Song Hye Kyo Heavily Criticized By K-Netizens For Staying Active Despite Divorce Announcement

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K-Netizens are not happy with Song Hye Kyo just going about her activities whilst her divorce announcement!

The unfortunate divorce news between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo became known to the public a couple of weeks ago, many K-Netizens took Song Joong Ki’s side theorizing he must’ve filed for divorced because something bad happened.

The way he filed for divorce means that he’s one at a loss according to various Korean lawyers. He was also the one who broke the news and left a very weird public statement asking not to dwell on the past and just move on with an amicable divorce.

Many K-netizens didn’t take her side as well because of her past dating news with various co-stars she’s been with, she dated many of her former drama co-stars such as Hyun Bin and Lee Byung Hun.

Ever since the news were announced Song Joong Ki didn’t make any official public appearance while Song Hye Kyo, on the other hand, made one shortly after the announcement as she had to attend an event for a brand she was advertising. The appearance wasn’t in South Korea but in China.

Divorce is still considered taboo in South Korea and many are amazed by just how fast she got right back to promoting after the divorce announcement despite the backlash.

She also recently made her second public appearance attending a jewelry event for Chaumet in Monaco as Asia’s Ambassador. She was photographed by many magazines alongside many huge names including actress Natalie Portman.

K-Netizens weren’t kind in the comment section of Korean articles covering this story; here are some of the top voted comments,

“I wish that she would focus on making herself look beautiful on the inside rather than the outside.”

“Are you a Korean actress or a chinese actress? ha ha ha looks like a Chinese actress to me.”

“Why are you running away like that to China?”

“This girl… hahaha.. why is that Chinese press are more obsessed with her than the Korean press. she also has a home in Hong Kong, I wonder why…”

“Is this person Chinese?”

“I hate her.”

“I don’t like her anymore.”

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  1. She is such a great person that half China and moat Korean are so envious of her. Guys please get some honey and get a life. you are so dependant on gossip that your life is bitter if you don’t gossip on a woman who knows how to get ahead and doesn’t let others rule her life. She is doing the right thing. What is what you want? for her to cut her veins in pain? no man deserves it. Life is precious and she knows it. They made a decision so respect it. who’s fault? who cares? Again is their life and only they live with consequences. China, Korea, is time for women to be a mat for men. Is ok for him to be unfaithful with her best friend ? is ok for him to film and be active while divorce? And not for her? hahahaha It time to shake up and wake up. men are men and there are many of them. Don’t make gods of them. That’s way the country is so far behind because women make gods of useless men. Song Hye Kyo… I’m proud of you!

  2. I’m.just so sad for them both. one of the most horrible things to go through. I wish people would stop criticizing something they know nothing about and just show grace and compassion to two people who have to be hurting.

  3. Give her a break please… She has a lot of commitments otherwise she will be having legal actions against her if she won’t abide and not fulfill them. Aside from that, Work is her medicine for her problems, loneliness, stress…

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