The Kdrama “Tell Me That You Love Me” Ending Explained- Finale And Review

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ENA’s drama “Tell Me That You Love Me” has wrapped up its run, let us talk about the finale and explain the ending!

Tell Me That You Love Me episode 16 recap

the episode begins with a flashback to when Cha Jin-Woo breaks up with Jung Mo-Eun and she cries her eyes out as he walks away.

Jung Mo-Eun is obviously hurt by the breakup and spends her time over-cleaning the house, her friend invites her to drink as four of them to keep her company realizing she’s not doing well.

Meanwhile, Cha Jin-Woo meets with Song Seo-Kyung who gives him the special painting his birth mother cried seeing, saying she kept it for herself. She then talks about how what she missed wasn’t likely him but her old self when she was back with him. He says she’s cool either ways and she adds that its useless to write something for the past now. She shakes his hands as they both tear up.

After going out to drink with her friends, Mo-Eun talks to Jo-Han about how lonely she felt dating Jin-Woo as she started having more expectations of their relationship. He tells her not to blame herself over this too much and talks about how he fell for a woman similarly. Mo-Eun tells him she wishes the best for him and wishes he’d always be happy and find someone not like that woman, someone who won’t upset him and she asks him to stop worrying about her too.

Jin Woo goes to see his birth mother and gives her the painting, she’s a bit spaced out but he writes to her his name and says he’s happy she liked his painting, he starts tearing up and she asks if she can touch his face, he starts crying even more, she says, ‘you look so much like him.’ She consoles him while he cries.

Mo-Eun goes to see her parents and tells her mother Jin Woo met his birth mother, she also reveals they broke up. In the same conversation, she thanks her mother for being her mother. The mother says she was chosen by her not the opposite. they hug each other and cry.

At night, in the bar, Jin Woo wraps up drinking but Kwon Do-Hun shows up asking him to drink with him, he refuses initially but then agrees. He offers him a drink and Do-Hun talks about how he made him feel pathetic because of his Hollier than attitude. Jin Woo ends up apologizing to him making him cry.

Jin Woo stumbles outside and cries thinking of Mo Eun.

Jin Woo prepares to leave and at the airport, he sees her, he tries to follow after her but she doesn’t notice its him, they do not meet.

1 year later

Song Seo-Kyung is scolding Do-Hun for causing issues with journalists because of his attitude, they’re arguing but seem to get along well.

Mo Eun returns to the theatre and is now playing the leading role.

After wrapping up rehearsals, Mo Eun goes to see Oh Ji-Yu who now has her own workshop, she’s very busy but very happy.

Jin Woo returns from overseas and goes to see his friend whose wife is now pregnant.

Jo-Han is also doing well relaxing and composing music.

On another day, Jin Woo gives a lecture to students with a translator and then reunites with his students from the art gallery, two of them are now dating and Tae-Ho has gotten better at sign language. The students drink with him and give him tickets to Mo Eun’s play.

He goes to see it and sees Mo Eun ahead of her show. At the show, the character she plays talk about how different she is from her lover and whether this will hinder their relationship or not, there is a translator for sign language there so Jin Woo is able to understand it well.

After the show ends, she rushes outside to find him, afraid she missed him, she then sees him, he signs, ‘hi, my name is Choi Jin Woo, nice to see you again.’ she cries happy tears looking at him.

We’re then shown a montage of the couple walking together happily and holding hands.

the end.

“Tell Me That You Love Me” Ending Explained- FAQ

“Tell Me That You Love Me” ending- review

I would say that was mostly a sweet ending. I liked this drama overall, the chill vibes, the sweet heartbreaking moments, liked it all. HOWEVER, like many others I had my issues with Mo Eun, but honestly upon some reflection, I don’t know to what degree I should be upset about her attitude and actions towards Jin Woo.

I definitely think she fumbled in the way she treated him, and I think we can all agree on that. But I have seen many comments talking about how she should have never dated him if she’d knew this would happen or wasn’t so sure about dating a deaf person.

I mean… I get it, but…. even people who have no disabilities or issues date and break up all the time, so its not just Mo Eun. Relationships can fade and wither regardless. Also, you can never know truly how challenging love is or loving a person is unless you experience it for yourself, so there is that.

Some of her actions were just plain annoying and I felt very bad for Jin Woo. Jin Woo should have also nipped the issue with his ex-gf in the bud long ago than this last episode but I get it, for someone like him, she played a huge role in his life because people are just not ready to take a chance on him like Mo Eun did.

I would honestly have not minded them not ending up together considering Mo Eun’s actions leading up to the breakup. also, their reunion didn’t tug at my heartstrings, I mean I wish Jin Woo the best, but I just… I just couldn’t see the vision of them together again and think of it as sweet as I did in the past, if that makes sense.

Also, it never showed much if and whether Mo Eun changed, will she behave differently? is she ready for these challenges? will she take this relationship seriously?

I certainly hope so because I don’t want our Jin Woo to get hurt again.

the plot aside, Jung Woo-Sung is amazing as Jin Woo, truly needs to be nominated for best Daesang for his role in this drama. His eyes tell so much, my heart was always breaking for him. Such a stellar actor.

Everyone also did so well, loved the performances across the board.

did you like “Tell Me That You Love Me” ending?

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  1. I felt robbed that only at the very end of the last episode do they share a few sentences of dialogue. But the voice over he vocalizes “I love you Moeun” How does that make sense? He can express it with his eyes etc. but a voice stated it. Since the title said it, I hoped it would be more of moment he would sign to her and she finally realize it. As she stated it so often.

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