Kim Jung Hyun Shares Personal Handwritten Apology Letter Regarding His Controversy Including A Personal Apology To Seohyun

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Kim Jung Hyun has broken his silence!

Kim Jung Hyun has been wrapped up in controversy since last week, it started with his dating rumors, then extended to a potential signing with another agency which led to a contract dispute issue with his current agency regarding his contract duration. The contract duration issue is related to his sudden departure from the 2018 drama “Time” which also led him to take an 11-month hiatus, his agency argues his contract should reflect that hiatus period.

Along with that being brought up, his attitude towards Seohyun during the press conference of “Time” garnered attention again and massive backlash. A detailed Dispatch report revealed that he was allegedly being controlled and influenced by his girlfriend at the time Seo Ye Ji who forbade him from coming into contact with any female and from doing any skinship scenes with Seohyun.

Seo Ye Ji has since admitted the texts were real and she was dating him at the time but denied having been the reason behind his behavior. In the statement released through her agency, they revealed Kim Jung Hyun will release a separate statement soon.

On April 14, Kim Jung Hyun shared a handwritten apology letter, he stated,

“Hello, I’m Kim Jung Hyun.

The drama “Time” was my first starring role as an actor, and it also has a special meaning to me. However, I caused deep disappointment and pain to the director, writer, and fellow actors and staff. I’m sorry.

My memories of the “time” press conference remain in my head like shards. Even I can’t forgive myself for that attitude at the time, I have so much regret and I wish I could turn back time.

I brought the shameful incident upon myself due to personal issues. I was not able to fulfill my responsibility as the drama’s protagonist and actor. I apologize without making any excuses.

In the process of dropping out of the drama and my behavior that I showed at the press conference were all wrong. I sincerely apologize to actress Seohyun who was hurt because of it as well as all the other related staff who worked hard at the time.

I believe I should pay a visit to each and every “time” staff member and to everyone who was hurt by me personally and apologize to them. Even if it takes a long time, I will go to the director and screenwriter of “Time,” the actors, and all of the staff members who worked [on “Time”] and ask for forgiveness.”

He also apologized to his agency O& Entertainment and to Culture Depot for their name was mentioned a lot during this time. He also apologized to the fans who have always supported him.

He wrapped up his letter with,

“I bow my head and ask for forgiveness from

all those I caused discomforted. While writing this letter, I was able to reflect back on my mistakes and wrong behavior. If I am given a chance, I will not take everything for granted, and will try to become a healthy actor who reflects and manages himself.

I am sorry.”

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  1. We accept his apology! Now can we please let this issue go and let the man keep doing wonders in his career. Because it would definitely be a greater loss to the world if this hinders his future projects in any way.

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