Song Hye Kyo’s State Ahead Of Divorce Worries Fans, Here Is How She Reacted After The News Came Out

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Its been more than one day since the divorce announcement that shocked fans all around the world.

Since the announcement, many reports by various Korean news outlets came out, reports from both sides explaining more on the matter and what led to the divorce between the couple were released.

An insider told news outlet Newsen that Song Hye Kyo has been stressed for a while now since the year began and she had also lost around 5 kg (11 lbs). The insider talked about her state for the past couple of months and how it caused worry.

The insider says she usually keeps quiet about her inner thoughts but she cried talking about hardships related to her married life. The weight loss also had an effect on her fingers, she lost weight in her fingers and the wedding ring would fall off, which is why she was photographed many times not wearing her ring.

The insider also says she was looking around for a smaller ring but then concluded it won’t matter anymore.

After the announcement, fans also noticed that Song Hye Kyo has disabled comments on her Instagram. Song Hye Kyo has an official Instagram account where she shares snippets of her daily life plus videos of the brands she advertises for.

Her last posted photo was on June 22, 2019, a selfie with her dog. Fans can no longer comment on her posts. It appears she had also deleted some photos, however, a photo from her wedding day remains up as of this article publish date. She also has a couple of other photos alongside Song Joong Ki that haven’t been deleted yet.

On the other hand, it was revealed that Song Joong Ki’s side is looking to settle the divorce matter as quickly as possible and will not seek alimony from Song Hye Kyo. If everything goes smoothly, it is expected that the divorce would be finalized by August 2019.

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  1. SJK man ur not enough for her.shes ur woman pa din, why u dont let her file 4 divorce first instead of you…. be a real man, man tsek..shame on you..yes we dont know the reason. But i dont like the moves of you. The way u act is the reflection of who u are..childish moves is that i call dont deserve Hye kyo…shes too much pain na already..

  2. Sjk file the divorce first to spare shk from blame, fault and hatred comments from net basher. He accept and endure all the hatred commebts from the net basher like what is happening now. If shk do the first filing she will be the one receiving a basher now. Personality differences is just a reason they give in public the real and true reason yhey will not reveal it to protect there career and family. If we are in pain how much the pain they endure now. Lets just pray them.

  3. So much drama! Why married to soon anyways! THEY should have dated longer.
    Everything about them is just a Fantasy. Fairy tales ends. They should have the right reason why do they got married. Love conquers all. As a fan i am disapointed! But its there life there choice so be it!

  4. Just because yoi look good in the movies, doesn’t mean you can be good in a marriage.. Love isn’t enough. Respect and friendship are the two important ingredients in a marriage.

  5. We don’t know what had happened in their marriage. It takes two to tango. I don’t know so I don’t judge. The only thing I remember prior to their marriage when he was asked what he likes about her…his answer was. She is pretty..
    At that time I said to myself. If he builds a marriage in “she is pretty”… That won’t last long.
    I hope that was not a case. Marriage is such a hard work but great work if two work at it together!

    1. No.let me correct you.when he was asked about her after they declared their engagement, he praised her personality.he said she is very calm.i get positive energy from her.

  6. So shocked to know that SJK have filed for divorce from SHK… U were one of my favourite couple ..Please batch up… Learn to forgive and give a second chance to whoever is at fault….Wedding is not like children games it is a bond made in the presence of God.. Don’t take it too lighty even though you are a celebrity ..God comes first and there is no one above God…

  7. i felt so down knowing that the lovely couple had to split for good..yet i’m still hoping that there will be a reconcilliaton on the right time. SHK &SJK should have put God in the center of their marriage to have a strong bond..their seriesvdrama DOTS inspired ang gave us so much joy & fun & we hoped that it will be a real life love affair.

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