Lee Do Hyun Reveals He Apologized To The “The Good Bad Mother” Team After His Dating News Reveal With Lim Ji Yeon + Comments On The Reveal

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Lee Do Hyun has recently sat down for an interview following the conclusion of his hit drama “The Good Bad Mother,” he commented on his dating news, working on the drama and more.

After their relationship became public, actor Lee Do Hyun apologized to his senior actors and production staff on the set of the drama “The Good Bad Mother,” saying, “I apologized to my senior actors and the production team for the news about our public relationship.” He mentioned that his senior actors were supportive and told him that it is natural to have relationships.

Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon developed a romantic relationship after meeting on the Netflix series “The Glory.” The news was revealed while the actor was preparing for the release of “The Good Bad Mother.”

When asked if the first public relationship was burdensome, Lee Do Hyun admitted, “At first, I felt burdened. I was worried because people would associate me with the character while watching ‘The Good Bad Mother.'”

However, he expressed gratitude, saying, “Many people supported us, and thankfully, they saw me as the character Kang Ho in the drama. I’m thankful for that. After our relationship was revealed, I made a resolution to focus on my acting.”

Feeling satisfied with the success of the drama, Lee Do Hyun said, “I feel happier because the drama ended well.” He expressed his excitement about experiencing the popularity of a TV drama through an OTT platform, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve experienced the success of a TV drama through OTT, and it’s amazing and fulfilling. But even if the ratings were not high, I would have still felt proud.”

About Ra Mi Ran he revealed, “She made me realize that I didn’t have to prepare too much for the shoot. My senior actors made the set feel like a playground. They told me that the set should be like a playground, relaxed and comfortable, so that we can continue working on projects and acting for a long time. Since then, I tried to have fun little by little, and it blended well. It felt like a new path had opened up for my acting career.”

Describing “The Good Bad Mother” as a drama where a new mother emerges, Lee Do Hyun said, “It’s a work that created a new path. It feels like a new branch has grown on the tree. Senior actor Ra Mi Ran created the branch, so I should provide nutrients and help it bloom beautifully.”

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