“Reply 1994” Actors Reunite 10 Years After The Drama Ended

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“Reply 1994” producers and actors had a reunion.

Actor Cha Seon Woo (Baro) from the group B1A4 posted a photo on his Instagram on January 4th, saying, “It’s already been almost 10 years ♥.”

They were members of tvN’s “Reply 1994,” which was broadcast in 2013 and skyrocketed in popularity. Producer Shin Won Ho, as well as Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho Joon, Kim Sung Kyun, Go Ara, Seon Woo, and Min Do Hee all gathered together. His face was full of pleasant smiles, saying, “We are always happy to see each other.” “Even if we met after a long time, we were still as hot as we were then,” said Seon Woo, showing off his friendship.

PD Shin Won Ho recently appeared on Lee Si Eon’s YouTube channel and said to fans looking forward to “Reply 2002”, “2002 is the hardest year.” It is difficult to solve the copyright for the World Cup, he said. “The ‘Reply’ series has a lot of things related to the power of props, cultural products, songs, and movie dramas, and it will be a huge work to solve all copyrights and portrait rights.”

See the photos below!


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