Yang Se Jong Features In First Pictorial Following Military Discharge, Speaks About Upcoming Drama With Suzy And More

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Yang Se Jong shares his thoughts about his upcoming drama “Lee Doo Na!” with Suzy, what acting means to him, and more in an interview.

Actor Yang Se Jong poses for his first pictorial since he was discharged from the military which was released on September 26.

In an interview conducted after the photo shoot, Yang Se Jong mentioned his next project, “Lee Doo Na!,” saying,

“I’m in the middle of filming the drama ‘Lee Doo Na!’ recently. I’m filming in the provinces four to five days a week.”

Yang Se Jong shared what he does for portraying his character well by elaborating,

“While I am working on a project, I tend to try to be the person I am portraying, not Yang Se Jong. This time, I made my daily life simple on purpose to work on ‘Lee Doo Na!’”

As for the reason for being deeply immersed in the world of his work, he shared,

“I think I need a calm and relaxed mind to perform well on the set. So I practice alone constantly before filming, embodying my acting, and when I go to the filming site, I open up my five senses to act. I like the moment when unexpected things happen when we work together on the site. I often face this kind of moment on the set of ‘Lee Doo Na!’”

Finally, Yang Se Jong expressed his affection and serious attitude toward acting saying,

“I have been chasing only acting since I was a high school student. If I do something other than acting, I think I will not feel complete. I can feel alive when I act.”

Meanwhile, “Lee Doo Na!” tells the story of idol Lee Doo Na, who suddenly announces his retirement, and Lee Won Joon, a first-year college student, who is living in the same shared house. The drama is based on the webtoon of the same name.

Are you excited for his upcoming drama?

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