This Rookie Kpop Idol Will Be Kim SeJeong’s Leading Man In School 2017

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Kim SeJeong Finally found her leading man for the highly anticipated School 2017.

Shortly after the news of Kim SeJeong being cast as the female lead of School 2017 were released,  it was announced this rookie idol has joined her as the male lead in the drama.

The rookie actor is SF9’s Rowoon, who has previously received positive feedback for his performance in the web drama “click your heart”.

Rowoon is said to have a huge passion for acting and is always practicing by many broadcasting officials who worked with him before. It is said that the production team of School 2017 has high expectations of the rookie idol.

He will be joining Gugdan’s Kim Se Jeong, another rookie idol actress, the drama will also talk about 18 year-olds who struggle in an unfair school ranking system.

The drama is set to begin filming in June once the casting of the drama is fully decided and it will air its first episode following Fight My Way once its ends its run in July.

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My Reaction

Seems like the directors are going in for an all idol main cast here….

Thank God this little cute guy has some acting experience unlike his leading lady who has never acted before in a drama or even a web drama.

An all cast by idols is a risky move, I will be watching out for how the public will react to this news, but I do feel like something’s fishy, I think this is the first time they pick idol leads for a popular instalment of School series…

Lead roles are not a game and you must be very careful with whom you pick for the role because if they suck, no matter how good your script is, its all a waste.

Lets hope that the production team was in conscious when making this decision, and lets wish the best of luck for this little cutie in his BIG acting debut.

How do you feel about the casting choice?

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