Kang Ha Neul And Ha Ji Won Feature In First Stills Of Highly Anticipated Upcoming Drama

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KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Curtain Call” has released its first stills featuring Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won.

On September 15, KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Curtain Call” released the first still of Kang Ha Neul’s transformation into a theatre actor Yoo Jae Heon, fueling expectations for the first broadcast.

“Curtain Call” tells the story of people involved in the biggest scam on the earth by a man who received an unprecedented mission to fulfill his grandmother’s wish. In the play, Kang Ha Neul plays the role of unrecognized theater actor Yoo Jae Heon, who has to do his best for his grandmother who does not have much time left. Yoo Jae Heon is a self-reliant person who builds solid experience by working at random places to grow into an actor who plays various roles as a positive and optimistic person about everything.

In the released still, Kang Ha Neul looks perfectly transformed into a theatrical actor as if a rich actor with unparalleled charm and delicate acting skills. Not only the simple and everyday appearance of a youngster, but also the deep eyes that have a story inside them are showing various charms at the same time.

In addition, through several stills, it shows the standard of visually handsome men who go back and forth between charismatic chic and cute puppy-like personalities. In particular, he shows a sophisticated atmosphere with sharp charms and a perfect handsome appearance that makes even modern costumes shine, which is expected to give viewers joy to watch.

In the released stills, Ha Ji Won is seen looking absolutely stunning in simple and chic outfits showing her charm.

The production company Victory Contents said, “Kang Ha Neul showed a professional appearance perfectly immersed in Yoo Jae Heon role with his passion for acting from the first shoot. It is surprising that the characters are expressed freely as they continue to film. You can look forward to Kang Ha Neul’s acting transformation with new charm and the colorful attractions of ‘Curtain Call’ will be filled throughout the work.

The drama will air in mid-October.

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