Lim Ji Yeon Cries During Interview Discussing The Smashing Success Of “The Glory”+ Discusses Why She Had Regrets While Filming

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Lim Ji Yeon talks about her desperate effort while acting in “The Glory”.

Lim Ji Yeon said this in the Netflix original series “The Glory” part 2 interview conducted on March 17th.

She said, “I still see a lot of regrets when I look at the work. I think, ‘Why did that only come out?'” She said, “There is a scene where I say the line ‘This box does not shine’ to my husband. The line was long and it was an important scene that could show Yeon Jin’s fox-like and smirk side. That’s why I swallowed those lines,” expressing satisfaction.

Next, Lim Ji Yeon commented on the favorable reviews for her acting in “The Glory”, “I was always desperate. I acted like Yeon Jin in any project. So, my friends and family cried a lot when they saw how well she did on this project. I think it’s because you recognized how much Lim Ji Yeon tried,” she said, crying.

“I always thought, ‘I’m not a born actor, so I have to work harder.’ So, I’m grateful to my family for recognizing me through this work. I always want to act with this mindset.”

She said, “I was lacking a lot when I debuted. I was a newcomer and had no field experience. I debuted with a mask that fits the character of the work, and while working hard to get other works, I was always alone and cried a lot. I always learned a lot of different things while doing one work at a time.” 

Meanwhile, Part 2 of “The Glory”, which was released on March 10th recorded 124.46 million viewing hours in 3 days after being released on Netflix and immediately rose to the top of the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV English and non-English, TV, and film categories.


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