Park Shin Hye And Choi Tae Joon Spotted Celebrating Their First Wedding Anniversary In Hawaii

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Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon enjoy their first wedding anniversary in Hawaii.

Recently, Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon were spotted by fans in a Japanese restaurant in Hawaii.

The publisher, who introduced himself as an avid fan of the couple, said, “I almost shed tears when I met them in person. Park Shin Hye was easy-going and humble and shook hands with me first and said goodbye,” he said. “Park Shin Hye is so pretty and Choi Tae Joon is so handsome.”

Park Shin Hye took a break due to her marriage and childbirth after JTBC’s “Sisyphus”, which ended in April 2021, and Choi Tae Joon returned to TVing’s original drama “Island” and showed off his perfect acting transformation.

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon got married in January of last year and had a son in May.


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