“Death’s Game” Part 2 Ending Explained

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TVING has released the 2nd part of “Death’s Game” a couple of hours ago, let us go through the ending of the 2nd part!

“Death’s Game” part 2 episode 4 recap

After being shot by death for the 12th time, Yee-Jae is warned this time, it will bring him the most pain ever. He then wakes up in his mother’s body, he says its too cruel. Then, the memories of the body of hers flashes before his eyes, he gets to re-experience the pain he caused her with his death.

He finds out just how much she sacrificed for him as his mother and how life always treated her harshly but she never gave up. Of course, this time he cannot just kill his mother’s body. So he goes on living as her working as a cleaner.

Death then reminds him who he hurt the most, his mother, and he’s being punished for the pain he caused his mother with his death.

After going back from work, he stumbles upon a savings account his mother had been collecting for him, causing him even more pain. The next day, he gets on the train but doses off, he then gets off near where he’s laid to rest.

He also sees flashbacks of how his mother looked after him and came to see him often, he cries but he cannot hug her again.

He then recalls his mother talking about how she wanted to go to a mountain and hike since its her favorite place they’d been with his father, he takes her there despite her weak knees.

As they sit on top of the mountain, he holds her hands and apologizes once again for what he’s done.

As Choi Yee-Jae’s mom is going down the hill, she trips and the body falls, she then ends up thinking this might be her time to die, she fights and fights to climb out and crying for help, Yee-Jae says his mother can’t just die like that.

Then, she wakes up in a hospital doing fine, he then realizes this is how she must’ve felt seeing his dead body in the morgue. Then, he realized he wanted to live her life to the end, thus, he ended up living as his mother for 32 more years, more than he’d lived originally as Yee Jae.

After 32 years, the mother dies peacefully.

Then, Yee Jae is reunited with death, he gets on his knees talking about how he’d wanted to meet her again, he begs to be allowed to life one more life as Yee Jae, one more chance to correct things.

She says he played by the rules but ultimately won, thus, she takes out a bullet and tells him its either he’s given a chance again to live as himself or then, its up to God’s judgment. If the gun fires, he gets to live again as himself, but its not guaranteed.

He then shoots him and then he wakes up, on the top of the same rooftop he was going to die from, he is back as Choi Yee Jae. He’s alive

the end.

“Death’s Game” part 2 ending explained- FAQ

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“Death’s Game” part 2 ending review

I get it, I get it. It’s a sweet lesson…. a sweet lesson, but definitely a roundabout way to teach that to a poor man, don’t you think?

While I won’t say Yee Jae was ever considered a saint, he wasn’t intentionally malicious either. I mean you can argue that even if he’s not malicious it doesn’t mean sh*t didn’t happen, and you have a point there but I still wouldn’t think this level of punishment was in any way shape or form necessary.

From a plot standpoint of view, it makes more sense to write a main character people can sympathize with than someone who is utterly irredeemable, but I still feel, personally, that his punishment was way too harsh.

Would’ve loved if this series focused on Park Tae-U instead, he’s the type who deserves to go through such hell, and get killed horribly each time by the actions of his own character, that would’ve been brilliant.

This doesn’t mean this series isn’t either, but I have been wondering about the level of punishment Yee Jae received. This also doesn’t mean I disliked what I saw, I LOVED THE SERIES, a lot. I just feel bad for Yee Jae.

In a way you can say that death taught him a valuable lesson about life and taking things for granted but he was also blackballed into a terrible situation because of society, its expectations and more, things outside of his control despite his best efforts.

They say the good sometimes get punished worse than the bad because they still have their humanity attached to them, this is probably the angle the writer was going for from the get-go.

I like the lesson learned, a lot, if someone is in a dark place and sees such a project, it might help dissuade them from doing something drastic. You are loved, you matter and please, don’t give up on yourself. and for the love of God, don’t take life for granted.

Thanks to the Death Game cast and crew for the wonderful drama that touched my heart, everyone did an amazing job. Looking forward to reading all the positive comments from people who will see part 2.

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  1. The series was much more contained and cohesive than the webcomic. Apart from the time skip in his second-to-last life, the plot flowed very well, exploring the idea of finding meaning, value, and significance even when life is hard.

    I appreciate a significant change from the webcomic, where Death warns him of punishment if he kills OR ends his own life. This reinforces the primary message: life *is* worth living.

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