Lee Sun Bin Fires Back At Reporter Who Claims She Gave False Testimony In A Case Against Her Former Agency

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Actress Lee Sun Bin has directly refuted the suspicion of giving false testimony in court.

On the morning of January 4th, Lee Sun Bin posted a picture and text on her own Instagram Story, “What is happening this dawn?” referring to an article raising suspicion of her giving alleged false testimony.

Lee Sun Bin said, “No, if you gave false testimony in court, you have to be punished, so it will become a controversy. Isn’t it because you want to make a controversy?”

She continued, “And delisting because of me? Did I just say that? I would appreciate it if you could find out more about the company and the trial case and then write an article.”

In another post, Lee Sun Bin captured and attached articles related to the delisting of her former agency, and wrote, “It is said that it was delisted for this reason.”

Lee Sun Bin posted on Instagram about a news article published in 2019 by ‘News1’, which reported that Wellmade Yedang (now known as WYD) did not go public due to embezzlement accusations. In the post, Lee Sun Bin stated that the news article explains the real reason for the company’s failure to go public.

At the same time of the situation, it was argued that Lee Sun Bin’s testimony had a decisive influence on the ruling and that the company involved in the lawsuit was delisted.


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