Kim Hieora To Sue Dispatch For Their Report Accusing Her Of School Bullying

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Actress Kim Hieora has announced that she will take legal action against the media outlet that maliciously edited the statements of the informant amid the controversy over school violence and bullying.

On the 11th of September, her agency Gram Entertainment expressed regret that Dispatch treated the unilateral claims of the informant as proven facts, stating that they cannot overlook the current situation that damages the honor of their actress and causes pain to unrelated individuals. They stated that they have decided to take legal action.

They emphasized that they will also take strong legal measures against the unsubstantiated content and those who unilaterally make such claims.

Furthermore, they stated that they will investigate the truth of this incident legally and that they intend to clarify the right and wrong of the evidence referred to by the media outlet and any misunderstandings with the informants in court.

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Earlier, on the 6th, Dispatch reported that Kim Hieora was a member of the ‘Big Sangji’ group, a bullying group, during her middle school years in 2004. While Kim Hieora acknowledged being a member of ‘Big Sangji’, she denied the allegations of school violence. However, the controversy has escalated with the emergence of an informant claiming to have been harassed by Kim Hieora.

Here is their statement!

Hello. This is Gram Entertainment.
We apologize to all the people who have been concerned about the controversy surrounding our artist, Kim Hieora. We would like to apologize to those who have been disappointed and harmed by this incident.
Today, our agency has decided to take legal action against a media outlet that treated the unilateral claims of a whistleblower regarding Kim Hieora as proven facts, causing damage to the reputation of our artist and even causing pain to those unrelated to the situation.
We would like to address the actions taken by the media outlet during the reporting process and state that we will respond with strong legal measures to refute the baseless claims made by the outlet.
Once again, we express our strong intention to take strong legal action against any malicious acts towards our artist, and we will do our best to protect our artists.
The following is our position and the sequence of events regarding the initial reporting and coverage of the suspicions surrounding Kim Hieora.
1. The initial media outlet distorted the whistleblower’s statement maliciously by editing it, and added the claim that the agency and the artist tried to cover up the allegations, giving the impression of a “concealment crime” to justify the reporting.
For example, in the exclusive article published on September 9th, phrases such as “On September 8th, 2023, Kim Hieora called Mr. H,” and ” Kim Hieora released a statement. Mr. H is evidence of school violence. That’s why she made a desperate call on the 8th,” are clearly distorted facts. After the agency’s statement was released, H sent a text message to Kim Hieora first, expressing the desire to talk on the phone, and the phone call was made after a miscommunication. Furthermore, the media outlet pressured Kim Hieora by listing unfounded claims for the purpose of whistleblowing, and Kim Hieora realized later that the phone call was maliciously intended, feeling guilt for not protecting her friend during the argument mentioned.
2. The media visited Kim Hieora without any prior notice on May 17th and coerced and persuaded her by saying, “If you admit it, we will adjust the level of the article. Then you can return because we don’t want another Kim OO incident to happen.”
For example, despite Kim Hieora’s claim of never having smoked cigarettes, they repeatedly asked the same question and used different answers, saying, “There are so many informants who claim to have seen you smoking.” They pressured Kim Hieora, who claimed innocence, by saying, “It’s not important, let’s move on,” and despite claiming to only publish articles that can be verified, they subtly mentioned the suspicion of “running errands for cigarettes” in an exclusive report, leading to public misunderstanding.
3. The media claimed that they delayed the article to consider Kim Hieora, who is preparing for a drama broadcast in May. However, even though the initial informants and Kim Hieora clarified the misunderstanding and conveyed it to the media, they still turned the suspicion into an article. In the process, our company learned belatedly that the media had informed the agency about the informants’ testimonies, met with the informants secretly, and collected evidence to write the article. When the informants realized the misunderstanding and tried to change their minds, the media clearly stated, “If that happens, we won’t publish the article.” Furthermore, they deceived our company with lies and false actions, including indicating that they had no contact with the informants or did not meet them.
Many individuals’ rights are being violated by the allegations against Kim Hieora. Due to the standard and generalization errors of “having conflicts results in becoming a bully or committing school violence,” even unrelated individuals are being suspected of being bullies or engaging in school violence just because they are members of a certain online community. We desperately hope that no more victims will emerge due to indiscriminate reporting behavior.
The truth of this case must be determined through legal means, and we also hope to clarify the right and wrong of the evidence referred to by the media and the misunderstandings with the informants in court.
We apologize once again for causing concerns to many people with this unfortunate incident.

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