Wang Ji Won Signs With New Agency

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Actress Wang Ji Won signed an exclusive contract with Blade Ent.

On February 6, Blade Ent said, “We signed an exclusive contract with actor Wang Ji Won, who is loved for her various activities. We will provide full support to Wang Ji Won, who has solid acting skills and colorful charms, to continue her wide range of activities.”

Wang Ji Won, who majored in ballet at the Korea National University of Arts and worked as a member of the National Ballet, has been continuing various activities such as in dramas and entertainment land since her debut as “Family” in 2012.

She has accumulated solid acting skills through consistent activities across screens and cinemas, with dramas such as “Still 17,” “In Need Of Romance 3,” “The Heirs,” and the movie “One Line,” and is actively communicating with the public through her YouTube channel.

She recently appeared in the ENA drama “Never Give Up” and captivated the small screen with a perfect character transformation, as well as increased the immersion of the drama with delicate emotional acting and received favorable reviews.

In addition to her acting activities, actor Wang Ji Won, who is training her juniors as the CEO of Wangji Royal Ballet, is expected to meet with Blade Ent, a global K-content entertainment company.

Meanwhile, Blade Ent, who announced the news of an exclusive contract with Wang Ji Won, recently reported the acquisition of Star Village Entertainment, which has a number of main and supporting actors. Blade Ent said, “We will expand our business to entertainment, advertising, video content production, performance, investment, distribution, sports marketing, leisure, and intellectual property rights, and transform into a comprehensive media company for ‘K content production’, which is the center of the Korean Wave.

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