BREAKING: Actress Kim Sae Ron Booked For Drunk Driving Causing Major Disruption In Gangnam + Agency Responds

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Actress Kim Sae Ron is currently the top trending actress on various Korean online communities for what was revealed today.

On May 18, a source from the Seoul Gangnam Police Station released a statement to announce that around 8 a.m. KST in the district of Cheongdam in Gangnam, Kim Sae Ron was booked for driving under the influence. She crashed into a structure and when police measured her alcohol content at the scene, she requested to get a blood test, thus, she was taken to the hospital.

Note: Its important to point out that some Korean news outlets report she flat out refused to take a breathalyzer test and requested to take a blood test instead, others report she took it but requested to get a blood test as well.

The police say they will be requesting the National Forensic Service to check the alcohol concentration in the blood.

Later, her agency GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment came out not with an apology for the situation but a further elaboration on what the police said. In a statement, they said,

“Kim Sae Ron took a blood test to get accurate results and after the test, she was escorted home by her guardian without any additional investigation.

The results of the blood test will be out in two weeks and Kim Sae Ron will be diligently participating in police questioning.”

Footage of Kim Sae Ron’s incident was reported by news outlets, the video can be seen below. She can be seen driving on a busy street at 8 am with many cars and buses around before crashing into the structure. It is known that the crash she caused has caused an immense delay to businesses and people in the surrounding area.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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