Park Bo Gum Caught In The Middle Of Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo’s Divorce, To Take Strict Legal Action

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Park Bo Gum has been unfortunately caught in the middle of the divorce announcement of Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo, his agency is not happy with his name being mentioned in the divorce news.

Park Bo Gum is a good friend of Song Joong Ki and they’re known for being especially close. Back in 2018, it was confirmed Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo were starring in the same drama as lovers.

After June 27 divorce announcement by Song Joong Ki, many netizens began to speculate on what could be the reason behind the couple divorce. Many started talking about Park Bo Gum and how he could’ve been the reason behind the divorce.

As you’d expect the agency Blossom Entertainment wasn’t happy with the defamatory comments and rumors that were being spread. Blossom Entertainment is Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum agency and they immediately issued a response to these baseless rumors.

In their official statement to the press, the agency confirms they have begun taking strict legal action against the spreading of false rumors that defame their artists.

They explain the rumors are hurting not only the artists but also their families, agency, and fans. They added,

“In order to protect the rights of our artists, Blossom Entertainment has initiated legal action.”

They assured they won’t back out and will take legal action to the full extent of the law without showing any leniency towards those who harm their artists.

Fans have also expressed their disappointment and worry after reading about the rumors and are happy to learn the agency is planning on taking strict legal action against anyone who tries to harm the actors.

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My Personal Thoughts

First of all it might be kinda stupid of me to say, but I was honestly shocked by the news. I didn’t see this coming even though I covered the divorce rumors posted by Chinese news outlet back then.

I think the two main reasons I didn’t believe the rumors were, one, they’re both in their 30s and know better than to jump in to a relationship without thinking ahead, two, divorce is still taboo in South Korea so they wouldn’t have gotten married if they weren’t sure to a certain extent it was going to work.

I do know that South Korea has a stigma against divorced people in general, Song Hye Kyo last drama was actually about that specific subject and about the struggles a woman in her 30s would go through if she got a divorce.

This is why I concluded that it was unlikely they were this unprepared/unassuming to the difficulties of marriage.

I don’t take Chinese media reports seriously but now it seems that I will be more open to doubt things if they report on it. I can’t believe they had knowledge of the divorce and reported on it before any South Korean news outlet ever did.

I feel sorry that Park Bo Gum was involved in this, its sad but to a certain extent I expected his name to pop up, I feel so sorry for him. I hope this won’t hurt his relationships with both actors.

I won’t speculate on what happened, it’s their private lives. I just wish them the best of luck. Unfortunately, they had a very public relationship and they will have to go through their divorce publicly as well.

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  1. I thought the reason why they got married was because they understood each other & they had the same beliefs. Now, they’re divorcing because of personality differences? I don’t understand.

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