Song Joong Ki Rumored To Be Dating A Lawyer Less Than A Year After His Divorce, Agency Responds + Threatens Legal Action

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Song Joong Ki has been wrapped up in dating rumors and his agency has responded!


In another statement to the press, Song Joong Ki’s side explained more about the situation and threatened legal action against those who spread the rumors.

According to his agency, Song Joong Ki has a close relationship with the lawyer ‘A’ but they’re not dating, the agency believes it’s a big problem that his personal information and details about his private life are spreading like this.

Thus, the agency has threatened strong legal action against those who continue to spread such rumors about the actor.

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On June 11, rumors began to spread about Song Joong Ki dating a lawyer, the rumors spread within the legal industry and the personal information of one female lawyer who works at a law firm was shared among people via mobile messaging app.

However, those rumors turned out to be completely fabricated.

A source from Song Joong Ki’s agency History D&C stated,

“Song Joong Ki’s dating rumors aren’t true. Recently, groundless rumors have spread within the legal industry, but after checking, it wasn’t true.”

The agency added that Song Joong Ki has been busily carrying out his activities, he was busy filming for his upcoming movie which was forced to halt filming due to the ongoing pandemic, he had to drop from another movie as a result.

Song Joong Ki is currently preparing to return to the big screen through the blockbuster movie “Space Sweepers.”

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Source: (A)

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