Winners Of The 2023 Seoulcon APAN Star Awards

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The 2023 Seoulcon APAN Star Awards aka the 9th APAN Star Awards was held earlier today, here is a list of the winners!

Grand Prize:  Junho

Best Picture Award: Little Women

Best Character: Junho for King The Land

Best Actor Award: Junho

Best Actress: YoonA

Seoul League Actors Award: Lee Sung Kyung

Outstanding Actress and actor in a Feature-Length Drama: Kim Ok Bin and Son Ho Jun

Best Actress and actor in a Feature-Length Drama: Lee Sung Kyung, Go Soo

Best Actress: Shin Ye Eun and Yeom Hye Ran

Best Actor: Jung Suk Yong and Lee Dong Hwi

Best Directing: Park In Je for “Moving”

Best Writer: Kang Yoon-Sung for “Big Bet”

Best Actress and actor in a Mid-Length Drama: Uhm Jung Hwa, Ryu Seung Ryong

Outstanding Acting Award for Female in a Medium-length Drama: Kim Seo Hyung and Eom Ji Won

Outstanding Acting Award for Male in a Medium-length Drama: Jo Han Cheol and Park Hae Soo

Best Actor in a Short Drama: Shin Eun Soo and Joo Jong Hyuk

Best Actors and Actress in a Web Drama: Red Velvet’s Yeri and Choo Young Woo

Male Rookie Award: Moon Sang Min and Kim Dong Hwi

Female Rookie Award: Jo A Ram and Lee Han Byeol

Male and Female Youth Child Actor Award: Jeong Hyun Jun and Yuna

Best Couple: Junho and YoonA

Global Star: Junho

Popularity Award: Junho

OST Award: Young Tak

Congratulations to the winners!

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