BREAKING: Lee Junho And YoonA Reportedly Dating, SM And JYP Issue Response

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Actors Lee Junho and YoonA have both denied the dating rumors after the report went viral!

On July 3, an industry insider recently alleged this to a media outlet named PROOF, “Lee Junho and YoonA became a couple before the filming of JTBC’s weekend drama ‘King The Land,’ and the reason they worked together on this project is because of their relationship.”

Lee Junho and YoonA, who were born in 1990 and are the same age, respectively debuted in the entertainment industry around the same time with the groups ‘2PM’ and ‘Girls’ Generation.’ After their successful idol activities, they have successfully transformed into “acting idols” and gained popularity.

Thanks to these similarities, they naturally became close to each other and are continuing their serious relationship, according to reports.

This “real couple chemistry” is also contributing to the success of ‘King The Land.’ Despite initial concerns about the predictable story and clichés, the drama has surpassed 10% in viewership ratings, capturing both content power and buzz.

Later, both JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment stated on the 3rd to Sports Chosun, “The two individuals are very close, and the dating rumors have been confirmed to be false.” The two individuals were caught up in dating rumors on the same day.

Lee Junho, who made his debut with the movie ‘Cold Eyes,’ has been recognized for his acting skills through various works.

YoonA, who has been juggling between being an idol and an actress since her debut, made a definitive mark as an actress through various projects as well.

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