“How Can An Ugly Actor Whose Cancer Metastasized Not Die?” Park So Dam Coolly Responds To Harsh Hateful Comment

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Park So Dam just shared a snippet from a DM she received, its content is shocking fans!

On January 22, the actress took to Instagram to share a screenshot of messages she received from a hateful netizen who left immensely hurtful comments towards the actress, their DM reads, “You’re just ugly and can’t die, what kind of actor are you?” The person who sent the message had also sent similar messages in the past criticizing Park So Dam’s appearance.

Park So Dam responded by saying, “Thank you for visiting my SNS. I will continue to be active. I will keep the original message. I wish you a happy new year and hope to live a long, healthy life.”

If you take a look at some other DMs the same person has sent in the past, they cursed at her, called her ugly and unworthy of leading a drama, and called her a b*tch.

Park So Dam was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and underwent surgery in 2021. She then took a break and returned to participate in the promotion of the movie “Ghost” which was released on the 18th.

Fans hope that she will sue this hurtful netizen who left such horrible comments.

What do you think of this?


  1. Its sad to see this kind of hateful comments and its more from korean fans who are so vile narrow minded and cocconed in their small world,its them who categorize Idols hate them if seen them being in relationship or hanging out with other idols,no other industry has this kind of narrow minded ppl inthe world except k.

  2. How hideous are some people? How can you not admire her beauty and unbelievably fantastic acting that’s why she’s at the top? Myself a person who suffers with thyroid disease for over 25 years can totally appreciate sone of the struggles this amazing person has gone through. These people must have had a very sad and poor existence growing up.

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