Korean Actress Yoo Joo Eun Passes Away By Suicide

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Actress Yoo Joo Eun passed away at only 27 years age by suicide.

On August 29, the deceased’s older brother reported the obituary through the deceased’s Instagram.

Her older brother released the deceased’s suicide note and said, “On August 29, 2022, Joo Eun left the world and went to a comfortable place. If you have time, please come and give her your condolences. This is the last request from Joo Eun.”

In the suicide note shared by her older brother, she thanked her loved ones and apologized to her family for leaving first.

The following is the suicide note left by Yoo Joo Eun:

I’m sorry for leaving first.
Especially mom, dad, grandma, and older brother. I’m really sorry.
My heart is screaming that it doesn’t want to live.
Your daily life without me might feel empty, but still, live bravely.
Please live. I’ll be watching you all. Don’t cry. You’ll get sick.
I’m not sad at all now. I’m very determined and calm.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking for a long time.
I’ve lived a very, very happy life.
So that’s enough for me.
That’s enough. So don’t blame anyone and live.
I’m not dead. So, live well.
I hope you invite a lot of people to my funeral and check on them if they’re having a hard time.
I really wanted to do acting. Maybe it was my everything and part of me.
Yeah, but it wasn’t easy to live that life.
I don’t want to do anything else. It was so hopeless.
I realized that It’s a blessing that I have something I want to do, but it’s also a curse that I want to do only that.
God loves me, so he won’t send me to hell.
He will understand my feelings and care for me going forward.
So, everyone, don’t worry.
And my beloved family, friends, and loved ones. I
Thank you so much for cherishing and loving me. It was my strength
It was the reason for my laugh. I lived until the end with unforgettable memories. I think I lived a successful life.
Thank you so much for embracing and understanding me who is lacking and had no patience. I’m sorry that I’m not good at expressing myself. But you’ll understand how I feel, right?
And all the precious relationships that I had, especially with the teachers, I was so thankful and I respected you all. Thank you so much for teaching me a lot of things about life
Mom and dad, I love you. Don’t cry, please.

Yoo Joo Eun’s mortuary was set up in room 32 of Ajou University Hospital’s funeral hall.

Meanwhile, Yoo Joo Eun appeared in tvN’s “Big Forest” and TV Chosun’s “ Joseon Survival Period.”

Our heart breaks after hearing this news. We hope Joo Eun rests in peace.

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