“Cheese In The Trap” Ending Explained- Why Fans Named It One Of The Worst Kdrama Endings Of All Time

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Cheese In The Trap’s ending is considered to be widely one of the most disappointing kdrama endings of all time, but why? Today, we’re here to recap the finale episode [episode 16] and discuss why fans didn’t like the ending!

“Cheese In The Trap” episode 16 recap

The finale begins with Hong Seol being rushed to the hospital after her accident. A voiceover of the characters goes over what happened that led to this point.

When the parents arrive, the doctors are done with the surgery, they tell them they managed to get everything under control but they have to wait and see. There could be severe consequences for what just happened.

Baek In-Ho is told to come after his sister got arrested by police, he arrives and then shortly after, Yoo Jung arrives. He grabs her by the collar but she escapes and persists she’s done nothing wrong. Baek In-Ho finds out that Seol was hurt.

He then runs into the hospital, the family is not happy to see him and he’s asked to leave. Then he gets a phone call and finds out Baek In-Ha was transport to a mental facility. He is not allowed to see her at the moment but then sees her in the morning, they talk about how she told Yoo Jung’s father everything.

Yoo Jung’s father then comes to the hospital to check on Seol, he transports her to a better room and is cleaning up after their mess. He scolds his son and tells him they might be able to plead insanity for Baek In-Ha for what happened if Seol does not wake up. He blames his son for continuing to see her.

Yoo Jung remains by her bed side, he recalls the pain he caused to others with his extreme take on ‘revenge’ and ‘payback’, when she opens her eyes, then he does not come anymore. Seol wakes up and is doing better.

Meanwhile, Baek In-Ha refuses to eat and is causing issues. Baek In-Ho tries to reason with her saying she should survive.

After Seol wakes up, her friends come visit her. Then, Ha Jae-Woo comes by and asks her a favor saying Baek In-Ha is likely to get into some serious trouble because of this. He asks if she can talk to Jung for him.

Jung is cooped up in his room, he takes off his ring.

Baek In-Ho visits Seol and they discuss a bit, he apologizes for not coming around much but she understands. She then hands him a paper that basically forgives his sister legally, a document that asks for leniency from the judge so the person who caused an incident can get a reduced sentence. She tells him she does not forgive her but she’s doing this.

Jung tells his father he’s quitting the company, he talks to his dad about how much he held  back because of him, because he thought he was weird. Jung always craved his father’s approval. He needs time off.

He then goes to see In Ha in the hospital, he tells her he does not forgive her but she could break free from him and his father. When he’s done talking to her he runs into In Ho, and gives them that gift with the signature of the pianist he liked so much.

Jung then goes to visit Seol who was discharged. The family is upset at him, he talks to Seol.

He wants to break up. She tells him she knows why the accident happened to her, she blamed him a bit but once they were apart she wanted to keep going. He says no and tells her he wants to break things off. He tells her he wants to see her once he can love her properly, but now its too difficult for him and he’s not able to do it.

Seol and Jung break up.

At their shop, In Ho comes to see them and gifts them stuff. They ask him to stay for a meal. He does.

When he leaves, Seol is there to see him off, she wishes him well. They also part ways.

When he’s about to go for his audition, the man who’s been harassing him for the money calls and lets him know his lawyer paid everything back. He aces the competition.

In Ha then messages Seol, she apologizes and says Jung is leaving overseas, she tells her the details of his departure but she never shows up.

3 years later

Seol landed a job at the company she’s always wanted, she still sees people who resemble the ones she knew in college. We find out that Ha Jae-Woo and In Ha are dating happily and she’s still as crazy as ever.

Kwon Eun-Taek and Jang Bo-Ra are happily dating and work in the same place. They try to set her up with someone but she refuses.

As she leaves their store, in a crosswalk, she runs into Jung. They both keep walking.

Seol is back home, she’s working on her laptop and has a tab open with all the emails she sent to him but he’s never read, he finally opens an email. Could it be they will find their way back into each other?

Cheese in the trap ending FAQ

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