“Arthdal Chronicles 2” Ending Explained- Will There Be A 3rd Season?

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 “Arthdal Chronicles 2” aka “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun” has concluded its run for its 2nd season earlier today, and we’re here to discuss the finale and explain the ending!

“Arthdal Chronicles 2” episode 12 recap

Taealha meets with Eunseom for negotiations but neither yields, she gets on his nerves, so he ends the negotiations.

Later, Taealha is made aware Tagon did something very foolish, he instructed a woman of their tribe to make 5 whole huge jars of poison. 3 drops are enough to kill a person, so what will he do with 3 jars.

Yeolson then goes to the town square and pleads for his daughter’s life, he says he’ll give everything for it to end, Tagon comes close to him and tells him to trust, but ends up pushing him to his death.

Taealha goes to Tagon to confront him and he says they’ve already lost the battle and everyone is soon coming to Arthdal. He says that due to this, he made these jars so he could take out the entire population with him if he has to considering the lengths he went through to control Arthdal.

She pulls her knife and is close to killing him, but they end up hugging, they’re both crying and she says she understands him.

The Momo tribe arrives and there are soldiers there at the instruction of Taealha, but they get brutally defeated and the tribe progresses into Arthdal.

They’re followed by the Neanthal who cover for them and defend them as they face another barrier as they’re trying to enter the palace.

Both Tagon and Taealha are made aware they’ve opened one of the gates and Eunseom is here. Tagon tells her about the secret escape place for her and Arok. He explains he will kill himself, Eunseom, and Tanya and watch how the Ago tribe gets torn apart as a result of his actions. They’ll ruin themselves without Inaishingi and Tanya, he tells her then, she can come back and claim Arthdal for her and their son.

Amid this, Prince Arok gets lost looking for his dad, and then Saya shows up to where Tanya was held captive and he sees a soldier who tells him where she is and about the poison jars.

The combating armies are told that both the high priest and the king are in the Great shrine. However, to save Tanya only Inaishingi is allowed there.

Tagon takes Tanya to the shrine and on the way she tries to talk some sense to him, he says these people enjoyed every luxury due to what he did. He ends up telling her of his plan, that if the three of them die, the floodgates will not open and distribute the poison to everyone.


Saya comes first but he comes with a surprise, he scars Prince Arok and threatens Tagon with it. They get into a fight and Tagon tells her to rush there. Eunseom then shows up and slashes his throat.

Tanya rushes to the floodgates and is forced to swim to close the gate. She successfully returns there. Saya is escorted to be treated after sustaining injuries during his fight with Tagon but Eknad take him with them.

Taealha shows up to let them know of an antidote, she hugs Tagon and then delivers the final blow to him killing him.  Taealha then says they must allow her to leave with her son saying its up to Eunseom if he trusts her or not regarding the antidote.

Eunseom goes to the big square and they announce Tagon’s death. The people are not happy and complain but Tanya begins speaking to them.

She goes up to Eunseom, and asks him to identify himself and name where he’s from. She asks him questions about whether he’ll honor the people’s lives, allow them to live in peace and such. He agrees to those things.

One man protests saying if he’s not the owner of the sword of Aramun, there is no use in what she’s saying. He then pulls out the sword and shows it to them.

It ends with the people happy.

Tanya is escorted by Eunseom upstairs as she fights sleeping due to what she’s been given. She falls asleep in his arms. Its not known when she’ll wake up.

A while later

Tanya’s eyes remain shut as Eunseom rules Arthdal, he’s not doing the best and things did not move at the pace he expected. He then hears that Tanya is up, he goes to see her and they hug and kiss.

Its been revealed that he attempted to find Saya to no avail.

We then find out that Saya is now heading somewhere to see ‘the father God’, and he’s asked what he’ll ask for. He smiles in a sinister way and says ‘arthdal.’


Meanwhile, Prince Arok is now old [cameo by Suho], he sees his mother writing a chronicle. She asks him what he thinks makes a country, eventually, she explains it’s a ‘story.’

She takes her armor, she’s now heading to reclaim Arthdal with her army that she’d been preparing with for a while.

“Arthdal Chronicles 2” ending explained- FAQ

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