come after his family and take advantage of his kid. He dresses up, goes back to South Korea and kills Min Yong-Jun. he leaves evidence of the murder.

Kwon Yong-Deuk is now working with Hui Soo and her dad at the chicken shop. In the news, they see a man wearing a yellow vest helping out people from a burning building.

Lastly, Do Shik finally finds his way back to his family who had moved locations, the building is again purple, he spots it and comes down. When Bong Seok goes up, he sees the man, Mi Hyun follows him, she has tears in her eyes, they’re now finally reunited.

Post credit scene.

After Min Yong-Jun’s death, Ma Sang-Gu [Park Byung-Eun] takes over his spot. The final scene shows Frank getting off from a taxi, he is at the front of a shop named ‘Las Vegas.’

The CIA special agent Mark is looking at the files of the kids they trained and mentions a particular name, ‘Elias.’


The end.  

Disney+ “Moving” Ending Explained- FAQ

Did Disney+ “Moving” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. The bad guys were either defeated or ran away. The team came out victorious.

How does Disney+ “Moving” end?

It ends with Do Shik finally finding his way back to his family who had moved locations, the building is again purple, he spots it and comes down. When Bong Seok goes up, he sees the man, Mi Hyun follows him, she has tears in her eyes, they’re now finally reunited.

Is Kim Doo Sik alive in Disney+ “Moving”?

Yes, he was. He was captured by the North and was freed by one of the gifted ones. he then returned to Seoul.

Will there be season 2 of Disney+ “Moving”?

While it has not been confirmed yet, the drama leaves a lot of crumbs for a potential 2nd season. Fans are eagerly waiting for Disney+ to confirm the drama has been renewed for season 2.

Did you like Disney+ “Moving” ending?

Disney+ “Moving” Ending- review

BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, GORGEOUS, AMAZING… and every single nice adjective you can possibly think of. What an ending, simply amazing.

I love love the ending, this drama is one of my top 3 fav kdramas of 2023, if not my fav of 2023. I didn’t have much of any expectations when I started watching it but oh my god, was I proven so wrong or what!!! and I LOVED IT.

I am so happy that Do Sik was not dead, I was legit terrified he’d be killed off but he wasn’t. You don’t know how happy I was to see him.

Moving ending is about as intense and satisfying as they come. The screenwriter Kang Full is a genius. Give this man every award next year.

I see crumbs of what could potentially be a 2nd season, and I am here for it. I just wish they could get every single actor involved in this project back on it. I see it won’t be easy because some of them have now gained more fame and will expectedly be busier in the near future, but I would love for season 2.

Even if it didn’t come, the ending is still very satisfying and left almost no loose ends which I appreciate a lot.

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