Lee Min Ho And Kim Go Eun’s Romance In “The King: Eternal Monarch” Feels Weird And Forced- an analysis

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“The King: Eternal Monarch” aired its first episode a couple of weeks ago and since has captured the attention of international fans as well for being Lee Min Ho’s return to the small screen.

When the news of the casting was first announced back in 2019, some fans had issues with the pairing; they thought that Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun wouldn’t suit each other. At the time, those thoughts were shut down by others who asked to wait and see the drama before judging. Well, now we’re here and now we’ve watched it and I have a lot to say about it.

Since the very beginning of “The King: Eternal Monarch”, we see that Lee Min Ho’s character is obsessed with Kim Go Eun’s and honestly, I couldn’t understand why.

Note: this article is about my personal opinion on the script setup of their love-line; it’s not to say that it’s the actors fault in any shape or form. If you can’t handle opinion-based articles, please skip this.

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So I’ve seen episode 6 a couple of hours ago, I won’t be doing more review of each episode but will do one around episode 8 or 10, depending on the situation and the progress of the plot.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” in my opinion hasn’t established the justification for the characters love-line well. Let me explain.

Lee Gon has been looking for Tae Eul almost his entire life, for some reason, he believes she’s the one who saved his life or at least the one who has the key to that puzzle. His father died in front of him as a kid and the police ID card belonged to her, so naturally, when he met her, he reacted with joy. I thought the introduction scene to their first meeting to be bad; I didn’t like how he just hugged her like that. We know the justification behind it, but Tae Eul doesn’t and it doesn’t make sense to just hug a woman like this you’ve never met before.


Some might call this nitpicking, but we’re only getting started. The entire setup to what leads to their romance didn’t add up to me.

Lee Gon follows her around and pesters her with absurd stories about who he is, and for some very weird reason, Tae Eul is angry. She doesn’t know the man and doesn’t really have to see him or interact with him, yet she continues to do so and then reacts negatively to everything he does to her.


She even disrespects him and yells at him often in front of everybody without regard. And yet, despite all odds, Lee Gon persists and the only justification is that she saved his life, which he’s not even sure of and even if its true, its very weird that he’s trying to push a romance onto someone he believes is his savor.


If someone saved my life, my instant feelings won’t be love, it would be gratitude and admiration, I don’t understand how Kim Eun Sook connected those dots together.

As the drama progresses, Tae Eul becomes curious about his character, never in one scene it was made obvious that she had a change of heart or started caring enough about him. Not that she has to, but when you like someone, wouldn’t you do that?


I know some will say ‘it’s a fantasy drama’ and I don’t understand how people associate illogical scenes with ‘fantasy,’ having a drama be a fantasy genre shouldn’t mean all logic of how we live and perceive things should be gone. They’re still human as far as I know.

Tae Eul carries on with her life after he goes back for the first time and doesn’t seem to be that worried aside from showing some kind of curiosity of his well-being. Up until episode 4, she thought he was crazy.


When Tae Eul is teleported to his world, he kisses her in a response to a question about whether he’s dating and if he’s dating her…. that part was very confusing to me, it doesn’t feel like how a natural conversation would progress and I don’t see how he got a signal that indicates Tae Eul likes him.

Throughout the drama, we’re not given clues that suggest Tae Eul is the type of person who doesn’t express her feelings; in fact, she’s very expressive and outspoken. It doesn’t make much sense that she didn’t communicate that she likes him or at least is interested in him.

Her reaction to the kiss was also weird…. what now? Do you like him or dislike him? She doesn’t seem to distaste him and is kinda freaked out by his position but up until episode 6, I saw no signs of a blooming romance, it seems to be Lee Gon was moving towards a romantic relationship alone.


Of course, we see that change in the last minutes of episode 6; she seems to like him now and to have missed him.

I’ve seen all of Kim Eun Sook dramas for the past 12 years. Usually, she does a better job at introducing a love line between the two leads. She makes us root for them and for their happiness, there is a justification and many indications about a blooming romance.

For “The Heirs” it was the trip of Lee Min ho and Park Shin Hye’s characters and then their reunion in high school. I am not saying everything should be taken slowly but at least make it make sense so we the viewers can root for them. I could go on and on.

Now onto chemistry! This particular point is very subjective, sometimes, the on-screen couples I find okay others find bad and vice versa. Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun don’t have great chemistry in my opinion. Kim Go Eun is a great actress but I’ve never felt that she had a good connection with any of her male lead co-stars; Lee Min Ho on the other hand, has had better chemistry with other co-stars. In comparison, I’d say this is the weakest pairing for Lee Min Ho I’ve seen from his dramas thus far.


The writing for “The King: Eternal Monarch” isn’t anything special thus far. As I said before, I expected a lot more from Kim Eun Sook especially since it was reported that each episode of this series roughly spent $1 million. It’s an expensive production that I expected better from.


I haven’t seen many discuss the romance of this series in a bad light, but I was very taken aback by the structure of it.

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Anyways, these are my thoughts on the love-line between the main characters. I’d like to know what you guys think, do you agree or disagree with me? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I totally agree with your thoughts. I share the same views. You sure have good eye for a product quality, just like me! Keep up your honest reviews.

    1. I think, they just didnt invest much with good musical scoring. That is whats lacking in this drama series. No resonating music that will linger on our imagination.

  2. Spot on review. Why the “romance” lacks for me is because LG is basically in love with an image he created of JTE based off her photo rather than who she truly is. JTE has been nothing but antagonistic, abrasive and flippant since they first met, which begs the question, what does he like about the real JTE vs. the thought of her. He could just as easily be in love with Luna who has the same face as the photo. The romance feels forced because they have nothing in common, come from two worlds, and have so far not had any meaningful conversations that would make a bond between two strangers. Would love to know what about LG made her run to him when he appeared back in her world at the end of Episode 6…so far, he made her dinner and picked her up when she needed a ride…is that enough to “miss” him so much? Errr, not convinced yet. To be a kilig moment, there needs to be foundation but there hasn’t been any provided to make the romance feel real. She has more spark with the bodyguard than LG.

  3. Tbh i felt the same too from the very beginning. But after i watched ep 6, i think i finally know why jung tae eul acting like that. You know, looking like not interested with lee gon although she already believe about parallel world. U can look at a part in the ep where she said “I cant beat her anyway, she must be from this world” shows that she realized that their relationship cant work out bcoz both of them are from different world. I guess shes denying herself about her true feeling by not hoping too much on him. Thats basically my opinion, i think the character made her do it. Ive seen a lot of their behind the scene, and its waay more fun there tbh

  4. I TOTALLY agree with you. It’s kinda weird, because as you said before no signs if a blooming romance were shown, I think that if had been together longer I would understand the kiss, it makes no sense. But first of all she was so into her investigations and he spent the whole time on her world technicality alone, they just hung out a couple of times and well on his world the story changed but is not enough. Anyways, I still like it but is not the best; the story is not showed up well and it seems like a lot was taking off. But well, who knows haha

  5. Disagree. Saying that you never felt any good connection of #kimgoeun with any if her lead man? Is a big joke! Goblin?! Its just that your beloved king can’t act very well. He seems like a talking statue there. He has nothing but good looks. #notobullies

    1. No one is saying you shouldn’t support your idol or whatever but saying lee min ho can’t act is taking things too far
      No one is saying you shouldn’t express your views but please try to keep your unfair prejudice at bay

    2. I also think she is fantastic, I just left a comment saying how I loved their connection in Tune in for Love. I mean if she never had any good connection, how come her movies and dramas are so good? Come on :). Maybe they are not a good match here, it’s possible. And I also thought that the king talks like a robot, no emotions whatsoever.

    3. But the age difference in Goblin! Ewww! LMH is 8 years older than whats her face. That’s why there’s no chemistry. Honestly both actors are boring. They both play the same role in every drama they’re in. They were just cast because they were attractive.

  6. Disagree. Saying that you never felt any good connection of #kimgoeun with any if her lead man? Is a big joke! Goblin?! Its just that your beloved king can’t act very well. He seems like a talking statue there. He has nothing but good looks. #notobullies

  7. I am one of those who judged prematurely in the beginning …… but at the end of Ep. 4 I am having a change of heart ….. I find the story fascinating and the pairing …. interesting . I get excited every week for the 2 Episodes to come in. I am watching from California and I thank Netflix for creating nice KDramas taking the boredom out of the Lockdown. Will continue to watch as I find all the characters intriguing
    Your comments are considered….. but, I love Lt. Eul and Lee Gon…. hope to see where this will lead on ……….. i believe that loves comes unexpectedly even in the most unusual pairings and circumstances. Keep those Epidodes coming …..

  8. What the articles means ?
    I privately is not talking about fans , but the important thing is..
    1. the one who direct and produce already have so many research and approve it thats why its done for every scene and episode.
    2. Chemistry ?? I think if u say about that u not respect the actor and actress ,bcs before they accept to join the project they already thinking how to build the chemistry with their partner
    3. If u dont feel the vibe or the chemistry yet i suggest for u to watch later after get the feeling curious , its more better. Chemistry is not just about the drama you are watch is about the people who watch too, dont judge too much. Just watch if u want and if not interest enough dont need to explain it in article. U need explained it subjectively. That would be good and respect everyone .

  9. The budget was so high that there are 10 times more scenes than usual created just for product placement. Like the prime minister taking off her shoes…did that NEED a close up and a line?! This drama is nothing more than a money grab for die hard LMH fans. I’m not hating, I’m a fan of his work but since he’s been gone our standards for good dramas has risen. Mother; Search: WWW; Sky Castle; Itaewon Class; The Last Empress; Extraordinary You; How To Buy A Friend; XX; Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life; Be Melodramatic…so many great dramas that were well written and/or well paced and THIS is what they came up with?! The brother and sisters in Once Again have more chemistry! I can’t watch anymore, I’ll come back when it’s done and skip through it. Extracurricular is shaping up to be way better than The King.

    Jazmine, your honest opinions rock…keep ’em comin!

  10. I agree on the chemistry of the 2 leading actors and i would expect a better preformance from Go …she ia about stiff in this drama .
    I would like to think Suzi Bae would have made abetter impact even though both had a past together . This is acting . And Suzi Bae role in VAGABOND nailed it as an FBI agent so playing the role of a cop would have been a much easier task , n not forgetting a more suitable actor in the lead role opposite LEE MH .

    Story , i can accept bcoz i m 1 person who believes in another world exists , doppleganggers, fairies and 9 nine tail foxes , n the lots .
    I can relate to this story and although it moved slow in the first 4 episodes it is now picking up momento . So let us watch till the end and then pass our final opinion.
    I am saying this becoz the writer has a very good reputation of putting stories into dramas .. like DOTS , GOBLIN n others and these 2 dramas were big time hits .
    So to me , i am counting on this drama hitting atleast a near 20% viewership in time .
    Well, every person has a different taste i suppose .
    Just to let you know i thought CHOCOLATE was under rated bcoz the story line was a reality . Life in a hospice would somewhat be that way . The actors were super good . Not much kisses being thrown . No third parry coming inbetween like it always happens in kdramas n their OST were amazingly super duber good , infact all songs were good n my favourite normal AILEE and her power packed , emotion packed vocals . And this is another thing i find utterly weird . How in God’s name is IU more well known than AILEE when it clearly shows the difference in each singer starting from vocals , expressions facial i mean n vocal control , the feel of the the lyrics and the charisma . Till today i cannot believe this .
    I have been to AILEE live concert twice and i wished i could go more often . Omg you get goose bumps when she sings and her stage presence is simply wow .
    Another thing i did not enjoy CLOY as much as others although there are a margin of us who loved HYUNG BIN and his acting style , not so much on the actress practically throwing herself at him , whether it was supposed to be that way God knows but she did not impress me . Hyung Bin acting with Soong Hk in WORLDS WITHIN , was super real. They both wore their hearts on their sleeves . Their chemistry was totally real and only later did i know they had a relationship for 2 yrs over . Hmmmm they must have been madly in love .
    And even that drama was inder rated when infact the story line is real . Incidents like these happen to the people in show bussiness . That is the reality . Or maybe we koreans only want to see fairy love tales .
    I really wouldnt know . But i hope to read your opinion again on the 10 episode .
    Dido …xoxo

    1. Must be a delulu shipper waiting for your oppa to get back with unnie again. Move on dude even they have moved on.Whatever you speak doesn’t matter cause CLOY is way more popular than Worlds Within .And the actress may not impress you but she is the most awarded actress of her generation.

  11. This is pure hogwash. All of these actors are doing an AMAZING JOB. I love this especially because it’s not like the usual Korean shows. She was awesome in Goblin. Stop bashing this show. It’s very sincere, original, scientific and fantasy structured. We need stuff that’s different.

  12. I agree with you most part regarding the pairing and communication between the two leads. I was excited to watch another Lee Min Ho Drama but was disappointed by his female lead, his portrayal of Royalty is on point, while hers as a bad ass cop is lacking. Also her appearance is limited. I which they had chosen a better female lead, either Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Victoria Song,or Zhao Liying and Bae Suzy, would’ve been a better choice. I am still loyal to Lee Min Ho, so I will watch the drama but not with any enthusiasm.

  13. The King :EternalMonarch is an awesome show and we are all tired of listening to the silliness. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. We LOVE The King: Eternal Monarch. The only downside to the show is it is being released too slowly! We want to binge watch it is so good!

  14. I think he is acting as a King. She is acting as a detective. The both are very aware of not showing their true feelings. I love the show and I get it.

  15. Not agreed with you at all..of course if u saw the first kiss scene not feeling at all.
    It’s a inrequited love at first and the will falling in love eventually

  16. I disagree with you…both are doing a very great job. Love comes in different forms. Let’s stop criticizing this drama, if you want to praise or criticize, wait till the drama is completed.
    Personally, I love their acting.

  17. I am a LMH fan and it will never change. I felt like he was given a bad hand doing this drama as his comeback . I wish another writer did this . I am very disappointed with the script . All characters are so stoic it’s just sad .

  18. We are not yet half way with the show. So far soo good. Different character that the actress portray. As a human being everybody are different how they fall in love. Looking forward to the next episode.

  19. This a great movie. Some of the comments I have read really makes me mad. The movie is moving at the pace of the storyline. There is a message being told here. If you pay close attention you will.get where this is going. I am looking forward to the next episode. These are great actors and no one could ever play the part of the king as well as Lee Ming Ho. He was made for this role. I am new to Korean Dramas. I am loving these movies and so far I am on my 10th one. I will certainly keep watching.

    1. It just that your point on kin go eun is so wrong she is a brilliant actress and the thing you missed is that she didnt fall in love firstly she just started to get curios about his id and else thing because of the reasons and lastly the hug is because she know that lee min ho was went thorugh hell in his childhood she searched it on internet and after reading that she felt something about him and whn she know that he is going on a war she got worried that weather he came back or nit but he did thats means she actually developed a feeling there

  20. Hii, I am a lady speaking from India. Well, I have not still seen the drama. But I think it is perfectly okay to fall in love with a person who has saved you. IMO, love can include admiration and respect both as love is not just about sexual attraction.
    Moreover, it has been proved by science quite a few times that men fall in love more frequently than woman. And if you have read many classic fairy-tales and historical romances of Western countries, then you would know that people have fallen for the persons who had rescued them.
    But as per what you said, yes, there are many illogical things shown in the series.

  21. The premise,I guess, is that LeeGon was fixated on the Lieutenant TaeEul character on the ID since he was 8yrs old. With that ID he believed on something, it’s a big factor of his past and what he has become. With that photo and the limited details that were written on that ID, he pushed through and carried on in life as a King who he knows has a bigger purpose later on. From what I understand, he didn’t stop looking for an answer bec he also know that something is strange with what happened on the night of the assassination. For years he has continually look for that TaeEul and imagined many times that the day will come and meet her. He’s like a young boy who fell in love with a ‘fictional’ character, same as with kids who believe on fairy tales. There are those who dreams of someday, they will meet someone like that one fictional character they have adored when they were still young. Then imagine Lee Gon, that fictional ‘Lt TaeEul’ from his past suddenly comes to life. In real life, in another world, he met her face to face. What else would he feel??.. So if you asks me, that’s where I see Lee Gon’s “foundation” on the romance angle. His dreams, his science beliefs/theories are now right in front of him— Lt TaeEul and parallel universe.

    For TaeEul it is different. The kiss that was ‘premature’, she did not respond to it. She did not resist it, yes, but isn’t her character matured enough to handle a ‘kiss’? It’s not like we saw love on TaeEul eyes after they kissed. She just stared and was quite indifferent about it afterwards. She is dealing with so many things on her head. And though there was no admission, she has been curious of LG’s true identity. Curious enough to lead onto something later on. Remember when LG was back to his world, she continually check on LG’s case and slowly things were unfolding to LG’s advantage. For the last 3-4 episodes, she sees LG as someone who is crazy. For all the stuff that he’s been claiming, TaeEul is not wrong to think that way. That’s why she tried to help him by looking for his relatives. LG’s claim that he is King, his stories and statements are of a crazy guy. But later on evidences she got hold of says otherwise. As a detective she know how important evidences are. Come episode 5-6, that’s only where we saw TE developing interests and believing LG. Now she knows the truth. Now she sees his world. What is there not to like on LG? She also denies it herself. And only in the last few min on EP 6, she starts to give in. Love is just about to bloom. 🙂

    Sorry for a very long comment here. I may be sounding like a Kim Go Eun/ Lee Min Ho fanatic here that is trying to defend this series. But then we interpret characters differently. I could be biased. Probably. But that’s how I understood their characters. I liked KGE in Goblin, I first anticipated this series bec of her. Then few weeks back I watched LMH’s old series, and I was surprised that he can deliver. I only knew him bec of BOF’s popularity back then and I was not into it. But after watching City Hunter, Heirs, LOTBLS I found him likeable. What got me into him is his breakdown scene in Heirs. I also liked previous works of KSE and also had high expectations for this series. At this point, I’d say it’s not as strong(yet) as her other works but still it is not at all bad. It is still looking good so far that we’re only up to 6 episodes. If I am to complain about anything, it is their CGI. That dimension between their worlds, it was poorly done! I want them to fix it on next episodes. It’s a fantasy series with big budget so I’m expecting it to be of best quality. Their editing also can be better. So far, the rest are all good enough for me to stick with the series and find out how the story will be told and end. 🙂

  22. I totally agree with you. It’s like you took the word from my mouth. Way before this drama started airing. I saw a picture of the two of them and I compared it with previous lee min ho co stars and I knew their chemistry wouldn’t be that great. The plot structure isn’t that great like you said. They are trying to create a puzzle for the viewers to solve as they watch but they didn’t even structure the puzzle in a way the viewers could follow. The lead are both great actor and actress but the plot could be better. I also find it weird that he had feelings for her just from that ID card only. I am not saying it’s a bad drama. It’s just not meeting the expectations. Although I already knew it won’t be that good though honestly. I can’t lie, lee min ho co actor is so hot though

  23. I agree!!! No chemistry at all. I love LEE MIN HO, waited for his drama for so long, I was so excited but pairing him with that girl was so disappointing she’s too ugly for him. And that kiss you posted, omg, she looked so abnormal with that reaction ( the no reaction acting )….she’s totally not interested of him during the first few episodes and it’s understandable because they don’t really know each other but after realizing that he’s really the king, now, she misses him???? Huh!!! I’m sure ratings of this drama would have been very very high if casting was better. So many pretty Korean actresses so why her, so ugly especially when she’s beside him …the stylist of this show made the girl look terrible with her outfits as well. The prime minister and the coffee shop owner are pretty except for the lead girl

    1. Totally my thoughts as well! Of so many pretty actress, why her? Yes the Prime Minister is so much classy and prettier. Initially I thought the coffee girl was the female lead!!

  24. I actually agree with you.. I thought I was the only one who noticed.. They jst jumped into the love scenes without slowly easing into it..

  25. Agree. These two just don’t cut it. Maybe my benchmark is too high, based on Crash Landing. Maybe I don’t prefer the look of Kim Eun Sook. She’s good actress but hardly the type that can make your heart beat faster. The storyline is interesting but the pairing hardly elevate my adrenaline level.

  26. I am a big fan of Kim Go Eun, I loved all her roles. I thought she had a great connection with her male co-lead in “Tune in for Love”, I watched and re-watched that movie and could not find any fault with her acting. But for some reason I also think they don’t have chemistry here. Maybe it’s the script, I am not sure. I also do not understand why the creating choice for her was to be angry from the beginning whereas I thought she would rather be ironic or sarcastic or laugh him off. That it what would you do if someone tells you that he came from the parallel universe. Anyway, the chemistry is not there. I am not sure it’s all her fault, Lee Min ho also sounds a little robotic, like no nuances at all. It’s all seems to be such as waste knowing how good she is…

  27. I also thought that lee min ho and Kim go eun’s chemistry is not mesmerizing.. actually it’s quite wired… I am a big big fan of LeeMinHo and i watch all of his dramas and i personally think that lee Min Ho and and Park Shin Hye’s chemistry is the best among all the pairings and i also like Minho and Jun ji hyun’s chemistry… And i think the story is little bit slow… Hope it will get better in the next episodes

  28. Personally havent been impressed so far myself. I cant quite understand and not sure how the actors understand. Lots of missing pieces for me. And I totally agree…the chemistry could be a thousand times better between the two of them. Personally dont understand how a whole king can be chasing after some random woman who’s ID card he found…maybe the mystery is meant to be there and keep you going till the end…but I find myself only watching further to see Lee Min Ho on screen. Not a good sign.

    1. I disagree respectfully, though I thought the same in the beginning. I think you’re not understanding the characters’personalities and and what they went through/how they grew up which made them who they are. KGE’S character is tomboyish, very independent and likes to be tough. I don’t think TaeEul has ever given much thought to dating because it implies vulnerability and depending on someone else, etc. Her father didn’t seem that smart or reliable and it’s implied that her mom died when she was young, so she had to grow up and rely on herself instead. This explains why she’s not that romantic and the chemistry is quite restricted on her part. Also, someone commented how she’s a detective and needs concrete evidence as a detective should. So, ofcourse she’s going to insult him and disregard him as a crazy person because he didn’t provide her with evidence in her world. Regarding Lee Min Ho’s character, Lee Gon, he lived a traumatic experience where his parents (or atleast his dad was murdered), almost died himself, and suddenly was saved by this mysterious figure and was left with the only lead to his saviour’s identity, then became a leader of an entire nation while still mourning his dad. That’s tragic. Obviously, he’s going to hold onto something to get him through. A person who’s experienced a traumatic event will probably first ask: why? So he studies math, science, theories and some philosophy to help him understand why that happened and why he can’t find TaeEul in his world. Hearing the sound of the flute play while he was attacked also peaked his interest for the unknown and gave him the desire to look for something bigger than the life we currently understand. In the beginning, he’s going to act childish and foolishly in love with TaeEul because he’s confronted with answers he’s been looking for his entire life. That love deepens as he learns more about her especially why she became a detective which was to brave for those who can’t be. It really bothers me that you didn’t understand the kiss scene. I feel like it was pretty flirtatious. I think she was trying to catch him off guard or even push him away as part of her tough attitude with underlying flirting or giving him a question he wouldn’t be able to answer then he responded in a way she wasn’t prepared for or didn’t think he would respond. Her slightly challenging him in a way showed a first sign of interest in him. But clearly she was thinking alot at that moment. She was still processing everything that was showing on. One question i feel she was analyzing in her head, especially in the kitchen and other moments, was even though he’s honest and is someone she could rely on, trust, still how will I fit into his world?

  29. I don’t necessarily agree with you abt the romantic plot. It’s true that the feelings he had for her were a bit abrupt, butpersonally if someone saved me I’d feel happy grateful and admiration however if I kept obsessing over a girl I think is pretty, it would follow that I’d develop a crush. So I don’t feel that his emotions are weird. I do agree that Go eun could show more emotions. I am also of the opinion that the movie is underrated. There are a few plot issues but not enough for the ratings to be as low as it is

  30. Your comments are all on point and on top of that, fairly written. I have stopped watching this drama bec I felt it was pulling me to different places but taking me nowhere.

  31. All of us are entitled to our own opinion & I respect anyone’s too, whether its good or bad. Simply because I don’t know what’s on their minds. But as for me, I enjoyed their characters, since they both came from different world, so its but of natural of their opposing reactions which gave so much laughter & craziness. They have chemistry, Lee Gon is so prim & proper & very handsome while KGE though pretty but not a ladylike type. I like the way they exchange their conversation so funny, esp when Lee Gon started with the hug & finishes it with proposal of making her wife & queen. Of course you would think you’re talking to a psycho, you see. KGE tries her best to investigate her subject & yet she can’t come up with correct data. And maybe LeeGon has some feelings before already, & when she found her he was mesmerized by the beauty of her savior after all he said its only for greetings or let’s call it love at first sight. To cut the story short , I enjoy the story, that’s why I don’t complicate things anymore. In conclusion, whatever I’ll stand by The King Eternal Monarch, simply bcoz I like them both.

  32. You nailed it rt.! I’m enjoying this drama, & nothing can move me, whatever negative feed back comes along the way. Epi 1-2, really gave me so much laughter. I like the chemistry of the two leading characters. One is a very handsome & prim proper King LeeGon & the opposite of JTE . As they say , If they tend to be fulling you down,meaning to say you’re too high above them.

  33. thought that I was the only one. Yeah, it feels like something is off and weird…confusing, I guess. Maybe the way that the frame focus/movement is different from other kdramas I have had watched

  34. sadly, i didn’t see all those things you saw, i guess it depends on your point of view. i felt the chemistry, and so far i felt that the ML has improved his acting (just an opinion, not it was bad, but i always felt that he can do better). watching a drama is for me a journey, and sometimes you may have to wait a little bit to be convinced. I truly believe that you will have a change of heart by the end of the drama (and if i m wrong, i m wrong^^).

  35. They have chemistry and the emotions conveyed has its own timeline come on its understood that the main lead do not respond romantically right away becoz she doesn’t know the King at all but as the story progresses eventually their chemistry starting to bloom watch it without being so subjective as far as CGI they have explained that due to covid they were not able to enhance and refer it to the best editing team coz of the pandemic crisis but the story is well written, as a film enthusiast I like this show compared to other shows that only depicts immoral theme such as adultery

  36. I agree with this article completely! The chemistry is weird, her anger seems so extra at times, it’s just not cohesive. I want to love this show, I really do, but it’s hard to fully get into it.

  37. I agree the crew should have chosen another leading actress for Lee min ho am afraid it may end up spoiling his legacy

  38. While I get that a surprising number of viewers are displeased with the two lead roles, I would like to offer some other considerations. First, I think Lee Min Ho was attracted to Kim Go Eun’s character because she saved his life during the murdering of his father and the palace consorts. He has wanted to find her since he was 8. Surely, I wondered about the relationship and charisma between the two leads. Thinking about it, I decided here are two people meeting in alternate universes. The King is easily smitten because he has been carrying love in his heart for this person. He has been trained to be a king so most of his interactions are on the formal side and the news reporters don’t go nuts and stir up tales. As for the detective, she has been trained to be suspicious and on the alert. She has a lot to accept and consider with regard to alternate worlds and some guy coming on to her proclaiming he has been looking all over for her and claiming he is a king. Say, what?! How does a detective who deals with reality and logic in the immediate dimension suddenly buy into this guy’s moves? No, way! You should know that. It is going to take time which it does in the drama. When the detective has experiences with alternate worlds and learns more, she can grab hold. But there is the challenge of having a relationship and which world do you use, what are you willing to give up, do you want to be a queen? I think the actors and Kim Go Eun is acting accordingly. In episode 12, her emotions begin to change and she opens up and is more accepting. You see this in her eyes and smile. A lot of dramas move the fireworks and push/resist actions of romance early in the drama. But not this one.
    Lastly, why is the title Eternal King? Has the King lived through many lifetimes already? Is his lifespan affected by the time spent in the airless connector between the two worlds? How long has this been going on – his life? How many lifetimes?

    1. Your analysis is spot on! I totally agree with your comments. This girl is a bit of a tomboy and her job as a detective is definitely challenging especially since she is one female on an all male team. I think she did a great job with her character, and, I believe the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun grew stronger gradually as the show progressed. It was not meant to be love at first sight on her behalf.

  39. I couldn’t agree more, this review is spot on every detail!! we all feel this way and the ratings prove this, I’m stuck on episode 6 honestly I’m about to give up on the whole thing, I keep giving it another shot but hones,y each episode is worse than the last and I don’t know if even my fav Lee Min Ho can keep me watching. Such a disappointment.

  40. You couldn’t have said it better! There’s absolutely no chemistry between the two leads. The story line is terrible. I was a huge fan of Lee Min Ho for many years and enjoyed all his dramas, but after watching the King, I just don’t feel the same way about him.

  41. THANK YOU! I just couldn’t stand Kim Go Eun’s character AT ALL! She was just SO rude and impolite- with literally NO redeeming qualities about her in the first few episodes. We’re just left seeing this incredibly rude and uncouth character that literally has no match to LMH’s sophisticated emotional charm. I literally stopped watching it. It’s such a shame. LMH is such a brilliant actor- they should have picked someone who even remotely matched him in some way. UGHHH!

  42. Abso-friggin-lutely! Over the years I’ve created a personal recipe for a successful romance in kdramas. It follows having at least 3 unique shared experiences between the two characters, mainly personal in nature. These basic shared experiences, which I think should result in shared positive emotions, combined with some small patch of vulnerability, or sharing some level of emotional depth, create a connection and from there I don’t care (much) about where it’s taken next. I give three as a base number but you could probably try to pull it down to two or take it up much higher.
    This rule of thumb is the easiest way for me to evaluate relationships in dramas and whether I will understand/support them.
    This drama so far is not giving me those emotional meetings. She met him and there was an immediate barrier of potential insanity. She spent most of the time thinking he was insane, which is entirely reasonable! Honestly there was no real trigger for me that would switch that opinion until after she was already falling/had already fallen for him.
    They tried to film emotional staring scenes long before there was a basis for relationship. Just because he isn’t in the system and has money does NOT mean he has less of a chance of being mentally unstable and that parallel universes should be the logical next step, but by ep 3-4 she’s practically pining over this man that she has no connection to. This man that has basically stalked her for the last 3 episodes, who is potentially mentally unstable with absolutely minimal shared emotional experience with, with a very mysterious background, who has just randomly appeared and disappeared. Yet when he calls… She comes running. That’s my take up to mid ep 4.
    I feel that the drama is trying to tell me they’re missing one another when there is no reason for them to be missing anyone.
    If they had shared a more charming scene where she enjoyed his company and incessant bugging then maybe I could see her missing him. And maybe that is what the drama was trying to do with the chicken scene, the button scene, and the bamboo forest walking scene but… there was no depth in those scenes… Just superficial nonsense, and an insanity barrier. They haven’t judged one another’s character, or done anything that could help me see a reason for pining.
    Curiosity would be one thing but the scene where she’s reading in the library and suddenly we’re watching them think about/stare at one another from across the table for at least 1 minute with music playing in the background meant to instill romantic emotions didn’t work for me, and was much too long of a scene for me. She’s too deep in and there’s no reason for it. He’s got his own plot on his side so it’s really just her emotion building that I’m judging.
    But then also the lack of chemistry may be why I’m missing so much of the romance they’re trying to give to us.

  43. I totally agree with you that Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun DO NOT have any chemistry. That relationship looks forced mostly on her part. I think she does not like him at all and he is in his role of “King”. It is understandable that a kid magnifies the girl if the ID card but I don’t like them as a couple.

    On the other hand, the drama is very good related to the story-tale but that’s it. Also I think that the “unbreakable sword” (Yeong/Ensup) he performs magnificent, the best with his two completely different characters. It is worth watching him.

  44. OMG, I also thought that the love story / chemistry was so off. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    The story line would have been more interesting if he fell in love with Luna instead of the Kim Go Eun detective character. The detective character falls for the King but was never able to express herself. They develop a quirky friendship. She disappears for some reason and Luna takes her place in the Korea world. The king doesn’t realize that it’s Luna and falls for her again. When the real KGE detective comes back LMH becomes conflicted and confused. There is tension and suspense because the audience knows but the characters go through internal strife all the while working to uncover the truth, solve the puzzle, and defeat evil. One plot feeds the next, it all happens for a reason, no random unnecessary scene. Each scene is multifaceted and tells you more than what’s obvious. The main lead characters were not very well written. They were so flat. I think the EunSop and Lee Lim stoke the show. So many other fantastic support characters.

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