Netflix Vietnam Suspended “Little Women” Broadcast Over Controversary About Alleged Historical Distortion, Production Company Responds

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The broadcasting of the drama “Little Women” was suspended for distorting the Vietnam War by Netflix Vietnam.

According to a number of Vietnamese media, including VN Express on October 7, Vietnam Netflix excluded “Little Women” from the broadcast list. This was at the request of the Vietnamese Broadcasting and Electronic Information Agency (ABEI).

The reason why “Little Women” was suspended on Netflix in Vietnam was because of controversy over alleged distorting the Vietnam War in the third and eighth episodes of the drama. Vietnamese viewers protested against the scene where General Won Ki Sun, who participated in the Vietnam War, brought a “blue orchid” known as a ghost orchid after making a contribution, and another scene where one veteran said, “one Korean soldier killed 20 Viet Cong.

In response, the “Little Women” side said, “We will pay more attention to social and cultural sensitivity in future content production.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Little Women” is a story about three poor but fraternal sisters confronting the richest and most powerful family in Korea in their own way.

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