Ju Ji Hoon’s Savage Response To Magazine Question About Asians Looking The Same Gains Attention

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Ju Ji Hoon has recently graced the cover of the German Magazine ICON and one of their questions to the actor has gotten some backlash from fans.

On November 5, the German magazine revealed their photoshoot and interview with Ju Ji Hoon. One of the questions he was asked translates to,

‘do you find it disrespectful when it is said that all Asians look the same?’

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Aside from the backlash the question itself has gotten, Ju Ji Hoon’s savage response is what takes the cake, he responded with,

‘in our eyes, all white people look the same, except for Brad Bitt and Tom Cruise.’

Ju Ji Hoon’s epic response to the very stereotypical and unnecessary question has gained attention online. Fans believe the question was unnecessary and plays on the stereotypes that all Asian actors are the same when its definitely not true.

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Ju Ji Hoon is currently starring in the newest tvN drama “Jirisan.” The drama has also recently dropped the highly anticipated OST by BTS Jin. The OST has since gone on to break many records. It is the theme song of the drama.

What do you think of Ju Ji Hoon’s response? Do you think the question was appropriate or not?

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Whats your reaction to this article?

By Hilda Moore

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  1. The response is perfect <3 I live in Europe, and no I don't think the question was unnecessary, bc it is still a comm8n racist slur among respectless ppl.
    Clinical psychology already proved that point, that someone has trouble distinguish ppl that don't look like oneself and Ju Ji Hoon pointed that out, love it!
    I think mentioning it again and again builds sensibility for the topic (considering western variety shows its desperately needed, still)

  2. Question was offensive and not necessary . I am English , live in England , a CEO of an education foundation working with people from across the world (www.ODILS.com).
    I met yet a single person who either looks or sounds the same as another . God created us as unique human beings . Thought the answer was superb , just sad he had to answer it . More education needed at the magazine I feel .

  3. That’s such a witty answer~ What’s so savage about that? I would have cited Conan O’Brien and James Corden. You can call THAT savage. Although, I’m sure I can find some other people, if I really get into it!
    He called out Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise! All yo white people should be flushed with joy and pride!!!

  4. I don’t believe it’s a savage response, at all. It was a ridiculous question and racist, at that. Why would a reporter think it was appropriate? How would anyone reply to that negativity? His reply made me laugh. It was a great response to an awkward question.

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