“Jang Bo Ri Is Here” Child Actress Kim Ji Young Addresses Alleged Accusations Of Not Paying Back Debt To Ex-Boyfriend’s Parents And More

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Kim Ji Young, a former child actress personally addressed the debt controversy. At the same time, it was revealed that Kim Ji Young did not renew her contract with her former agency due to her studies.

On January 22, Mr. A, who claimed that he was Kim Ji Young’s ex-boyfriend revealed shocking details by claiming his parents lent her money to get a room, saying,

“I posted about this situation on SNS after contemplating about it for six months. We lived together and my friend (Kim Ji Young) suffered from domestic violence, so even though my mother and father had hundreds of millions of debts at home, they borrowed money to get Ji Young a room for herself.
Of course, my parents paid the monthly rent as well. She(Kim Ji Young) disappeared one day and left home and was dating someone else, so she told me not to contact her.
She proudly said that she would give everything back that is related to money, but I haven’t heard from her since then. My father still sleeps for four hours and drives on behalf of me because of this money incident.
The same goes for my mother, and I hate to see people living without thinking on TV. I will let go of this once she pays back the money.”

Lee Sang Jae, a former Mnet “High School Rapper 4,” also revealed and added one more accusation on debt controversy over Kim Ji Young’s debt during the Lunar New Year holiday. Lee Sang Jae commented on Kim Ji Young’s SNS post, “Did you go to the sea with my money?” and “Pay back the money.” He claimed that Kim Ji Young borrowed 1.5 million won ($ 1,200) by lying to him, delayed paying back the debt and he couldn’t contact her since he didn’t know her home address, and she changed her phone number.

According to OSEN coverage, Kim Ji Young has stopped her activities due to her studies after the end of her exclusive contract with her former agency last year. Kim Ji Young signed an exclusive contract with her former agency in September 2021, but ended her exclusive contract early last year due to her studies.

After the debt controversy escalated, Kim Ji Young said,

“First of all, I am sincerely sorry for everyone who must have felt disappointed and confused by this incident. I am currently preparing to respond with legal advice together with my parents. I’m sorry and feel apologetic for letting you hear such bad news during the Lunar New Year holiday. I will share further details about the progress later. I’m sorry.”

Born in 2005, Kim Ji Young made her debut in the SBS drama “Welcome Rain to My Life’ in 2012 and appeared in dramas such as “Jang Bo Ri is Here,” “Doctor Stranger,” “Itaewon Class” and more.

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