Netflix’s “Love To Hate You” Releases Poster And Character Videos Of Kim Ok Bin And Yoo Teo

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On January 26th, Netflix’s new original series “Love To Hate You” released a couple poster and character videos of Kim Ok Bin and Yoo Teo.

“Love To Hate You” is a romantic comedy about a woman who morbidly hates losing to a man and a man who is morbidly suspicious of women and is healed through war-like love.

The released couple poster shows the affectionate and sweet appearance of Yeo Mi Ran (Kim Ok Bin), a lawyer who is suspicious of men, and Nam Kang Ho (Yoo Teo), a top actor who is always wary of women. Here, the phrase of the conflicting cry of ‘Please don’t let me fall in love’ is added, sparking curiosity.

The character video that was released together contains the story of Mi Ran and Kang Ho, who keep each other in check. Even the strange airflow of the two people, who seem to be gradually permeating the other person without knowing it, is sensed and predicts a whirlpool of complex and subtle emotions. The video also features Do Won Joon (Kim Ji Hoon), the representative of Kang Ho’s agency and best friend who encourages Mi Ran to sign a contract, and Shin Na Eun (Go Won Hee), a trustworthy friend of Mi Ran who accidentally discovers the love contract. The four men and women who got entangled with each other out of nowhere due to a contractual love affair with a valid period of 3 months are expected to raise the excitement of viewers.

“Love To Hate You” will be released on Netflix on February 10th.


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