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Nam Ji Hyun might only be a 22 years old, but the actress is still considered quiet experienced.

The actress started out as a child actress before making her way to becoming the leading lady of her dramas.

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It took her long enough because it wasn’t until 2016 that she got her first EVER lead sole role in a public network.

The actress has started acting back in 2004, which means that she’s been a part of this industry for well over 13 years and counting.

She has been stealing hearts and making a new fanbase internationally due to her co-stars in dramas.

She is a very lucky lady and has been paired with some of the currently top kissers of kdrama land.

The lucky got to kiss these hot three guys, so lets meet Nam Ji Hyun leading men.

Park Hyung Sik

Ya I know, a lot of you will claim that Park Hyung Sik is forever Park Bo Young lover but before he was her on-screen partner he was Nam Ji Hyun’s partner.

The two acted in the long series called “What happens to my family” back in 2014-2015.

They weren’t the LEAD actors but they still had lots of lines and developed romance with each other on-screen.

Park Hyung Sik played Dal Bong, and Nam Ji Hyun played Seol Wool, the two fall in love with each other in the drama course.

They even won an award “best couple award” for their amazing on-screen chemistry in KBS’s drama awards 2014.

If this isn’t enough to prove their good chemistry, what will?

Seo In Guk

Our oppa who is recovering from an illness was once also Nam Ji Hyun’s partner.

The two became one of the best kdrama couples of 2016 for their amazing chemistry in “Shopping King Louis”.

She played Bok Sil the poor struggling girl, Seo In Guk played Ji Sung, the spoiled brat of a very rich family.

The plot of the drama centers around Ji Sung who loses his memory and finds shelter in the independent woman Bok Sil arms.

Fans noticed that the two had such great on-screen chemistry and that their kiss scenes were always on spot and amazing.

The two sadly didn’t win an award for best couple but they did win individual awards as best actor and actress.

The drama popularity was huge in its own country and overseas. The drama came in at number one in ratings despite having started from the lowest ratings point.

Many people claim that the couple chemistry drove the ratings forward.

We can’t help but agree with that!

Ji Chang Wook

And last but definitely not least Ji Chang Wook.

The two couple are currently making our hearts flutter so much and we’re loving their on-screen and off-screen chemistry, thanks to SBS’s never-ending BTS clips.

Many claim that Ji Chang Wook is probably the best on-screen partner of Nam Ji Hyun, but it’s a debate for some fans of both stars.

The two are currently a part of the popular SBS drama “Suspicious Partner” and are doing very great in ratings nationally and are always one of the most watched kdramas in online kdrama streaming sites.

The two have the largest age gap between each other but still prove that age is sometimes only a number when in love.

It is worthy to note that Ji Chang Wook and Seo In Guk are actually good friends in real life, so this means she’s been a co-star of two good friends which is also very cool.

Nam Ji Hyun is indeed a lovely actress but what I am sure of is that she has great chemistry with all her co-stars.

Starting from Park Hyung Sik to Ji Chang Wook. It doesn’t matter the age she always makes it work.

Not to mention that she is considered a good kisser in her kissing scenes as well. I can’t help but ship Nam Ji Hyun with her three leading men.

Which one of these leading men do you think was her best partner? To me it’s a tie, I just can’t pick between Seo In Guk and Ji Chang Wook.

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  1. Nam ji Hyun is a good actress. i love her in What happens to my Family, Shopping King Louis, Suspicious partner, 100 Days my Prince and 365 Repeat the Year. Watching her gives me joy. i just love this lady.
    I wish to see more of her in the nearest future.

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