Netflix’s “The Glory” Director Accused Of Bullying + Production Company Issues Initial Response

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Netflix’s “The Glory” director Ahn Gil Ho has been accused of allegedly bullying in school.

Daily Ahn first reported allegations of school violence against director Ahn Gil Ho, the director of “The Glory,” which circulated rapidly online.

According to the media, A, who recently shared an article titled “’ The Glory’ director was a past school violence perpetrator,” on an online community where A summarized the situation at the time when director Ahn Gil Ho committed school violence in 1996 and explained the background of the revelation.

Check out the contents of the article written by A below:

 I didn’t know that Ahn Gil Ho was working as a drama director because I don’t usually watch Korean dramas. As ‘The Glory’ became popular, I learned about it after my Philippine school alumnus shared information about ‘The Glory’ in a group chat room. In reality, if Ahn Gil Ho is doing well, I don’t want to have any issues with it.

However, it was absurd and unforgivable for the perpetrator of school violence to produce a warning program about school violence such as ‘The Glory.’ Ahn Gil Ho was a third-year high school student attending a local school in the Philippines at the time, and A was taking a second-year middle school course at an international school. The incident began when director Ahn Gil Ho dated B, a middle school girl at the time, and A and other classmates teased B.

Ahn Gil Ho ordered A and his friends to be brought through another student attending an international school, and the assault began where A was dragged because he could not overcome the threat. I don’t know exactly how many people there were at that time because I was so nervous and scared, but there were about five older brothers, including Ahn Gil Ho.

From then on, they started beating us, and when we did not answer in the process of questioning on teasing girlfriend, threats and beatings such as ‘Bring me a knife’ and ‘pull it away’ continued.

The assault lasted nearly two hours. There were many cases where the revelers were hit by the issue of celebrity school violence alone. I wasn’t too worried because I’m not living in Korea, but I was worried about my friends in Korea. But my friends rather said, ‘Can’t you do that?’ That’s why I decided to expose it with difficulty, he

A is currently living in the United States.  A said through the media, “If Ahn Gil Ho denies it, his friend who was called out with him will also testify. If he denies it and responds legally, I will also actively respond. What we want is the ‘implementation of justice.’ Isn’t this why people can’t do it? It’s so disgraceful.”

If A’s claim is true, the aftermath is expected to be severe. In response, Studio Dragon declined to comment, saying, “We are checking the facts.”

The problem is that “The Glory” Part 2 was released at 5 p.m. on March 10. “The Glory,” which is evaluated evenly for its content-to-work quality, is on the verge of being newly revaluated due to allegations of abuse of school violence by the director. What conclusion will this revelation reach?

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