Kim Sae Ron’s Agency Confirms Her Blood Alcohol Level Was High Enough To Have Her License Revoked In Official Apology For DUI

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Gold Medalist confirms the test results of Kim Sae Ron’s alcohol concentration which had been revealed last week.

Recently, it was revealed that Kim Sae Ron was caught by police drunk driving. The actress was revealed to have caused damage to the surrounding buildings and a traffic light since she hit a transformer. This was followed by a statement by her agency acknowledging the drunk driving, the actress has also released a personal apology letter and stepped down from one of her upcoming dramas.

On June 1, the results of the blood test the actress had requested came out. According to police reports, the results of the blood test Kim Sae Ron received at the time of the drunk driving accident was more than 0.08%, which is enough to have her license revoked.
Accordingly, police is currently coordinating the attendance schedule for Kim Sae Ron and the passenger with her according to the result of the examination. Her case will be sent to the prosecution after further investigation. It is known that Kim Sae-ron has hired a lawyer in relation to the case. She will likely be sent to the prosecution on charges of drunk driving and non-action after the accident.

On June 7, her agency issued a statement confirming the blood alcohol content at the time of the incident. It was approximately 0.2 percent, a level high enough for her driver’s license to be revoked.

GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment says the actress is deeply reflecting on her wrongdoings and is doing her best to compensate for the damages caused by the accident as much as she can. She plans on taking responsibility until the end. They wrapped up their statement with an apology, “we bow our heads in apology to everyone who suffered damages and to everyone who was disappointed by this shameful incident.”

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