Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Official Response To Dispatch’s Report Regarding Her Controlling Behavior Towards Kim Jung Hyun

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Seo Ye Ji’s Agency has finally broken their silence!

Following the Dispatch report, many netizens began digging up information about the actress, past reports, blind items, and rumors began to emerge about the actress.

One of them was brought up by a reporter who said they couldn’t verify which university Spain she studied in as she claimed, some more netizens then dug up past rumors about her being a bully.

On April 13, Seo Ye Ji’s agency; GOLDMEDALIST; released an official response. They started their statement with an apology for their delayed response as they were checking with Kim Jung Hyun’s side and have confirmed that the controversy regarding “Time” drama didn’t occur because of her, they also added that he will also be releasing his own statement regarding this soon but it will take time due to various issues.

Since the issue regarding Seo Ye Ji is escalating, they were told its alright for them to release their statement first. This was followed by an apology to the staff and film actors of her upcoming movie “Recalled” as she was absent from this event due to this issue.

The agency confirms in their statement that they used to date, however, they state that logic should be applied to this, and add that they had lovers quarrels and it wasn’t one-sided,

They stated,

“It is hard to understand in common sense that the main actor of the drama, as the controversial report suggest [Dispatch’s report], behaves as told by someone else without his or her own free will. It is practically impossible for an actor to perform and film without his/her own will.

It was not shown in the released conversation, but there was a conversation that Kim Jung Hyun also asked Seo Ye Ji, who was filming another drama, not to film a kiss scene, So Seo Ye Ji told him ‘then you shouldn’t do it either,’ those were the conversations between the lovers showing jealousy about each other’s physical contact with others.

This can be seen as a lovers’ quarrel between two actors who are dating. However, all actors and actresses normally carry out filming, and apart from the lovers’ quarrel between them, we believe Kim Jung Hyun must have had other inevitable personal circumstances.

Also, the reported part is that about conversations between individuals that should not have been disclosed were released, we believe big misunderstandings were caused because it was not taken into consideration that the conversation between those two lovers were very private.

As a result, we deeply regret the fact that we have caused many people concerns with personal immature feelings in a romantic relationship.”

They also ended their statement addressing Seo Ye Ji’s education, they stated that she has been admitted to Complutense University of Madrid in Madrid, but after starting her activities in Korea, she was not able to normally attend university.

And in regards to Seo Ye Ji’s bullying rumors, the agency stated ‘they are completely false.’

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