Late Lee Ji Han’s Mother Shares Heartbreaking Long-Handwritten Letter In Memory Of Her Beloved Son Who Died As A Result Of Itaewon Tragedy

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The mother of the late actor Lee Ji Han, who died as the result of the Itaewon tragedy, has shared a heartbreaking long-handwritten letter expressing her longing for her son and resentment at losing her son so soon.

Recently, the late Lee Ji Han’s mother posted a long-handwritten letter and a photo of the deceased’s childhood on Lee Ji Han’s SNS. The letter said,

“Jihan, it’s your mom. Just in case you may read this somewhere, so I’m leaving a letter like this.
I want everyone to know that let’s make this never happen to anyone again. You had too much trouble and worked so hard ahead of the filming of ‘The Season Of Kkokdae’.
It was finally time for your hard work to pay off and the drama is about to air. What a bolt out of the blue. It’s so ridiculous and absurd that I still can’t believe this. My treasure No. 1. How can I let you go before me? When I saw hundreds of your acquaintances, friends, and brothers who loved you when I was at the funeral, I felt more overwhelmed by the realization that our Ji Han was living so well, and I didn’t want to find the meaning of life anymore.
I’m scared of the sun rising in the morning, and I’m so hungry that I want to sew my mouth because I thought ‘How can I put food in my mouth?’ Ji Han would say I can make money and buy it myself,’ because you worried it would be a burden on your mom.
Should I be thankful for this when a police car and a motorcycle escort the limousine carrying your coffin? Or if they had an escort like this in the alley in Itaewon, you wouldn’t have needed an escort like this after you died. I’m so angry and resentful, Son, be comfortable and do well there without pain. I’ll follow you there.”

The late Lee Ji Han died in a massive crush accident in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on October 29. He was only 24 years old.

Our deepest condolences to Lee Ji Han’s family!

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