“The Glory” Part 2 Tops In Overall Netflix English And Non-English TV And Film Category Recording 124 Million Viewing Hours

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The Glory” part 2 continues to enjoy the love of viewers from all over the world!

The Netflix original series “The Glory” Part 2, which depicts the private revenge of school violence victims, topped the world three days after its release.

According to Netflix on March 15, ‘The Glory’ Part 2, which was released on March 10, recorded 124.46 million viewing hours for three days, ranking first overall in Netflix’s English and non-English, TV, and film categories.

This figure far exceeds 75.81 million hours of viewing time for “You” Season 4, the No. 1 in the English-speaking TV category.

By country, it ranked first in 23 countries, including Korea, and was ranked in the top 10 in 79 countries.

Meanwhile, in addition to “The Glory,” Korean works such as tvN’s “Crash Course In Romance,” the documentary “In The Nam Of God: A Holy Betrayal,” and “Mr. Queen” ranked fourth, fifth, and seventh in the non-English-speaking TV category of Netflix, respectively.

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