What Will Happen To Kim Sae Ron’s Upcoming Dramas? Netflix Drama “Hunting Dogs” And SBS’s “Trolley” Said To Be In A Panic Due To The DUI

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Kim Sae Ron’s upcoming projects are said to be in a difficult position after it was reported that the actress was drunk driving earlier today.

The news went viral and details of the incident have made the situation even worse. Many netizens have expressed their disappointment in the actress for her actions.

Kim Sae Ron is currently part of two upcoming projects including Netflix’s highly anticipated drama “Hunting Dogs” and the upcoming SBS drama “Trolley.” The actress plays an integral main role in both dramas which puts both productions in a very difficult position.

When contacted for a comment after the news of the DUI was revealed, the production crew of the upcoming Netflix series “Hunting Dogs” said they’re currently in the middle of filming and the shooting schedule will be adjusted as a result. The public schedule is to be announced as soon as thorough discussions are arranged and carried out.

Sources from SBS’s “Trolley” told news outlets they were ‘confirming’ the news when it was first reported that Kim Sae Ron was caught drunk driving. Since then, her agency has released a statement confirming what happened and promising the actress will participate in investigations soon.

Korean news outlets report that Kim Sae Ron has already wrapped up a good portion of “Hunting Dogs” filming while “Trolley” has recently held its first script reading. Filming for “Trolley” has not started yet but it is expected to begin soon as the drama is set to air in the second half of 2022.

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