Lee Dong Wook Flatly Refuses Some Fans’ Requests To Share Photos Of Other Actors

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Actor Lee Dong Wook has left a warning to fans who acted irrationally by repeatedly asking him about other actors’ updates. Here is what happened!

On August 21, screenshots of Lee Dong Wook’s private messages from the online community UNIVERSE were made public.

In the screenshots, Lee Dong Wook politely refused fans’ requests who asked for other actors’ updates and photos, saying, “Why are you asking this to me?”, “Ask Beom to share his selfie.”

Later, the fans who requested other actors’ pictures questioned Lee asking, “Are you jealous of other actors?” Then Lee Dong Wook pointed out and warned fans who made excessive demands,

Jealousy, really? I guess you’re doing this because you don’t know my personality well yet, but why do I have to talk about other actors here?
Why do you always ask me about other actors on V LIVE?
Don’t say I’m being jealous and try to understand what I’m explaining in a good way. I want to come here with a good heart and talk and laugh, but what’s wrong with you all? I’m not angry. I’m saying it because it’s time to say it.

Netizens who saw Lee Dong Wook’s private messages commented, “I feel relieved,” “There are many absurd fans who ask about other members’ updates on idol V LIVE app, and I didn’t know actors also have to go through this,” “but I hope they stop asking about other members’ updates,” “What was that poor sense by saying he’s being jealous when he requested them to stop making such demands,” “Lee Dong Wook really spoke well.”

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