KBS Drama “Love All Play” Sinks To The 0% In Ratings, Becoming One Of The Lowest Rated Kdramas Ever

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KBS Drama “Love All Play” recent episodes have sunk in ratings and broken a record in the process.

KBS Drama “Love All Play” is airing its finale tonight, and despite the drama coming to a close, its ratings continued to dwindle.

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS2’s “Love All Play” saw a dip in its ratings ahead of its finale. The drama’s 15th episode recorded an average nationwide rating of 0.9%, a decrease from its previous episode rating of 1.4% and its lowest point thus far.

“Love All Play” has become the lowest-rated public channel drama of 2022 and among the top 5 lowest-rated public channel kdramas in all of history.

KBS’s “Imitation” takes the No.1 spot with a low of 0.4%, “ Dae Jang Geum Is Watching” scored a low of 0.6% and in 3rd place is “Meow The Secret Boy” with a low of 0.8%.

“Love All Play” now takes the 4th spot with 0.9% overall taking “Lovely Horribly” spot which scored a low of 1%.

“Love All Play” is led by Park Ju Hyun, Chae Jong Hyeop, Park Ji Hyun, Kim Moo Joon, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Chae Min, Bin Chan Uk, Jeon Hye Won, and more

Park Ju Hyun plays Park Tae Yang, a former aspiring Olympian who was forced to quit due to an incident. Despite that, the sport means the world to her, three years after that incident, she joins a work team and chases her dream once again. Chae Jong Hyeop takes on the role of Park Tae Joon, a man who sees badminton as his job. He wants to live comfortably after retirement. He is cut from a city team and ends up joining a works team.

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  1. I think rating went down because Disney Plus Asia is blocking VPN’s and we couldn’t watch the last episodes in other counties especially the United States.

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