SBS Releases Official Trailer Of Upcoming Drama “The Devil” Featuring Kim Tae Ri And Oh Jung Se + Confirms Premiere Date

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SBS has unveiled the first ever trailer of their new drama “The Devil” featuring actors Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se chasing and running away from something.

SBS’ new drama “The Devil” is a supernatural mystery thriller that digs into the mysterious death surrounding five bodies by a woman and a man who can see evil spirits in another world with evil spirits.

First of all, Kim Tae Ri plays the role of Koo San Young, a civil servant test taker student. Koo San Young, who has been working part-time during the day, studying at night, and preparing for the ninth-grade civil service exam for N years, finds herself getting caught up in mysterious deaths that keep happening around her since she received her father’s legacy.

Oh Jung Se will take on the role of Yeom Hae Sang, a professor of folklore from a wealthy family. Yeom Hae Sang, who has eyes that allow him to see the dead, gets to know Koo San Young through an unexpected incident and encounters the evil spirit who killed his mother in front of his eyes again when he was a kid.

In the trailer released, Kim Tae Ri is seen chasing after something and saying there’s a different world outside of a door and when you open the door, behind there stand a devil and Oh Jung Se is running off as if he is the one being chased in the backdrop of dark and ominous atmosphere.

“The Devil” is set to premiere on June, 2023.

Are you excited to watch them on this drama?

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